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  1. CCMS_SC


    The underhanded slams for years need to stop! You make yourself look like a complete jackass! Sean did what he needed to do for the team. When he wrestles at 61 kg he's been very successful. U23 second in the world and 3rd at WTT. No one has done more at the senior level/international from KY. Enough is enough from someone who is the father of two great young men he considers friends!
  2. CCMS_SC

    Sean Fausz

    Can you say FINALS!!!!!!!
  3. CCMS_SC

    Sean Fausz

    On to the semi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. CCMS_SC

    Flo Rankings

    Splitting time between FS and folk currently. Wrestling for USA in U23 world's November 17-18 61kg.
  5. CCMS_SC

    Sean Fausz

    Don't know yet. Still can only do technique can't even drill. The ankle is taking a while to heal.
  6. CCMS_SC

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    Fausz and Meyers were twice...freshman/sophomore and junior/senior
  7. CCMS_SC

    2018 NCAA tournament

    I know there's a 5 seed none of them should over look!
  8. CCMS_SC

    The Numbers Are Out

    One take away everyone should pick up on with these stats. If your desire is to wrestle at the next level, hitting the books and keeping that GPA up should be right up there with your training!!!!!
  9. CCMS_SC

    Sean Fausz

    Haha, I can respect that but come on you have to root for the KY boys!!
  10. CCMS_SC

    Reno TOC

    College has a 6 match rule in a day so most of the one day tourneys are ran like this. Lose before semis the best you can do is fifth.
  11. CCMS_SC

    Reno TOC

    I thought all 4 guys looked good but there's work to be done. All practice getting ready for March. Very impressed with how Ben B is wrestling for Coach K. He will make some noise before he's finished.
  12. CCMS_SC

    Sean Fausz

    Finished up finals too late to travel with team. Will be in Reno and then Naples, Italy.
  13. CCMS_SC

    Can KY Wrestling CLOSE the GAP?

    Exactly EScalera! That's why Zeke is at the level he is! Even if every school in KY had open mats it would still be most beneficial to travel outside of the area for the reasons you mentioned. The more coaches, partners, and technique that they're exposed to the quicker their progression. You have to be willing to make the commitment and sacrifices.
  14. CCMS_SC

    Can KY Wrestling CLOSE the GAP?

    Just trying to help with my opinion, and I'm very calm but serious. The time you have from youth, MS, and HS believe it or not is over in the blink of an eye, and In a year and a half even college will be over. Unfortunately, you have to do what is best for your child and their goals. If schools won't allow it and you don't want to travel out of state then it has to start with the coaches and ex-college wrestlers starting clubs in a non-school venue. No one is going to reach their potential wrestling the same kids and the same style all of the time with the same coaches. KY has made huge strides since my son first started. There have been numerous college wrestlers at all levels and probably more D1 guys than in any other time. They've laid the foundation and now it is on you and others like minded to drive the agenda forward. Good luck! As far as off season opportunities, yes, KY is in the dark ages compared to other states. Take it for what it's worth, nothing, Andy Fausz
  15. CCMS_SC

    Can KY Wrestling CLOSE the GAP?

    You can't wait for KY to get with the times. Seek out the best training environment for your son/daughter out of state if necessary and make the drive. If that is what your son/daughter wants, it is well worth the time and money. We were fortunate to have Nate Carr close when we were seeking out training opportunities. There are any number of places to choose from in Ohio.