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  1. Does this count if there is open enrollment ?
  2. 44 dad

    U15 Team USA

    Great Wrestler and Young Lady On and Off the mat... Go get em Liv !!!!
  3. 44 dad

    Odd Year State

    I will say we went a few years back and it was a good well run tournament. My son had a 16 man bracket, its worth the drive for up and coming youth kids
  4. Is he a TRUE 5th Grader or a hold back?
  5. 44 dad

    Youth State Duals

    Sorry, l just can’t take it anymore.... Why is this thread still on here ? First things first what you are saying about other States opening allowing “Club” Dual Teams in competion.... those are open Dual Team Tournaments. Not State Based Dual Team Tournaments. Trust me we been to Alot of them, On Alot of Different Club Teams. Yes you played by “The Rules” and Won CONGRATS !!!!! Regardless of if you were or were not trying to cheat...Maybe... Maybe Not ?? Honestly I DON’T CARE !! Nor does anyone outside of this thread, but when you go saying you could beat the best teams out there, and the Warhawks are on the Rise... Come on You really think that if Carr, Maritime or Ryle put there best 5th or 6th grade and below teams out there they couldn’t beat you. Oh wait and they can combine with other Neighboring teams, because we’re “ALL FRIENDS” and practice really good together. Look at those team MS Rosters from this year and last... the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from those teams wrestle MS... Look even Closer Most of those kids placed or Won MS State. Truthfully l don’t have a Dog in the fight my son wrestle MS now and has since 4th grade due to seeking better Comp. but from the outside looking in, if The East Juggs would just stop responding to all this Crap it would all go Away ... Good Night and Good Luck To All The KIDS !!!!
  6. 44 dad

    Missed school extra pound?

    Not that l’m much for either one but, Growth Allowance is different then snow days allowance...
  7. 44 dad

    Missed school extra pound?

    You are absolutley right Goo l am that all in Dad who is there for both of my boys extra curricular activities.... (especially Wrestling) But, even more so then that l am that Dad that makes them stand by the choices they make, if my son says he’s going 75lb then he’s going to make 75 before he gets the 2lb allowance, that way if he hits a growth spert he’s covered its a simple commitment thats why they say Wrestling is the toughest sport, not just physically but mentally as well. So what about the pour kid who is wrestling up 2-3lbs already because all in Dad doesn’t want him cutting at a young age, you give 2lbs for growth and 2lb more cause of snow days now pour Jonny is down 6-7lb for a State Tournament would you call that a disadvantage ? I sure would... Lets face the kids who are going to be on the Podium are not going to miss weight over being off school acouple of days. You are just making it easier for THEM. Ky is growing there are all kinds of places to take your kids outside of school practice and if they don’t have all in Dads l bet there is a bunch of them ( All in Dads) on there team that will pick them up and take them, if they want to go... l do it all the time, not to mention whatever happened to the Treadmill or pushups and situps. Bottom line is we all TALK about growing and being more competitive with OH and PA , but there are not enough people out there that want to hold to there standards.
  8. 44 dad

    Missed school extra pound?

    I’ve never understood this, why give an extra pound when they’ve already been given the 2lb growth allowanance because you missed a day or two of school. How about teaching kids to learn how to manage there weight
  9. Don’t take that the wrong way l watched him every chance l get could... Which is why l said the BIGGEST Upset of State !! He’s a Stud !!
  10. 44 dad

    Make Your State Predictions

    Yes they are... l’m talking about the best kid on that given day boy or girl
  11. 44 dad

    Make Your State Predictions

    To me MOW is ment for that individual tournament, And if you have a good wrestler who beats the best kid there why shouldn’t he be MOW of that tournament... And Trust me Goo these Girls are some of the best not only in the State, but the Country !!
  12. 44 dad

    Rankings 1-19-19

    Duals are alot differint then individual tournaments
  13. 44 dad

    Make Your State Predictions

    Raney over Evans Vega over Gardner Trumble over Raney Spalding over Brown Isiacs over Lampe Messerly over Powell Banfield over Gilbert Herron over Ross Beane over Roberts Mayes over Yost Conner over Watts Kiser over Church Price over Pogue Virzi over Lewis Brown over Lambert Mow - Messerly first Girl to Win State !!!