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  1. CoachBauer

    Post State Thoughts

    Not overly surprising. Jason Frakes that writes the courier journal hs sports articles has held a pro-Trinity anti-St.X stance for years. It was so bad that when St. X won in 2013 the coaches declined to be interviewed by him.
  2. Saint X is organizing a round robin tournament December 3rd. The format will be similar to the Ryle Rumble with wrestlers getting 5 matches or wrestling everyone in their weight. Currently we have Floyd Central confirmed, with invitations out to several other schools. If you are interested in participating please contact me. Coach Bauer 502-649-7931
  3. You get either 2 or 3 free coaches passes depending on he number of kids that qualified. Anything over that must be purchased.
  4. CoachBauer

    semi state brackets

    The seed points come from the KHSAA criteria: head to head, common opponent, state placement, win percentage. Track compared each wrestler to every other wrestler in their bracket. For each comparison whoever had criteria was awarded one seeding point. If it was a complete tie each wrestler was awarded 1/2 seeding point.
  5. CoachBauer

    semi state brackets

    Just looking at how broken seeding is in the 3/4 semi state we have: -Wilson (reg 3 runner up at 152) seeded below the 3rd place from the same region - Hutcheson (reg 4 runner up at 170) seeded EIGHTH -Votaw (reg 3 runner up at 220) seeded below the 3rd place from the same region that he beat in the semis With criteria that didn’t take regional placement into consideration it appears you may have been better off getting more matches (for head to head and common opponent seeding points) in the consols than actually doing well in regionals
  6. CoachBauer

    State seeding and match length

    I don’t think it works like that the way the khsaa has it set up. They are comparing each wrestler to every other wrestler in the bracket. So in the scenario wrestlers a, b, and c each would get one seeding point for their head to head victory. If you had an 8 man bracket and each of those 3 wrestlers got the seeding points over the other 5 wrestlers you would have three way tie for the top seed. the khsaa should set out criteria for what to do if there are ties for the seeding points. Would it default back to the criteria they set, but only looking at the wrestlers in the tie?
  7. CoachBauer

    State seeding and match length

    Without being able to apply common sense we are going to have a ton of 1-0 type wrestlers with seeds way higher than it should be.
  8. CoachBauer

    Semi State True Second Petition

    Not really sure what I expected their response would be, but I was hoping for more than 7 words. Well good luck in your seeding meetings!
  9. CoachBauer

    Semi State True Second Petition

    Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, we have over 1500 signatures from 28 states in just under 3 days. I just sent a letter along with the petition and the 33 pages of signatures to the KHSAA. Hopefully they will be open minded about it, but no matter what the outcome is your support is appreciated.
  10. CoachBauer

    Semi State True Second Petition

    UPDATE I want to thank everyone that’s taken the time to sign and share the petition. In the first 24 hours we’ve got over 1000 signatures! If you haven’t signed and shared it yet please consider doing so.
  11. CoachBauer

    Semi State True Second Petition

    A 16 man bracket would be preferable but in my opinion the KHSAA has already passed judgement on those larger tournament options. I doubt there is anything we can do to make them change something on that scale. The true second petition is a tiny change they can make in their current format. If someone wants to throw the 16 man bracket on a petition I’d gladly sign and advocate for it, but I think it’s a snowballs chance in hell of actually happening.
  12. Below is the link if you would like to sign or share the petition to ask the KHSAA to allow a true 2nd place match at semi state. If you have questions or suggestion about it let me know. I anticipate leaving it up for a week or 2 and then the proposal and all signatures will get sent to the KHSAA. Coach Elliott Bauer - Saint Xavier 502-649-7931
  13. CoachBauer

    State news

    The lack of a true 2nd at semi state is by far easiest fix out of all the issues in the current setup. The fact that this post season we could have a (possible) scenario where a kid gets 1st in region and loses once in their first two matches at semi state and ends their season without a chance to place and a 6-1 post season record is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable. Wrestling is built on the idea that you can always win. You can be losing by 14 and pin your opponent and still win. You can lose in the first round of state and wrestle the hard road back to third. I think that’s why it makes not having a true 2nd such a bitter pill to swallow. This could be easily changed up the day of semi state by adding a non team scoring match between the 2nd and 3rd placers (if they didn’t see each other earlier in the tournament). You could award placement points after the completion of the entire semi state tournament. The other proposals discussed here to make state a 16 man bracket correct the same issue a different way, but personally I don’t see the KHSAA moving that far. However, I do think that joint lobbying by could get them to add this one safety valve to make this bad situation a little bit better. I’ll be writing up a proposal suggesting this change, if you have ideas to make it better or would like to be included when it’s send please let me know. Coach Elliott Bauer - St. Xavier 502-649-7931