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  1. rjs4470

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I’m not sure I understand the reluctance (or refusal) to post that information here. There are likely more than a few coaches who have no idea about the coaches group, how to join, etc. as a former coach looking in from the outside, it feels like everything is now less transparent and secretive. Even the new site doesn’t directly state where the State Tourney is...you have to click on a link to find out the location. Why not just post it? Again, it feels secretive, and almost like this whole process wants to be kept quiet. Like it or not, this is still the place where most come to get their information. Not using this site as a communication vehicle is wasting a resource to communicate and release information and is driving a wedge between the Board and the general wrestling community.
  2. rjs4470

    Football playing wrestlers

    You can bet Johnson Central will have a bunch.
  3. rjs4470

    State Finals Video

    Sounds good in theory. But it's simply not practical, or possible without doing damage to the sport.
  4. rjs4470

    State Finals Video

    Unfortunately, almost every sport EXCEPT football and basketball is in the same boat as wrestling. And there are some sports that have it even worse than wrestling.
  5. rjs4470

    State Finals Video

    With Trackwrestling, there is no need to get a media company involved at all. They are already paying to use track to run the tourney. All they need is to buy a dozen video cams (you need backups) to attach to the scoring computers and the infrastructure is done. Sell subscriptions to the event, get a few sponsors involved and they are guaranteed to make money off streaming the event. I know I've heard the wifi at the Horsepark isn't cheap, but even with that cost, I don't see how the KHSAA can't make steaming the event a positive revenue generator.
  6. rjs4470

    State Finals Video

    Any attempt at seeding is better than a completely random draw. I agree, no system will be perfect, and there will always be kids who outwrestle (or under perform) their seeds. But the current random draw ALWAYS leads to more than a few hammers meeting before the semi's. You don't have to seed 1-32. I'd be more than happy just seeding the region winners and every else following in from there based on region placement. Not seeding simply because it won't be perfect, is not a good reason to not even try. Every major national tournament manages to seed wrestlers somewhat logically. No reason the State of Kentucky can't.
  7. rjs4470

    State Finals Video

    The whole football playoffs are NOT going to be seeded. The seeding will not occur until after the second round of the playoffs is completed. Then in round 3, the teams will be seeded based on an RPI type formula.
  8. Hopefully more KY kids will consider Bellarmine. Last year there were only 2 KY kids on the roster.
  9. That's correct. Open enrollment has no bearing on athletic eligibility. Unless you meet one of the exceptions, if you've played a varsity sport and transfer, you'll have to sit out, even with open enrollment.
  10. In short, it doesn't matter what you do as a middle schooler. There are no transfer restrictions for incoming freshman. Transfer restrictions don't come into play until you've participated in a varsity sport as a high schooler.
  11. rjs4470

    Uh oh. Bellarmine goes NCAA DI

    Just heard that they will be wrestling as an independent, at least initially, and have been assured the program will not be cut.
  12. rjs4470

    Uh oh. Bellarmine goes NCAA DI

    From what I've heard they have no plans on cutting the program. It's going to be tough to recruit high level guys due to the 4 year post season ban. As far as conference, the MAC or Southern could be a good fit as an affiliate member. Hopefully they last through my sons last 3 years. They put a ton of money (they purchased an old church a couple of miles from campus) into a wrestling facility, that currently serves no other purpose. I can’t see them cutting the program.
  13. rjs4470

    Weight Class Changes

    In many states, duals make up a very large part, if not most of the season. Where I’m from, teams wrestle in maybe 2 or 3 individual tournaments (not including post season) with the rest of the season made up of 2 or 3 team dual meets. Forfeits are a real drag, both for teams and spectators when duals are most of your season, which is why there’s a push to reduce classes.
  14. rjs4470

    They grow up fast.

    Pretty sure you’re right, that’s 2013. I have the 2014 Team Ky pic somewhere.
  15. rjs4470

    They grow up fast.

    The oldest kids in this group would now be Going into their junior year of college, correct? Of course TKC is going into his junior year of high school....that kid has been wrestling at a high level for forever. Found some old pics of my son from his first year of wrestling. Still can’t believe he is now a sophomore in college wrestling as a 250 lb heavyweight.