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  1. Old wrestler

    Lindenwood Open

    I know what I'll be focusing on while I'm at my in-laws Thanksgiving... Obviously, from a Kentucky wresting perspective, heavyweight could get very interesting. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked by any outcome (not a knock on Austin or Brandon). Cassioppi (Iowa true freshmen) and Elam (Missouri true freshmen) are the front runners in my eyes, but heavyweight can be difficult to call. Should be some good matchups.
  2. Old wrestler

    Lindsay Wilson vs Kent State

    Trent Johnson and Brandon Reed started off their season by knocking off D1 opponents. I was kind of hoping that Conel might bump up for a rematch against Reed, but no luck. https://kentstatesports.com/news/2018/11/2/wrestling-flashes-finish-3-1-at-kent-state-duals.aspx
  3. Old wrestler

    Flo Rankings

    As much as a fan of Fausz as I am, I highly doubt he would start at 33 on his own team. Tariq Wilson is tough and currently ranked #3.
  4. Old wrestler

    Making Kentucky Proud

    Congrats Kyle, you continue to be a trailblazer in the Kentucky wrestling community. http://www.gomocs.com/news/2018/7/19/wrestling-coach-heath-eslinger-resigns.aspx
  5. Old wrestler

    Men's World Freestyle Team

    In order to try and stimulate a little conversation on the board, I thought it may be interesting to predict our wrestler's chances of medal placement. For a point of reference, I've included the team. 57k Thomas Gilman 61k Nahshon Garrett 65k Logan Steiber 70k James Green 74k Jordan Burroughs 79k Kyle Dake 86k David Taylor 92k J'Den Cox 97k Kyle Snyder 125k Nick Gwizdowski 1. Kyle Snyder- As sure a lock as the United States has ever seen, including Smith (my opinion). Anyone that has followed the international scene for a period of time knows that Kyle is a once in a lifetime type talent. Looking forward to a Snyder Sadulaev rematch. 2. Jordan Burroughs- Truly an excellent ambassador for the sport, and very much returned to form at last years Worlds, after a lackluster '16 Olympic performance. Pulling for Burroughs to capture #6, and further cement his legacy. 3. J'Den Cox- Sadulaev moving up to 97 certainly helps J'Den's quest to medal. J'Den continues to prove he's one of the best in the world. I'm excited to see if he can put together a gold medal run at the international level. The talent is clearly there. 4. James Green- An unsung hero of the US team, but has been as consistent as anyone the past couple of years, excluding Snyder. I very much like his chances for a top 3 finish. 5A/B. David Taylor and Kyle Dake- I'm officially on their bandwagon/s. Taylor knocked off Yazdani (Yazdani clearly gassed), but he's been on an absolute tear as of late. Dake took out a phenomenal Zahid in the WTT finals. I'm excited to see them preform on the international stage (when it really matters). 7. Nick Gwizdowski- Will have a difficult time getting gold or silver (top 2 at this weight have clearly asserted themselves), but Gwiz has an outside chance of a bronze. He will need to get past Coon in the WTT finals, so his place is certainly not guaranteed at this point. Side note, if Coon pulls off representing the U.S. in greco AND freestyle, he will assert himself in very rare company. Here is where things get less optimistic for the U.S. 8. Logan Steiber- A previous world gold medalist and a 4x NCAA champ (albeit, controversial), Logan's resume speaks for itself. Unfortunately, his resume also includes some head scratching performances, such as last years World's performance. If he's on, he can beat nearly anyone, but I haven't seen that level from Logan lately. 9. Thomas Gilman- As most of you know, I am a big Iowa fan, but I'm also a realist... Gilman shocked the wrestling community last year with his silver medal performance at World's. However, if you dig deeper, he didn't beat too many internationally ranked competitors. Having said that, he did look solid in defeating an extremely talented Fix in the WTT finals. 10. Nahshon Garret- Nahshon is a truly remarkable young man. I'll admit, I was rooting against Nahshon hard when he took out Cory Clark in the '16 NCAA Finals. However, I read an article about him, and I can honestly say, I was blown away by what this young man has overcome. Nahshon has a high level offense, but seems to struggle defensively. This is not a good recipe on the world stage. If Nahshon can get 2 wins, I will be thoroughly impressed, and I hope he does! Ultimately, I see 7 very strong medal candidates on this team. I hope everyone thoroughly enjoys this run the U.S. team has been on. We've had some dark times, and it makes you appreciate the level we're currently at. I see a top 3 finish, as long as we don't get shafted in the draws.
  6. Old wrestler

    Demetrius Thomas

    Returning NAIA heavyweight champ will be transferring to Pitt. This will open up some room for Reed to make a finals appearance.
  7. Old wrestler

    Time to say goodbye

    Very nice gesture. Good luck to Mason, I have no doubt he'll make the Kentucky wrestling community very proud. Depending on how South you're going, make sure you check out Naples.
  8. Old wrestler

    U23 this weekend

    Thanks for the update! Brandon only losing to Kyle 8-7 is pretty incredible. He's jumped a few levels at Lindsey Wilson (a testament to his work ethic and LWs coaching staff). I see him earning a spot on the U23 team before his career is over. Side note, the NAIA heavyweight division from last year was stacked. The top 4 could more than hold their own at the D1 level. RBY is for real. Teasdale will not be getting much mat time at PSU... Correct me if I'm wrong, but Chaz defeated Desanto at the EIWAs, right? Two tough opponents for Fausz, but 4th at the U23 national qualifier is pretty darn good. Congrats to Fausz and Reed for representing Kentucky.
  9. Old wrestler

    U23 this weekend

    Brandon won his only match today. He'll be in the quarterfinals tomorrow. Seems like a great kid and is obviously an extremely talented wrestler. Sky is the limit for that young man. Brandon's next match is against Kyle Conel (Kent State). Kyle charged on to the national scene defeating Kollin Moore (Ohio State) 2x on his way to placing 3rd at NCAAs. This will be a tough match for Brandon, but an excellent opportunity to wrestle with one of the best kids in the country. Fausz is having himself quite a tournament too! He's in the quarterfinals, and will be squaring off against Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State recruit). In my humble (and admittedly biased) opinion, this is a winnable match for Fausz.
  10. Old wrestler

    U23 this weekend

    Brandon Reed will be making the trip. He will be a force in the NAIA. Excited to see how he stacks up against D1 competition.
  11. Old wrestler


    My fault for getting off topic. Should have started a new thread.
  12. Old wrestler


    Pretty darn impressive. I'm a believer after watching Steveson compete this past weekend. To watch a senior in high school battle against some of the best senior level heavyweights in the country is remarkable. I think some are comparing his trajectory to Steve Mocco (Iowa/Oklahoma State), but I think Steveson's career could be even more special. Admittedly, Coon controlled the match, but Steveson can close the gap by adding strength. His leg attacks were clean, but he lacked the ability to finish. Definitely a tough matchup for Steveson. The Dom Bradley match could have gone either way, and that speaks volumes. I remember Dom in high school, a man amongst boys. Kyle Dake and Alex Dierenger are going to continue to have some epic battles. I can't remember a time where America has had so much depth. We have weight classes where we have two legitimate world medalist threats. Good time to be a U.S.A. wrestling fan!
  13. Old wrestler

    2018 MMA Prospects

    Welp, my faith in the Hawkeyes takes another hit. First, attempting to get Downey, now we have a proven thug joining the lineup. Ive been an avid Brands fan since his days at V Tech., but the win at all costs mentality has been taken to the extreme. I hope Desanto is molded in to a contributing member of society, but as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't deserve to wrestle in college this year. I know the Hawks have berated Sanderson for taking Andrew Long (a few years back). We can now never pass judgement on another university for questionable recruits. Very disappointing...
  14. Old wrestler

    Ohio TOC- April 21st

    Tough tournament. Congrats to all that took on the challenge.