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  1. WrestlingKGDad

    Purler Wrestling Camp

    Ohio County Wrestling is having Purler come to our facility and put on a 5 day camp. If you have someone that would like to attend, I am adding the sign up link. Camp is open to all, with the limit on the camp being capped at 75 wrestlers. Great opportunity to get some excellent instruction! https://sites.google.com/ohio.kyschools.us/ohiocountywrestling/home
  2. WrestlingKGDad

    Region 2 rankings by weight

    @DrBaker supposed to start at 7 tonight.
  3. WrestlingKGDad

    Week of 12/10/22 upsets?

    Jaimen Carey over Banfield
  4. WrestlingKGDad

    Kentuckywrestling.com 2021-22 Rankings - February 8

    People mistake me for the Rock all the time!! It happens, I don't judge them!!
  5. WrestlingKGDad

    Region 2 rankings by weight

    I believe Conner Metcalf dropped. The rankings have Charlie Tucker, Petey Graham, then Conner Metcalf, then Dylan Rodriguez. I believe over the duals weekend Charlie Greenwell was at 132. Obviously that could change or just be a duals meet thing.
  6. WrestlingKGDad

    Capital City Classic 1/22/22