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  1. Wrestling Dad

    Sean Fausz

    Sean wrestled well. Tough seeds in both the championship and consi’s. Still, congratulations on a very good collegiate career! You represented Kentucky well!!!
  2. Wrestling Dad

    Lindenwood Open

    Where was ATM? I thought he was in the field.
  3. Wrestling Dad


    Here is a great quote I recently saw: People often believe arrogance is excessive confidence, but it's really a lack of confidence. Arrogant people are insecure, and often repel others. Truly confident people feel good about themselves and attract others to them. Arrogance is a self-defense tactic to disguise insecurities. ...How true.
  4. Wrestling Dad


    Is this you, Chris? LOL
  5. Wrestling Dad


    Seriously? Gotta admit you were right about Sammy, and WVU was clearly not satisfied with him as a head coach. And our congratulations and deep admiration for joining the Jack LaLanne fitness club for geezers! What a remarkable achievement, which we are all dazzled and amazed at! Seriously? We are all absolutely laughing out loud. It seems to me your most impressive athletic feat as a quinquagenarian (look it up), is your ability to pat yourself on the back so repetitively. You must hold the world record for at least that!!! We are all amazed, all right. depperschmidt, I would agree with your assessment, and we will now all sit back and listen to the explosion. It is that absurdity that actually amuses me enough to keep reading this forum.
  6. Wrestling Dad

    Virginia Beach Nationals

    Really good job to both the kids and the coaches. I really agree we should support and appreciate the time commitment these coaches (and parents) make to get the kids to these tournaments. Kentucky showed well!!!! 11th place in the senior division is really outstanding, particularly since we didn't throw hundreds of kids at the tournament, as some states do. Great, great job. Now, underclassmen, wrestle freestyle, greco, sambo, folkstyle, any style you can, any time you can get on a mat. Year round wrestling, if possible, and you will be a different wrestler next school year.
  7. Wrestling Dad


    Note that future Mizzou heavyweight Zack Elam from Missouri won at 220 in the Pittsburgh Classic (Dapper Dan). Competition on the way...
  8. Wrestling Dad


    I cannot disagree with your comments. Perhaps he should have been an assistant for a longer period of time to adjust to the differing role. But you have a good point.
  9. Wrestling Dad

    NCAA Tourney

    I was very disappointed in my Mizzou Tigers. Funk can be very effective against average wrestlers, but physically strong and technically solid wrestlers like you see at Penn State and Ohio State will almost always win the day. Zahid Valencia is a great example. His single switched off to a double, he controlled hips and he elevated. Mizzou seemed to be so in love with funk they were beat by great basics. I also thought their conditioning was a bit suspect. For high school wrestlers who want to excel, pay attention to the little things PS & OSU do. They don't shoot a single or double then put their heads on the mat. I once heard a very good coach say, "the best counter to funk is elevation". Sadly, in both of his losses Sean Fausz, late in the match, took shots where his head was down on the mat. He gave up points and back points both times. I also thought his lack of matches this year cost him in conditioning. Mizzou will need to go back to basics to compete at nationals. And maybe wrestle Big 10 schools during the regular season to get ready for the grind.
  10. Wrestling Dad


    How about Zeke Moisey from West Virginia? Trashed on this thread for losing in his conference finals. He is now an NCAA Division 1 All American. That included a win over Kyle Norstrem of Virginia Tech. He is now a COLLEGE All-American! Good for him, good for Sammy.
  11. Wrestling Dad


    However, give the kid credit. He did win 3 matches last year at the MAC championships (3-1) to take 3rd and qualify for the NCAA's.
  12. Wrestling Dad

    Sean Fausz

    Making Campbell County proud!!!! Good luck at the big show!
  13. Wrestling Dad


    Not head coach, however Sammy was an assistant coach at Mizzou. And he is a 2X NCAA champion, an Olympic silver medalist and a world champion. Not a bad resume. Heck, it ALMOST compares with your son... I don't understand your trash about Moissey. He was actually out on the mat representing his university this past weekend. And, he was actually a finalist in a very tough conference tournament. Good for him. By the way, this year Wyatt will have his name on that ring... And Chris, try using a spell checker on your submissions (that is not a wrestling hold)...
  14. Wrestling Dad


    Perfect! By the way, Mr. Myers, guess who was Sammy's college coach? LOL
  15. Wrestling Dad


    Chris: Is this a selfie of what you look like now? No, it can’t be. It looks like a college letter jacket!!!