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  1. wildcat2002

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Show some respect. He's still in his adjustment year and by far the strongest in the field.
  2. wildcat2002

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    I fully admit I missed something. Not sure if the feed is bad or what. I am fully aware of what the final score was. What I did see was Reed taking down Elam 4 times. How did austin and Elams match go again?
  3. wildcat2002

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Just watched Brandons final match against Elam. MAT 1 10:17 mark on flo. Strange match, Elam gets the initial take down and rides Brandon. Brandon lays there and take 4 stalls? Wakes up in the 2nd period and throws Elam for 2. Plays the cut and release game for the rest of the match and scores 3 more takedowns against the missouri starter. Aside from the 1st period Reed looked great. Very impressive.
  4. wildcat2002

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Lets not make threats. Elam is the starter and would be the starter if not redshirting. The year is early and that shirt has plenty of time to be pulled if Coach Smith thinks Missouri can get a team trophy. Can you ask Austin which mats he wrestled on? His Ky fans would love to see him in action. Thanks Reed is easily the best Ky college Hwt of all time and hes not done yet. Don't be silly.
  5. wildcat2002

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Everything I said is FACT. Please don't try to derail this thread about the stud Brandon Reed.
  6. wildcat2002

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Congrats Brandon REED on your silver medal. Proving time and time again that you're the greatest College HWT from KY of all time. Brandon majs Missouri's #2 HWT Diaz 13-5 and Reed loses in the finals 15-8 to Missouri's starter Elam. Hopefully will see some coverage on flo. Myers goes 1-2 loses early to Iowa soph backup 8-6, then immediately lost 4-0 to div 2 Jun Radick from Marysville with a 37-25 career record. Notes: 3 of the 4 Missouri HWTS placed in the tournament. Myers weighed in at 254, Elam 240, Diaz 237. Brandon Reed 237. Update: flos coverage is a mess. They have 13 mats of coverage with 10+ hours of replay on each, with no mat assignments.
  7. wildcat2002

    Olympic team

    It's going to be wild. It's sad how few weight classes they have for Olympic years. I like the changes for the non years. I actually am trying to attend. Tokyo is a short flight from Oki.
  8. wildcat2002


    Lion, what was Austin's best win again? Hopefully we see him soon, I was looking for him at the Bill Farrel, why isn't he trying for a world team. Certainly all those wins at 220, hammer and anvil and border blah, prepared him.
  9. wildcat2002


    125 is extremely competitive and skilled. Sean was in the blood rnd twice! 1 match away from AA (tough losses there. Saw one in person.) A 4 time NCAA qualifier. Last I checked Austin hasn't scored a point at the ncaa tournament. CCMS, what happend in 2018. I know he came in 5th seed and lost 2 early, I suspect the cut and injury. Either way hes been extremely successful. Highschool, college and world team. Good job.
  10. wildcat2002

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Guess I didnt see the news. Congrats on the Sophmore redshirting and being ranked in the mac?
  11. wildcat2002

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Thank you for the reply, having trouble making out if hes going to wrestle or not from that response. I'm hoping to see him on the mat before Elam comes back. I know hes ready to back up a them Ky accolades. This is the year to make his run. Obviously with the results posted above he should have no problem. Good luck austin.
  12. wildcat2002

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Was excited to watch Austin tonight, the Sophmore Elam is taking a redshirt. No Austin tonight? Hwt Diaz got the nod and got majored. Missouri gets upset by VT. Will we see the greatest 220 in my history this year?
  13. wildcat2002

    Ky boys

    A beautiful part of the country to be in, not to mention a prestigious military school. Good luck boys!
  14. wildcat2002


    Cool story. Mizzou has some job openings, Lost 3 assistant coach's. As the trainer of champions and a son on the team, you should be a shoe in.
  15. wildcat2002


    He wrestled in an below average weight class in a top 35 wrestling state. Did not attend any major in season tournaments. He racked up a ton of wins against below average competitors all while being at least a year older than his grade. Won some "national" GRADE level events despite being older. Some of the nationals wins had brackets of 11 people. Ask dad about his top wins. He will mention wins over football players and 5th place winners from Ohio who also did not make a dent on the college scene. He will also take about all the Ohio wins against teams from the south east. The only decent tournament he attended was gmvwc, St Paris G attends and that's about it. In college the he is actually wrestling against good athletic kids who have matured. Despite all of the that he is still he greatest highschool 220 in ky history.