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  1. Alf

    Team points.

    Seems like a stupid rule. Isn’t the state tournament supposed to be a celebration of the sport? Why would you not allow a kid to celebrate in the biggest tournament (for most) of the year? Is it because we have a soft generation that can’t handle loss?
  2. Thanks for the grammar lesson pops. Anybody complaining or questioning this man’s rankings obviously has their head in their ass.
  3. Prove it on the mat kid. And if you happen to be the kids daddy then tell Junior to prove it the Matt.
  4. Alf

    Post State Thoughts

    I saw a kid get uppercutted in the nose at the Semi state 2 165 final. All it was called is a 1 point unsportsmanlike. Who knows at this point.
  5. Alf

    Post State Thoughts

    I would say you are being kind in your judgment of said official. Every interaction I have ever had with him has been negative. Guy acts pissed all the time for no reason.
  6. Alf

    Post State Thoughts

    As for the assistant ref, I did not see a single instance where the refs conferred and then changed a call. There were many times I thought they should and would after talking and saw many times where the body language of the assistant ref seemed to suggest that he did not agree, but not once did I see a call changed. Maybe it happened and I just missed it.
  7. Alf

    Post State Thoughts

    Let’s be honest, in a 285 match that is 1-1 after six minutes there was more than two opportunities to call stalling. Calling it with 10 seconds left when a kid is double hooked seems out of whack. The whole match was one big stall fest. Not questioning that there was stalling but why pick that moment?
  8. Alf

    Not looking forward to state.

    Who did they kick out and why?
  9. Alf

    Not looking forward to state.

    Pikeville is very nice. Can walk from the hotels to the arena. Lots of restaurants. Far from the western end of the state, but If you’re coming to GRC what is another 2 hours for a better experience. I was at Ryle, the tournament was a mess. Weights were out of order, kids were confused on when to warm up. Stands were packed, you had to literally climb over gear and each other to get to your seats. I have been to many a tournament at Ryle and they always run a quick top notch tournament, so I assumed the KHSAA was involved in running.
  10. Alf

    Khsaa is horrible

    Ringworm and pimples never killed anyone. The angst that is causes is way worse than the actual affliction. There is nothing worse than going for 3 days without a decent meal just to have a ringworm pop up and make have to sit out
  11. Alf

    Khsaa is horrible

    Why can’t there be a panel of folks that make the call instead of just one person. We have seen it before where people in power use this to keep certain kids from competing. Grudges held and payback doled out in the form of making kids medically ineligible of stupid things like pimples. For that matter, I’ve never understood why ring worm was made as big a deal as it is. Certainly not a big enough deal to make a kid miss he senior year state tournament.
  12. Alf

    State 1st round- semistate.

    Does anyone know the rhyme and or reason to how it is determined who will wrestle who?
  13. Alf

    Regional Upsets?!!!!

    That’s a shame. Hate to hear it.
  14. Alf

    Regional Upsets?!!!!

    Not an upset , but what happened to 175 Stargell from Taylor County?
  15. Alf

    State Duals

    If they are the best team year after year then I’d give fine with that. Let’s be honest, they are the best team so isn’t every thing else just participation trophies? I get that it helps grow the sport and that’s awesome, but if a 1A school routinely beats everyone in the state doesn’t that show that there isn’t a reason to have 3 divisions?