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  1. depperschmidt

    KY AA history and the future of Ky wrestling.

    Mark Hall is a KY state champion did you count his AA’s?
  2. depperschmidt

    2019 Youth State Weigh-Ins

  3. depperschmidt

    2019 Youth State Weigh-Ins

    The youth state flyer says that weigh-ins will be held on Satuday Feb. 2nd from 2-4pm @ the Hilton Garden Inn. Google is showing 5 of these hotels in the Louisville area. I've had a couple people tell me they think it's the Garden Inn Airport but to call and verify. So I called and the desk said the weigh-ins are not being held on their property. Does anyone have solid info to share in regards to the weigh-ins? Thanks in advance, Youth State.pdf
  4. depperschmidt

    Sean Fausz

    watched the interview video on track...Pretty cool
  5. depperschmidt


    What you say with a statement like that just promotes and validates wildcats theory that his accomplishments are due to inferior competition.
  6. depperschmidt

    NCAA Tourney

    I think Lee is where Snyderman was he has dominated in both folk style and also has 2 world titles in freestyle.
  7. depperschmidt


    Goo, you have my vote for the Geezer wrestling attire MOW
  8. depperschmidt


    I am going to assume until proven wrong that the handicap is mental
  9. depperschmidt

    Big 10 Predictions

    I Have several matches of interest .... can Nato avenge loss to Lee? Surriano and which ever opponent he gets will be good. I always like watching Martin and Nickel go at it in the finals, anything can happen there. Pletcher and Micic are 1-1 . Rasheed and Moore should be fun to watch as well.... Shoot I am retired now and a full time RVer finishing the winter out in Louisiana at present. Have half a mind to brave the cold and join Wildcat in Cleveland!
  10. depperschmidt

    Big 10 Predictions

    Well of course it is by far the most dominate conference. hands down. with 3 out of the top 5 teams in the country. Sorry Iowa fans, but with 3rd place Michigan almost doubling point total for the hawks I would have them behind Missouri, Ok. State and possibly SC State. This is another Penn State walk away this year. The only chance O State had was to bring all ten to the NCAA's and for all of them to score some points. I doubt Te Shaun makes it. and if he does don't count on any points.
  11. depperschmidt

    Sean Fausz

    ACC Champ has a nice ring to it. Now go get you an AA to go along with it Congrats!
  12. depperschmidt

    Sean Fausz

    in the finals of the acc should be a good one good luck Sean!!
  13. depperschmidt


    I do not understand why this topic exists. This is a wrestling web site. the conference tournaments are this weekend. the NCAA's are right around the corner and this thread has nothing to do about CURRENT wrestling news. NEWS FLASH: " Austin will not make any podium this year." let's move on and let others enjoy their history
  14. depperschmidt


    if you did not start this thread, then I was not talking to you. Idiot
  15. depperschmidt


    Sir that is incorrect, You started this thread about praise for Austin for his victory over another foe. Questioning wither he would be back or not was not in your original post