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  1. depperschmidt


    Yes, end of story. Like in history. Let it go man, time moves on for us all dosen't it?
  2. depperschmidt


    Why is this even a topic? Who is it important to besides yourself? This thread should be deleted immediately
  3. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    I miss spoke on Fause being in he would have had to win u23 not just medal.
  4. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    Is there any other wrestlers who have wrestled in Kentucky who are qualified for the Olympic team trials besides Hall, Carr, and Fause?
  5. depperschmidt

    David Carr

    Yes he looks impressive, and since he has already qualified for the Olympic trials at 74kg. You can add him to the field, Martinez, Dake, Nolf, Lewis, Joseph, all trying to unseat Burroughs. Fun times for fans
  6. depperschmidt

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    ATM: 1W-2L, 1bye, 1 pin, DNP B.R. 3W-1L, 1MED FF, 2PINS, 1MD, 2ND. Place. Congrats Brandon on a fine showing.
  7. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    Probably many tickets are purchased in anticipation for a competitor who ultimately never qualifies for the tournament.
  8. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    Good luck on Tokyo. But I love the excitement that is going to occur due to limited weight classes! The US has no fewer than 5 current or former World Champions competing for 3 weight classes. Between 74,,86,97. Snyder, Cox, Tayloy, Dake, Burroughs. Not to mention the list of junior and u23 Champions Hall, Lewis, Nickel, Nolf, it's going to be a Olympic trials tournament for the ages. The new vs old , 57 young guns fix, Surriano, Lee vs Tomacello, Garrett, Gillman. 65 Rutherford, Yanni vs Molinaro, Oliver. It's gonna be a huge FREEFORALL
  9. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    Gross was stunning at 57kg. Dismantling Cruz, Tommacello, and Surriano.
  10. depperschmidt

    David Carr

    We are going to find out a lot this weekend against Iowa's #2 ranked Young. Big test
  11. depperschmidt


    Now that's not really being neutral is it?
  12. depperschmidt

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Being a Austin fan, watching him thru h.s. I always thought that his quickness over his opponents was one of the things that stood out to me. I was one who hoped that he would drop to 197 .too much water under that bridge gone by but can't help one to wonder what if?
  13. depperschmidt

    Missouri Austin Myers

    I would like to see him make a Olympic run at 97kg. And avenge his loss to Capt. America
  14. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    And it's questionable if Lewis is ready for Dake or Burroughs, but he did take out Marinelli and Joseph as a freshman for his first NCAA title. To go with his Junior World title. Exciting times for Wrestling fans, lots and lots of talent condensing into a few weight classes.
  15. depperschmidt

    Olympic team

    I like Stevenson in 2 years not 1