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    Most pins career

    Cmon goo you know some of the top ten if not the #1 he comes from your own back yard.


    Not me b###h i keep on keepin on do your homework ,Im not like you has been wannabees i do work thats why im Still kicking ass at what i do ..while guys like you and the other haters talk about past glories and name drop others and pretend to be other people on here in order to overshadow those who have outdone you and yours ..and the Best HS wrestler of the decade in greater Cincinnati is the best HS athlete ever period from your neck of the woods ,no past so and sos from bankampers glory days gone by no underweight starved their whole life lifetime horsejockeys who chased the scrap records left by legends ,Wrestler of the decade ..wrestler of the century KY wrestler has or ever will do what he did ..and yeah time moves on for losers and quitters ..But not for me broken neck detached biceps and more and i still get it done ...go home and dream of your past along with the restbof the sh#t talkers from the co and fools on here as for me i truly am like fine wine i get better with age .


    Greater Cincinatti High School wrestler of the Decade ...i think that trumps some jealous dad masqierading and ranting along with a friend or 2 .about The best ever at Camp ell County lmao Deppershmitt sorry its not your buddy or your buddies kid ..but i think a kid being voted the most dominant HS athlete of the decade in the greater Cincinnatti are when you and your pals are constantly hartasing and making claims of the best in his school is relevant ..maybe not relevant to your agenda but facts non the less ...all your discussions and ignorant comments have been laid to rest you yout friends and their kids were not his level ..or his brothers ..not even close ...end of story .


    Greater Cincinatti High School wrestler of the Decade ...i think that trumps some jealous dad masqierading and ranting along with a friend or 2 .about The best ever at Camp ell County lmao


    I'm confused someone butts in on a thread about a kid at a school he starts talking about his kid from another school puts pics up of his kid then accuses people of hijacking threads ..then asks for the thread to be deleted ...How arrogant and self centered and jealous can someone be ????

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Lol he placed 2nd there before losers can spin things how you like the facts are he was wrestling with a torn mcl was proven by the mri he got a couple days after the tournament the MRI i made sure he got the one he should have had before...and yes there are tough NAIA guys who can beat starters of D1 schools even ranked ones..I know i raised one ..the one who embarrassed everyone in the ky state tournament when he walked through it without even being allowed to wrestle for months before it ..and reed is good a lot better than when Austin embarrassed him in the state tournament ...of course he embarrassed everyone there ..winning four state titles and never giving up one offensive point ..that stings .......of course it surprise to me ..theres not any ten coaches or trainers in the state who could develop the athletes I did ..whats more embarrassing is the stupidity of you idiots not to take advantage of what could have been done for many more of your athletes ..except your all to worried about hating and knocking someone rather than taking advantage of what they could have done for you...Reed knows why he was beaten so badly by Austin and all of you know why my kids dominated the state and the nation ..

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Someone else brought up Austin ..before me taking a knock I could care less who like what I say after that ..and yes he was beating theb3rd place guy most of his match and then lost to a guy well below his level because of an injury as I said hes listed as the starter but has been injured no need for any compassion none expected he could have quit after his fr yr and still accomplished more than anyone from ky ever has in the sport. If your comparing naia guys and D1 .and saying somenare indistinguishable...maybe so but if your comparing levels well ..Elam did not place at Nationals at D1 and he just beat a 2 x NAIA nat champ .

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    I think the score was 15 to 8.somehow your play by play doesnt come up with that score..?a throw for 2 ????where did the rest of Elams points come from???where did you get your sports casting degree from ..and yes in case you haven't noticed Austin has been listed as the starter but jas been rehabbing an injury so hasnt started and the ky fans saw his matches your not one of them and yeah if I had an ncaa qualifier starting who was hurt I might pull the redshirt of my other ncaa qualifier ...your not telling anyone anything and theres no threats your a message board bad guy a pot stirring coward you tell lies and your half of the story and leave out all the facts ....I'm still wondering where the rest of Elams points came from you said he had 1 td and got cut 3 x and had some riding time that's like 6 or 7 points did the refs just give him 8 or 9 points for being a Tiger .like i said you choose to forget relevant facts ...Reed has done very well in NAIA and college in general for a kid who never won a state title ..very impressive but he lost to the winner in this tournament and never faced the third or fourth placer and got a bye into finals happens .

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Not derailing nothing just pointing out once again that if you ever came out from behind your message board it would be a bad day for you..kind like what would happen if your favorite cc wrestler wrestled either one of my two favorites .

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Wrong Elam is not the Starter hes redshirting and Austin has been listed as the Current starter and bad leg or not it's obvious why as someone already stated he barely lost to Costello in a match he was winning and Costello theb3rd placer beat Diaz 10 to 4 .you are a liar a pot stirrer and of course a coward .Reed is for certain the best college NAIA heavy from ky ever and who's to say he could be the beat hvy but I think there have been ky D1 AA ..still Reed is my second favorite hvy of all time from ky lol hes my friend I will keep it at that. Happy for him.but you on the other hand are full of sh/t

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    I think Dias Lost 10 to 4 to the 3rd placer that Austin lost to by 2 in a match he was winning till the end ...And Austin lost to the 3rd and the 4th place finishers .his first match back on an injured leg . You are a piece of Sh /t Austin chose to wrestle rather than ff ..his last match teammate Diaz got 2 forfeits and a loss in the console's..Elam is a beast he beat the guy who barely beat Austin by 6 and Reed who got a bye into finals from Mciernan who med ff by 7 ...take from it what you want .. the 1 3 and 4 placers were all on Austin's side and he wrestled 2 of them ..after a bye and a 41 sec pin...Reed is a beast and hard worker , Once again you try to cast that shadow and only let me cast light on facts lol.


    STEPHEN lost his first state title as fresh to a returning sr state champ Cory Mines by a point and had a decisive win over the state runner up his fr yr ..Stephen's sr yr he wrestled multiple weights everyone wanted the big matchup between him and cooper after he had already beaten French easily ,then after he had beaten Cooper everyone wanted it seemed they wanted to give everyone a chance to beat him..i warned and told them if he was going up he had to do it weeks and months ahead to adjust ..his teammate wrestling up blew weight so he stayed down and wrestled lighter untill regionals an obvious mistake you do not adjust in a week or two ..and it showed even though he only lost by 1 and had a stalling call and was told to kick his opponent out with 30 or so seconds and second stall a 1 point loss what it is ...and at nationals a few weeks later he drops back down and becomes Kentuckys only SR All American at Virginia Beach NHSCAs that yr something a 6th place at Sr nationals in a class that requires someone to be top 2 in their state is more impressive than a state win at KY ..anyone who knows the sport would agree andbtherss a reason Cooper French Fahy and so many others never went to virginia Beach Brock Stephen Austin and Fausz did wrestle a multi x state champ or runner up every match for What Austin did there winning 2 ows 3 titles a runner up a d a bigger win his sr yr than a loss against the only person to ever beat him there a 3 x state and national champ he put on his back and didnt let escape him a whole period will never see that again from any KY wrestler and yes Stephen has wins against HS wrestlers who beat Fausz Brock Fahy Cooper French and more he teched a jr state runner up his jr year at state finals against a kid who was a state champ the next yr ...and no I wasn't a coach CC that's why he lost his sr yr everyone treated him with kid gloves and acted like he couldnt lose and used him at multiple weights ...not smart .Shaun did incredible at NHSCAs his sr yr and in college but in comparison to Austin he dropped to 125 while Austin went up to 285 your talking a kid under 5 10 wrestling a class loaded with guys ranging fromn197 to 285 many half a foot taller or more a span where you have Coon Snyder Gwiz and many more ..125 does not compare at all no matter how you spin it .He is where his coaches wanted him heavys are in high demand ,125 are as well but for different reasons they are far one cares about uww or freestyle Greco tournaments where rules change every yr and the majority of the nation doesnt know a thing or see or know the age rules ...An NCAA all american yes but a freestyle Greco or university comp outside pan ams or us team or worlds or the one really knows cares or understands .sounds good though .....As for HS no one ever saw Austin or Stephen on their backs in season and never saw Austin on his back in any folkstyle match at any level in HS ever that's vs Brinson Robinson Chackonis and everyone at nat level and no one in ky ever saw Austin give up a single offensive point in a regulation match to any KY opponent ...his first ever match in HS as a Freshman in KY was a forfeit ..that's Dominance from day one as well as ridiculous and weak from your state comp ...that 189 and 0 record never had a single blemish or dq on it and he never injured a single opponent reason to ever forfeit against him and it was a constant theme in ky for the haters spouting he was in a weak class lol he beat a returning state at champ in ky as a fresh and beat a future naia multiple x nat champ multiple xs ,and had wins over multiple x state champs from other states every yr in High School,and in College a NCAA D1 freshman heavyweight of the yr winner isnt so shabby ..KY gets 3 more AAs in the record books at Fargo 4 AAs 2 OWs and an NHSCAA wrestler of the yr award at NHSCAAs 2 central regional ows the same yr and a Flo title with a pin in finals and a flo wrestler of the week ...out of Nationals not many can or ever will have his record and none from ky ever will. .


    If I remeber stephen only went o virginia beach twice and I was there all 4 years and no one needed a ride ??? Wth are you talking about and dont play innocent no one said anything about your son on the thread the haters started on Austin and you chimed in ...not sure what your saying i lied about but i dont appreciate it ...I only ever state facts ..from what I see and know ..and I know I have 2 sons with 6 undefeated HS seasons between them and one with 2 losses to state champs at state by a point or 2 .....Shaun had a great college career for a 125 lber and a very good HS career ....but hes not the best HS wrestler to ever come out of CC He may be 3rd I wouldn't know and dont care as for wins and placings in big tournaments against tough comp not many compare to Stephen and his wins College Shaun has done well when he made weight Not as good as Reuschell but better than any cc guy at least at his weight...and throwing shade you wanted to chime in when no one even mentioned Shaun of course your pals with the haters uts obvious ...237 wins is great but with the showings I saw him have at the nutter center and the all the losses to Reuschell someone stephen nearly teched and beat multiple times I wouldn't be arguing about who the best HS wrestler was at CC.


    3 state titles and 1 runner up ..vs 4 state titles and 3 national titles and I national runner up in High School ,ATM vs Tracis Sullivan for the rest ...I guess when your kid is done you just hijack other threads till they get locked after you had last say lol and Austin never got teched or pinned by anyone in High School let alone a couple of underclassmen his Sr Yr a freshman ..A bit different level wrestling dropping a class and going 125 in college a weight 99 .9 percent of grown men could never reach vs a class that ranges from 197 to for lies ....theres wins and theres losses ..everyone has em ...except Austin when he wore purple and gold ...and 4 pins and a tech against a kid who would be a state champ the next yr from a kid forced to wrestle up and sit out over 2 months before state is the best performance anyone at CC or the state of ky ever had at any State tournament or tournament period ...When all those kids at CC who were on their last championship team look down at their state Rings they know who earned the most points to earn them they know how salty everyone was having two kids show up and earn their shine ..shame most never embraced them say Walton did.

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Austin was 189 and 0 in hs with most of his fresh yr out ...237 is a lot of wins but when you lose you get more matches with wrestlebacks. As for jr high thru HS Stephen had over 100 wins in one yr ...when you wrestle club you get 100s of matches a yr if you want and when you lose matches and do not get byes because your the 1 seed you get more matches.. You left out the loss column Austin was a jr high ow winner in ohio his 8 th grade yr and was ranked in the nation since he was 11 A runner up to Bo jordan in jr high as a sixth grader and 2 jr high titles in Ohio and the biggest jump in weight from champ yr to champ yr and best record 50 and 0 8th grade yr 49 pins 1 major in state finals. If khsaa had let Austin wrestle he would have easy had 200 wins as it is theres only one kid in the country to ever go undefeated at 220all 4 years and that's Austin . And no kid from CC or Ky has ever came close to doing what he did in grade school through HS except his brother who had 2 undefeated seasons himself