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  1. 44 dad

    Bellarmine Hires Assistant

    Just out of Curiosity where did you wrestle in college ? I know for a fact there are a whole lot of kids that would love to be in Iowa’s wrestling room. I myself have been in a lot of practice rooms over the years, and learned a lot of stuff including from Rangers room… YOU think Shuck didn’t learn anything being in a room like Iowa has ? My friend l think you need to relax, give these guys a chance and maybe not listen to The neighborhood kid quite so much. They are a Young D1 Program and I for one would be happy as could be if my son made it to that level. Best of luck this year Bellarmine !! GO KNIGHTS !!
  2. 44 dad

    Spencer Moore

    Congrats Spencer !! Well deserved
  3. Side note…. NOT What l Believe Ranger you are doing a terrific job. Nobody else out there would put in the time you do. THANK YOU for your time and efforts !!
  4. After reading all this, the only thing l don’t understand is why Dr.Baker and UK Pride not doing the rankings, because they seem to have way more “ knowledge“ then RANGER !! Maybe its time for a shift ??
  5. You just made alot of people happy to know that !! Thx Ranger for all the hard work that you put in to this
  6. 44 dad

    Coach of the Year

    Special Congrats to Keith Ruschelle of RYLE on Coach of The Year Award !!!!
  7. 44 dad

    State champs.

    How Bout RYLE placing 2nd with only 6 kids !!
  8. 44 dad

    MS Brackets ??? Pre Bracket Pics

    No clue, Please explain... Just didn’t know why a top kid opted out of The State Tournament
  9. 44 dad

    MS Brackets ??? Pre Bracket Pics

    Yes... Landon Evans is SOOOOO GOOD !! One of the BEST l’ve ever got the pleasure to watch !! Not to sure about his dad tho !!!!!
  10. 44 dad

    MS Brackets ??? Pre Bracket Pics

    What happened to Andrew Tarango of the colts at 105 ? l didn’t see him on the wrestler list... That kids a Stud especially for a 6th grader !!
  11. Who are the Top MS Kids to beat at there weights ?
  12. 44 dad

    Middle School State

    Region 5 posted 144 Participants in 2020, but yes the numbers are definitely down this year because of Covid
  13. 44 dad

    Youth State???

    Middle School State is March 6, but haven’t heard if there is even going to be a Youth State
  14. 44 dad

    State team race if format changes

    Appalachian wireless arena l Believe is already hosting middle school state march 6, so they are an open venue. l honestly have no idea if they have March 27 open or not. I will say its a much better venue then the horse park as long as you don’t mind the drive, which l’m pretty sure the way region 1 is used to competing they won’t. If you can get it Donated or discounted you can probably take some of that money saved and set the KHSAAA members up in the hotels. (They even have a Hilton) Just trying to throw some ideas out to make it a great tournament