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  1. Evans for sure needs to be on there. Also a bunch of kids coming up to middle school from elementary level will do really well and have beat many top 10 kids from this season. Some names to look out for Elijah Jones Maddox Bryant Jayden Justice Zac Scott Parker Maynard Brayden Fannin Brody Howell
  2. BigSlick

    Ky USA Wrestling Nationals Team

    Is there gonna be anything like this at the elementary level ?
  3. Dalton Matney is and will continue to be a force. I saw alot of kids at the youth level who I thought could have done really well at Middle School 70,75,80
  4. BigSlick

    Youth State Duals

  5. BigSlick

    Youth State Duals

    If this is what it takes to make the sport grow, im all for it! Lol. For real though, good luck to everyone this weekend! WARHAWK NATION IS COMING !!
  6. BigSlick

    Youth State Duals

    Just stating facts. Exclude Maritime and I truly believe thats a fact. They beat oldham county like 74-3. Fern creek didnt score a point.. oldam county beat Carr...Also as damron stated none of these coaches had ever been to the state dual. Had no idea they're would be all the drama. We brought a team to compete and we brought our best ....apologize for the racket we caused but look forward to competing soon. Wish all the teams in ky the best of luck. I think everyone's tempers (including myself) got raised. I do know that Juggernaut coaches didnt purposely look for a loophole. They are a group of friends who made a team to come and compete
  7. BigSlick

    Youth State Duals

    Set it up. Outside of Maritime feel free to build a team from the kids and schools that were there and post it. Im sure the Juggernauts would love to have it..
  8. BigSlick

    Youth State Duals

    They couldn't have combined every team there except maybe for Maritime and beat the Juggernaut team. I heard JC didn't have the youth numbers this year or planned on taking a youth team so they used one kid from them.