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  1. I can't like this cuz I'm at my limit for the day but anyone anywhere close to our area knows how tough Courtney is . I'm Lexi's mom & I know I'm a little biased when it comes to these girls that I personally know but I feel like they do an amazing job at holding their own with these boys & giving then everything they can handle
  2. Please keep us informed on all this . We're from montgomery county & my daughter Lexi is totally down 4 this .
  3. Lexi's mom

    KSWA Region 4 Tournament, Sat Jan 30, 2016

    I'm not trying 2 b rude here but ur very wrong . I am a parent from district 8 of a 6th & 2nd grader & I had a very serious problem with it being on Sunday & on the same day as youth regions . It was going 2 b very hard 4 me 2 b n 2 different counties .
  4. Congratulations to Lexi,I heard she did really good at Districts.I am Courtney Pittman's mom of Anderson County Mustang's.I am so proud of these girls in this sport.

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    2. She Beast

      She Beast

      Courtney got 5th. In District and will go to regionals as an alternate.There are really muscular boys in the 121 weight class so sometimes it gets difficult.I told her to forget about muscles and beat her opponent with skill and hard work.

    3. Lexi's mom

      Lexi's mom

      Yes she definitely has her hands full with that weight class . But she's more than capable of winning , I've seen her n action lol . Good luck 2 her & u guys , hope she does well 

    4. Lexi's mom

      Lexi's mom

      If u have a Fb , send me a friend request , Leia Marie Morris . I'd love 2 keep n contact with u guys & love 2 know how she's doing . Lexi just loves her :) 

  5. Regardless if my daughter only wanted 2 do middle school , I'm a single mother & there's no possible way 4 me 2 be n Johnson County with her & Anderson County with my son both on the same day
  6. So what does this mean ? Still going 2 have it on Sunday regardless of all the youth wrestlers it's going 2 affect ?
  7. This is really unfair to the kids & parents . My daughter wrestles for middle school & both my kids wrestle for youth . There's no possible way , with me being a single parent that I can have 1 child in Johnson County & the other child in Anderson County . There has got to be another solution .
  8. Lexi's mom

    McNabb Montgomery Region

    Would love to know the answer to this . So very proud of my babygirl