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  1. wildcat2002

    KY proud

    I agree. Keep it up boys!
  2. wildcat2002

    Sean Fausz

    This is absolutely amazing. Just making the team was amazing. WORLD MEDALIST and potential champ.
  3. wildcat2002

    Lindsay Wilson vs Kent State

    Pretty good chance we get to see the Reed, Myers match up soon enough.
  4. wildcat2002

    Flo Rankings

    Missouri forums say Elam should be starting as long as he can keep his redshirt, Myers should be back after his suspension(says 1 year from december, no reason giving) and fall into the starting role for the rest of the season.
  5. wildcat2002

    Flo Rankings

    Going to be a long year. Elam will most likely redshirt, but there is a reason he is there.
  6. wildcat2002

    Flo Rankings

    For sure. First time in awhile no returning champ and no clear favorite.
  7. wildcat2002

    Flo Rankings

    Hwt appears to be down this year. First time in a long time without a couple serious monsters.
  8. wildcat2002

    Flo Rankings

    Yes sir. I was wondering if he would make a run at 33. The cut seemed to have took the life out of him late in the year. 133 is stacked, wouldn't take my chances there either.
  9. wildcat2002

    Kyle Ruschell

    Read that this morning! Congrats
  10. wildcat2002

    U23 this weekend

    4th place AA for Fausz. Was teched vs RBY, won his next 3 including a win vs Nick Piccinni of Oklahoma State. Lost his final match to chaz tucker of cornel. Reed, wrestling at 97k not Hwt. Reed loses to Conel 8-7. Conel makes the finals where Kolin Moore of TOSU gets his revenge with 2 tech's. Reed loses his next match in the consis by tech to Gentile, who ended up fifth.
  11. wildcat2002


    Not disagreeing but I saw sam stall throwing a fit at the ncaas..Gilman was known for it along with others. Spencer is straight class though.
  12. wildcat2002


    He will fit in well at Iowa.
  13. wildcat2002


    His blood round match sealed his fate. 4 stallings in the 3rd period.Was yelling st his coaches etc. Lost in ot. Stormed off the mat while yelling at coaches.
  14. wildcat2002


    220, weakest and thinnest weight class in country. KY very weak wrestling state. The best leave for competition. Had the chance to try Ohio, but fled, only to return for mediocre sw Ohio tournaments ( no iron man, brecksville, medina, etc etc) Grade school "nationals". Freshman year had 11 man "national" bracket. His age for his grade doesn't add up. Wrestling in grade level tournaments instead of age...until junior or senior. Chose WV despite "many" offers from big ten schools etc. Fled the big 12 for Mac to try to sneak into NCAA tournament. Mediocre heavy who needed an "adjustment year" to reach a 500 record. RsSoph year, huge wins over d2 and lesser opponents. Gets skyed by average wrestler and beat by NAIA. Out for season for undisclosed reason. (Grade, disacpline, steroids?) Mizzou recruiting the hell of of heavies. Best college win is against around a 40 or 50 something ranked wrestler. Zero wins over anyone of note in highschool. Will end up AAing for NAIA and having you saying it could have been d1 because he beat a d1 backup during the AA year. Big fish, little pond.
  15. wildcat2002


    I'm not wrong. I stand by my big fish little pond theory.