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  1. Mathound

    Did anyone record the finals

    Is the video set to public?
  2. If you have photos to share or sell -- post your link! (On facebook, make your album PUBLIC and post the link here!) DR Productions has 2 albums available -- please read the note at the top PART 1 PART 2
  3. Mathound

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread before it gets out of hand... if you have someone you would like to be included in the response to the KHSAA, be sure to email Caleb
  4. Mathound

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    I sent you an email Caleb, but my main problems with the new format changes for the championship: The new format was much less spectacular The format was confusing The session was longer and thus less exciting All in all, maybe one step forward and three steps back. I'm for change, but not at the expense of making the sport less exciting and spectacular. These changes are not in alignment with the changes happening around the world to modernize the sport and to make it a more watchable sport.
  5. Mathound

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Hey CrazyOtto, I've been working on this for some time... You can add a link to a youtube video or flowrestling now at: This would show up on the site at I'm working on being able to upload a video without youtube or upload straight to youtube and add it to the site at the same time
  6. Mathound

    Lafayette 5 Star

    Track completely went down, we had to run the tournament by hand. :( We are about half way through the finals now.
  7. Try this link ^
  8. Good job on the video! Looking forward to the next one
  9. Mathound

    State Observations

    They didn't have these printed our for sale? ..?
  10. Mathound


    The other end is where the KHSAA was setup, and there are hardly any seats above their setup though? I can see your point for the back corners though
  11. Mathound


    I actually thought it was a good location for the finals mat ... it felt a little bit "closer" to the crowd
  12. Mathound

    streaming the finals?

    I think it's supposed to be here:
  13. Mathound

    Track Wrestling

    Do we have any track wrestling experts around? What is the learning curve to run a tournament using it versus the old Pes-Sports software?
  14. 5 star classic 2013 - brackets.pdf 5 star classic 2013 - team scores.pdf five star classic 2013 - match results.pdf 5 star classic 2013 - place winners.pdf
  15. Mathound

    Anyone having trouble posting?

    If you can't message me on the site because you can't login or something, please send me a facebook message @ I hear there are some problems posting new topics and/or seeing recently posted topics. I will try my best to figure out what is going on.