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    Hello El cucuy, Unfortunately, I came across this post taking frustration out on a kid(my kid). I at least hope this post is an emotional response to frustration. My kid will read this and don't need to deal with this type of negativity. He is good to everyone he comes across. If he was not, I would like to know so we can correct it. The reasons we moved to Paducah are none of your business, but several from your team(UC?) are aware of the circumstances. We didn't come here to take anything away from a "real Kentucky kid". If you knew the circumstance, you wouldn't have posted what you did. You are welcome to check with your wrestlers(Last summers, Kentucky Fargo kids, one was his roommate) if you desire the need to know. We respect every wrestler and coach we have competed against. Yes, he didn't get it done in Illinois, and that is the reason he spent six or seven days a week in the gym since last Feb, wrestled every opportunity he could, and did extra training sessions before school and after practice to become a better version of himself. It's called resilience. This is also the reason he is so passionate about the sport and wore his heart on his chest after winning against a feared and very respected opponent in the finals. We are thankful for a great season and the ability to spend his last year competing in Kentucky. Caleb has made many friends here through wrestling, and we feel blessed for that opportunity. He is eager to represent Kentucky this off-season in freestyle/Greco and beyond when he wrestles in college. I hope; eventually, you will get to know him, and you will accept him as one of your own Kentucky wrestling representatives. Thanks to everyone who has supported him during his journey this year. And we wish all of you the very best.
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    KY Freestyle / Greco National Teams info

    Let's go. Favorite styles!!
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    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/23

    Put together a chart with rankings from Ranger, Dr. Baker, and Region Tourney seeding. Dr. Baker was pretty close to his ranking of region 1aligning with coaches seeding. Ranger Rankings Rank w/names immediately to right Dr. Baker Region 1 Rankings Regional seeding 106 6th 106 1. Jake Ramsey 106 1. Jake Ramsey 12th 2. Justin Klidzejs 2. Ashton Smith 8th 3. Ashton Smith 3. Justin Klidzejs 16th 4. Breylen Clifford 4. Brylen Clifford 113 1st 113 1.JaRi Campbell 1.Jari Campbell 2nd 2. Utah Heady 2.Utah Heady 23rd 3.Andre Carter 3.Andre Carter -- 4.Jackson Stoner 4.Jackson Stoner 120 1st 120 1.J Raney 1.J Raney 10th 2. Logan Brown 2.Logan Brown 21st 3.Kevondre Young 3.Kevondre Young -- 4.Dylan Bishop 4.Dylan Bishop 126 1st 126 1.J Raney 1.J Raney 5th 2. Colin Teutsch 2.Colin Teutsch 11th 3.Jayven Williams 3.Jayven Williams 6th 4.Dylan Linnemeier 4.Dylan Linnemeir 132 3rd 132 1.Hunter Jenkins 1.Hunter Jenkins 5th 2. Cofy Walls 2.Cofy Walls -- 3.Charles Lee 3.Charles Lee -- 4.Caleb Nenoff 4.Logan Kissiar 138 5th 138 1.Jayden Frazier 1.Jayden Frazier 6th 2. Jeremy Ray 2.Jeremy Ray 28th 3.John Montalvo 3.Tay Martinez -- 4.Tay Martinez 4.John Montalvo 144 3rd 144 1.Glenn Mayes 1.Glenn Mayes 4th 2. Caleb Mays 2.Caleb Mays 8th@138 3.Timmy Nichols 3.Timmy Nichols 20th 4.Hunter Hawthorne 4.Hunter Hawthorne 150 1st 150 1.Malachi Rider 1.Malachi Rider 13th 2. Boobie Leavell 2.Kurt Corrigan 8th 3.Abe Fletcher 3.Leavell 14th 4.Kurt Corrigan 4.Abe Fletcher 157 4th 157 1.Lucas Ricketts 1.Lucas Ricketts 13th 2. Amari Williams 2.Amari Williams -- 3.Zach Eads 3.Bryce Mctaggart -- 4.Bryce Mctaggart 4.Vince Embry 165 7th 165 1.DJ Wilson 1.Jermain Poynter 14th 2. JJ Poynter 2.DJ Wilson 15th 3.Jake Dowdy 3.Jake Dowdy 29th 4.Keshawn Dixon 4.Keshawn Dixon 175 2nd 175 1.Gavin Ricketts 1.Gavin Ricketts 8th 2. Jack James 2.Jack James -- 3.Isiah Harris 3.Isaiah Harris -- 4.Jacob Fox 4.Jacob Fox 190 2nd 190 1.Uriah Virzi 1.Uriah Virzi 5th 2. Omarion Wimberly 2.Omarion Wimberly 8th 3.Kshaun Brown 3.Kshaun Brown 11th 4.Patrick Powers 4.Tavious Walker 215 3rd 215 1.JT Adams 1.Cole Sherill 5th 2. Cole Sherill 7th--> 2.Gillam Nicodemus 7th 3.Gill Nicodemus 3.JT Adams 8th 4.Hunter Pogue 4.Hunter Pogue HWT 3rd HWT 1.Jimmy Mooney 1.Jimmy Mooney 6th 2. Andrew Hendricks 2.Andrew Hendricks -- 3.Frankie Nutt 3.Frankie Nutt 19th 4.Austin Cummings 4.Kolyn Cruz
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    Coaches dual

    CUTiger184 absolutely Ben!
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    Coaches dual

    Seth Livingston Jake Landals Jaedin Slapsky Trevor Rider Lets go PT!!
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    Preseason Nationals

    Boys HS Showcase Folkstyle 138 lbs Jayden Frazier Kentucky Maritime Wrestling Academy Regular Open: 11th - 12th Grade Boys Folkstyle 145 lbs Caleb Mays Kentucky 11th - 12th Grade Boys Folkstyle 145 lbs Glenn Mayes Kentucky Union County High School Wrestling 11th - 12th Grade Boys Folkstyle 170 lbs Gavin Ricketts Kentucky Union County High School Wrestling 9th - 10th Grade Boys Folkstyle 145 lbs Jeremy Ray Kentucky Union County High School Wrestling 9th - 10th Grade Boys Folkstyle 160 lbs Lucas Ricketts Kentucky Union County High School Wrestling 9th-12th Grade Girls Folkstyle 132 lbs Addison Messerly Kentucky 9th-12th Grade Girls Folkstyle 127 lbs Olivia Messerly Kentucky 9th-12th Grade Girls Folkstyle 132 lbs Lauren Walton Kentucky Carr Wrestling Academy 9th-12th Grade Girls Folkstyle 127 lbs Sophie Anderson Kentucky Bearcats Wrestling Club 9th-12th Grade Girls Folkstyle 138 lbs Gabriella Ocasio Kentucky 9th-12th Grade Girls Folkstyle 180 lbs Kendra Johnston Kentucky Paducah Tilghman High School Wrestling 5th & 6th Grade Boys Folkstyle 92 lbs Josh Waufle Kentucky Maritime Wrestling Academy 5th & 6th Grade Boys Folkstyle 82 lbs Case Simmons Kentucky Maritime Wrestling Academy