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  1. GooglyMoogly

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    It's a great idea. We are doing a pretty close version of it this year. We don't have 6-8 dedicated coaches, but that is not for a lack of trying. March 27th - FS/GR Mini Camp @ Bellarine (Session 1 - Technique, Session 2 - Minimal Technique/Mostly Live) 32 male wrestlers attended April 23rd - FS/GR Mini Camp @ Bellarmine (Session 1 - Technique, Session 2 - Minimal Technique/Mostly Live) 30 male wrestlers attended April 30th - FS/GR State @ Taylor County 114 Total wrestlers attended June 5th - FS/GR Mini Camp @ Bellarmine (Session 1 - Technique, Session 2 - Minimal Technique/Mostly Live) The flyer with this information was sent out and posted multiple times. It was handed to the majority of coaches at the high school and middle school/youth state tournaments. We had 50 different male wrestlers attend the two camps. The opportunity is there. I have seen it work in other states so that is why we are doing it this way here. Bottom line is...COACHES DRIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE OFFSEASON! If coaches aren't involved then the vast majority of wrestlers aren't either.
  2. GooglyMoogly

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    Bahahahahaha...this is sarcasm right?
  3. GooglyMoogly

    2022 State recap

    Pennsylvania has triple the population of Kentucky, but that isn't a great excuse when Oklahoma(.5 million less) and Iowa(1.4 million less) have much greater success than we do. What it comes down to is a lack of coaches. Specifically, a lack of coaches who are committed beyond the season. No division one teams in the last 30 years/a low number of other college programs are a major contributor to this.
  4. GooglyMoogly

    2022 State recap

  5. GooglyMoogly

    2022 State recap

  6. GooglyMoogly

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    Everyone registers late! There were 70 wrestlers at two selection clinics so we should see a good turnout Saturday.
  7. GooglyMoogly

    Will there be a middle school greco and freestyle state?

    Yes. April 30th in Louisville. There will be a flyer out soon.
  8. GooglyMoogly

    Not good KHSAA

    Hard to evaluate your buddies/peers effectively. I am not saying assignors shouldn't be a part of the process, but they shouldn't be the only form of evaluating officials either. I was talking to my high school coach yesterday and he was pretty blown away that we don't have a way to evaluate officials. We are way behind the state he coaches in, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing everything we can to elevate the level of wrestling here.
  9. GooglyMoogly

    Not good KHSAA

    We need a way to evaluate officials after every competition. Often when we compete in other states the officials are giving out their 'number' so coaches can evaluate them. The officials with the highest ratings through the year are selected for the post season/state tournament. This is pretty common sense in my opinion. If you take pride in being an official I imagine you would also like to be selected to work the state tournament. A rating process would create competition. Competition incentives people to improve. If you don't improve you don't get selected. How is this difficult to understand? Perfection is not demanded from officials. Competency is demanded from officials during the post season. Because there is no evaluation officials are an untouchable class in the KY wrestling community and have zero incentive to improve outside of their own intrinsic motivation. If you have been officiating for 10, 20, 30 years there probably isn't a whole lot of motivation to improve your skills. This is how we get incompetent officials at the state tournament. eh hem, stalling, stalling, stalling, stalling, stalling, dq! Your reasoning is flawed regarding coaches evaluating officials. Lets say an official works 6 tournaments and 6 duals through the season(I know most are doing much more especially if you include middle school/youth). Lets say there is an average of 10 teams across those tournaments and only 2 teams per dual meet. That's 72 evaluations during the season. If we don't incentivize/penalize coaches for doing/not doing the evaluations maybe we get 75% submitted. So on the low end we would have 54 evaluations to build an aggregate. Doing this would create a pretty clear picture of an officials competency. There will be outliers for sure. Especially if a coach is pissed off about a match, but 30 pissed off coaches doing evaluations is not an anomaly, it is a pattern. If I am an official who is not selected for post season and/or is not happy with my ranking I am probably going to do some self reflection and put more effort into improving my skills, mechanics, understanding of the rules, wrestling positions, etc. I am not even sure the KHSAA would need to be involved. I think it is possible for the official's association to do this on their own. Create a google form specific to each official. All submissions for that official will be aggregated and the data/comments used to rank them. It could be more intricate than this, but I just thought of the most low effort/cost effective way to do it. Coaches talk about officials. We have some good ones for sure and there are some young officials I think have real promise, but there are a few that are SOOOOOOO bad they diminish our sport's credibility and that is a problem we need to address.
  10. GooglyMoogly

    Top picks for Middle School

    I originally voted for the extended season and I agree. For the kids who are serious it is fine. The kids who are just getting introduced to it or aren't year around are struggling with it for sure.
  11. GooglyMoogly

    2017 ms 86lb bracket.

    How many middle school post-seasons do you get?
  12. Calling all Wrestling Coaches and Athletes! You will NOT want to miss this FREE Webinar with the legend himself Gable Steveson. Here is your chance to pick his brain and ask him ANY questions related to his career, wrestling, mindset, etc. He will share his Olympics stories and offer some awesome drills and skills along the way!
  13. These are rankings, not projections. Is Jayden going to win 106? Almost certainly, but he has to have some high schools results to justify a higher ranking first. I am not speaking for Ranger, but I imagine this is his reasoning. It is the same with freshman in college that we all know will finish way higher than where they start out.
  14. GooglyMoogly

    Regions and States

    Why does the KHSAA have to approve a spring FS&GR season for you to get kids to stay and wrestle?
  15. GooglyMoogly

    Regions and States

    Small school here as well. Nearly all of our wrestlers play multiple sports so I am not sure why your kids will have moved on to spring sports. Ours don't until they are done. Our kids that play fball don't quit when we start wrestling practices. Why would it be different for spring sports? Again, why won't they have much left in the tank? If an early February Championship is already maxing your kids out maybe you need to change a few things in your program.