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  1. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Not looking forward to state.

    Freedom Hall at Bellarmine would be a neat idea. They’re looking to build interest in their wrestling program already. Would be mutually beneficial.
  2. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Petition to change state

    I think this was done 5 years ago too regarding the arena. I think everyone would like to see the venue and professionalism of the state match the growth of the sport within the state. Kentucky has emerged as a state which produces serious collegiate talent. It’s ultimate showcase of said talent should reflect as such.
  3. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown 2022-23 Season Rankings - Feb 15

    Wasn’t it 145 back in like 05’ or 06’ - Kyle Cooper wound up being an alternate - due to the top 5 wrestlers in the state being in the same region. The very next year he won state.
  4. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    State Duals

    Super State Duals sounds pretty cool
  5. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Coaches dual

    Snack break?
  6. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Coaches dual

    Oh if this were real I would be requesting 30 second periods lol
  7. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Coaches dual

    Oh now you want multiple divisions lol
  8. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    State Duals

    I’ll just add in that State duals feels like it’s in a solid spot — our 9 top 3 finishing teams we’re all inside the top 12 in the last rankings. That sure feels competitive and respectable. 1A top 3 we’re - Union (1) Walton (10) Larue (12) 2A was - PT (5) JC (2) Boyle (6) 3A was - GC (3) Trinity (7) Oldham (4) I am happy with the individual tournaments remaining all one class — if they want to break out the team points into separate classes then go for it. But I’ll always side with everyone getting to wrestle everyone when it comes to individual tournaments.
  9. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    State Duals

    I think long term 3 divisions (for duals only) gives the sport something to grow in to. Right now I think we’re a big 2 division state. But as we speak a couple dozen announcements are running through schools around the state hyping up the success of their program. last week a few dozen schools wished their athletes good luck in the event. That kind of hype is what grows the population of the sport. Maybe it doesn’t add any new teams, but there’s 36 schools right now that likely are going to have a handful more sign ups next year due to their schools success.
  10. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Coaches dual

    When can we expect the ranger rankings for coaches lol
  11. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    1A, 2A, 3A Section Results

    Okay so it’s a true 4 team bracket NOT and other pool. Got it thanks!
  12. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    1A, 2A, 3A Section Results

    4 groups with 3 teams each — teams are then broken out into groups based on performance. Groups that will place 1-4, 5-8, 9-12. My question is this: once they’re broken out and into those groups will it be a 4 team bracket 1v4 and 2v3 with winners facing off for 1st 5th and 9th place with losers going for 3rd 7th and 11th place. Or will it be a second round robin format?
  13. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    1A, 2A, 3A Section Results

    1A - Union - WV Holmes - Caldwell 2A - Moore - Harrison - Paducah Scott -Ohio County - Fairdale 3A - Great Crossing - Male Ryle - Southern Looks like it’s starting to shape up!
  14. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Bruce Niday Classic 2022

    Is that Boyd county KY and Fredrick Douglass KY?
  15. ScottWrestlingCoachBrown

    Varsity wrestling tournament on Feb 4

    Mustang classic I think