The 2013 Kentucky USAW FolkStyle Belt Series

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The annual Kentucky USAW FolkStyle Belt Series is open to contestants of all ages and from all states. The division belt winners will be determined by the outcome of the Three (3) tournaments that makeup the KY USA Wrestling Belt Series.


There will be 9 divisions (Midget, Bantam, Intermediate, Novice, Schoolboy, Cadet, Junior, University, & Open). Wrestlers compete to win the division belt by accumulating the greatest number of possible points (45 pts) from the 3 tournaments in the Belt Series. Wrestlers must compete in all of the 3 tournaments to qualify for the Championship Belt.


A wrestler cannot get more than 1 set of points for wrestling in a weight class that he/she has bumps up or a contestant that has no opponents in their particular weight class will only accumulate 6 points. A wrestler cannot accumulate both.


Criteria If a tie in a division: 1. Most Pins, 2. Most Points for 3. least Points against.


Wrestlers score points by placing in the top 4 at each of the individual tournaments. The scoring system will be as follows:


1st place = 15 pts

2nd place = 12 pts

3rd place = 9 pts

4th place = 6 pts


(A contestant that has no opponents in their particular weight class will only accumulate 5 points) Participants will have the opportunity to wrestle up to get a match if there are no other opponents in your weight class if available.)


Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) at each individual tournament. A high quality, “Championship Belt” will be presented to the “Top” finisher of each division at the conclusion of the “KY USA Wrestling Belt Series”.


Format: Double Elimination. If there is less then 5 entries in a particular weight class, a “Round Robin” format will be used.


$20 Entry Fee / Per Event


Entry Fee: $20.00 check made out to Host school


Admission: $5 - adults

$2 - 12 & under

Free - 6 and under


Coolers and outside food will be charged an additional $5 at the door.



Early Weigh Ins: We will have weigh ins at Central Hardin on Friday, March 8thfrom 5pm – 7pm. There will be other remote weigh-ins available and they will be posted on KentuckyWrestling.com when dates and times are known. Look under EVENTS. If your club would like to do a remote weigh-in then please let us know.


Registration: Each wrestler must have a USA Wrestling card available at themat.com. You will be able to purchase a card at the door for $30. We will take forms early but we will NOT take money until the morning of the tournament. Everyone will pay at the door before coming back to check in.


USA Wrestling weights and divisions are available at www.themat.com/forms/Weights.pdf


KY USA Wrestling will award Title Belts for the following 9 Divisions:












Open License Application

USA Wrestling is now requiring all University, Senior and Veteran age divisions to purchase an “Open License” membership. The cost is $50.00. The entire $50.00 membership fee goes to the National office of USA Wrestling to off-set insurance costs. The price increase is due to the growing number of insurance claims, paid by USA’s insurer, for major injuries incurred by wrestlers in these age divisions. Note: The states will not receive any income from this new open license membership.


Coaches,To save Team Registration time at event, we ask that you fill the registration form out before you get there.



Off Site Weigh-In Form.doc

Tournament Registration Form.pdf

No Ox Flyer.pdf

Cobra Belt Series_classic_(2013).pdf

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Please note the times for the KWOA Spring Classic (Times are different than from what Keith posted above):


Friday March 8 - 5:00-7:00 at Central Hardin


Saturday March 9

7:00-7:30 a.m.- Pee-wee-Schoolboy wrestlers

10:30-11:00 a.m.- Cadet-University wrestlers (Cadets-University can also weigh-in from 7:00-7:30 as well)





Wrestling starts at the following times:

10:00- Pee-wee-Novice



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So a schoolboy that weighs in at a remote site doesnt wrestle until 12pm Sat?

And wont need to be there until 11:00am

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  • I am new to this so can some one confirm this for me. I assume you have to remain in the same weight class at all three events to make a run for the belt in the division correct? Example i would have to wrestle in the Schoolboy 120 division at all three meets.

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Not to be a pain but just one quick question about being able to move weight classes.
So if there is a tie at the end between the 112 and 143 point leaders (Cadet Division) it would go to the number of pins correct? Now, what if the 143 wrestles had 6 less overall matches due to the smaller number of wrestlers in his weight class in return shorting him six less opportunities to get pins and the 112 wins by having more pins. I would think the 143 wrestlers would need to ensure he has the same amount of wrestles in doing so moving himself up a weight class and risking his dominance in the 143 class and not taking the 1st place spot he most likely would have gotten in the 143 class. How is that justified? I would suggest you relook at the tie breaker criteria and switch it around a little and use the fastest pin time first. Then use the number of pins if the fastest pin is the same time which is very unlikely. Statistically I would think this may be a better tie breaker due to the variable of amount of wrestlers in each weight class. Just a suggestion.

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Can a kid enter this weekend's tourney if he hasn't wrestled the other two?

Yes, Tournaments are open. Just wont be eligible for belt, but can place at individual tournaments.

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Instead of most pins in a tie they need to go by least points gave up by a wrestler over all the 3 tournaments.

I agree. That is definitely an issue but they probably can't change the criteria until next year.

Sure they can change it. It wouldn't hurt anything.

A quick question here. Above it states that if classes are combined because of lack of wrestlers in certain weight classes the winner of those classes can only get 6 points. Is this correct.

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