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  1. McCracken County Freestyle & Greco Festival w/ 2016 Olympian Dan Dennis at Maritime Wrestling Academy Date: Saturday May 4th, 2019 Location: Maritime Wrestling Academy(formerly Rowton Tennis Center) 5705 US-60, Paducah, KY 42001 Schedule: 9:30am Registration 10:00 - 12:00am Clinic 12:30 - 2:00pm Live Registration: $25, Checks or cash payable at the door All Wrestlers must pre-register on www.trackwrestling.com . Format: All participants and coaches must have current USA Wrestling cards. After the conclusion of the clinic we will have a live wrestling session. This will maximize mat time. Food: Concessions will be available. No ATM on site. Seating : Limited seating is available so bring your own camp chair. For More Information Contact: Seth Livingston - 309.261.0625, salivingston50@yahoo.com McCracken Co FS Festival.pdf
  2. Sorry Bulldog, but you are misinformed about the school covering all aspects of your team. You need to ask your AD for an update.. As for you never having a card, that's a personal choice not to. Have you heard of "murphy's Law"? Also proof of insurance for your child in School covers just that "to be in School". depending on districts they don't add the sports coverage (More $$$), but every student must have some sort of insurance. Liability is the issue. You don't need it until you need it. also, most do not have any idea they are not covered. If you are sued in your school district and you were in the wrong, guess what? they do not have to represent you. with USAW they do.
  3. As a High school coach myself ( a few years ago) That was the cost of having a filler program. Back then the HS coach ran everything. Hell, it's awesome to see paid and unpaid youth coaches. I was the one that petitioned the school board to have paid coaches for our MS and Youth programs in all of Hardin County. Our HS did fundraisers With the youth and MS programs, you can make some good money for all programs. As a rule, our youth program has always paid a participation fee (card included). The only athletes that are not to pay this fee per our AD was HS
  4. TRUMP changed the Law. and for a $15 card I would say is a good choice. I'm really not sure how this cost is ruining our sport. The benefits to membership are many.
  5. A secondary becomes a primary if they do no have insurance.
  6. kdsmith27

    Spring/Summer wrestling opportunities?

    You should check with Jon Carr for those question. Jon.carr@kentuckyusawrestling.org
  7. You don't need coverage to and from practice and events. Parents take them to and fro, just like going to the grocery store. They are covered even with their parents. tell Mark Hitchens he didn't need it when he got into an accident on the way home from a tournament a few years ago and ended up in the hospital along with family members. Its a secondary insurance but it helps to pay your medical bills. And by law are not all people in the USA required to have medical insurance? No, they do not. your primary Insurance if you have it only pays 80% (if that) You pay the rest. So a secondary is good to have.
  8. They can join the Cincinnati Youth League and be covered under them, when they participate in CYL events. Edited 14 hours ago by grappler-of-old 1. Just wondering if the Cincinnati Youth League covers travel to and from practice and events? 2.Covers your place of practice and all coaches, volunteers, and athletes from liability? 3.covers your facility from all liability during practice, scrimmages, and events? USA Wrestling General Liability Coverage What does General Liability provide coverage for? • Bodily and personal injury (3rd party) • Property damage (3rd party) • Participant legal liability What are the commercial general liability policy limits? • $5,000,000 per occurrence • $100,000 limit on damage to premises rented to you Who is covered? • Wrestlers holding USA Wrestling Athlete Membership • Coaches holding USA Wrestling Coaches Membership • Officials holding USA Wrestling Officials Membership • Additional Insured entities that are specifically named • State Associations • Directors of sanctioned events • Volunteers at sanctioned events • USA Wrestling Chartered Clubs Secondary Sports Accident Insurance: • Coverage is secondary to primary medical insurance Limits For All Full and High Performance Athlete members of USA Wrestling, in addition to all members of the Senior National Team: • $100,000 maximum Accident Medical Expense benefit limit with following sub-limits: ––Accidental Dental – $100,000 ––Physical Therapy – $100,000 ––Orthopedic Appliance – $100,000 For all Coach, Official, Limited Folkstyle, and Open License members of USA Wrestling (other than members of the National Team). This also includes those athletes covered as part of USA Wrestling’s camp insurance program. • $50,000 maximum Accident Medical Expense benefit limit with following sub-limits: ––Accidental Dental – $50,000 ––Physical Therapy – $50,000 ––Orthopedic Appliance – $50,000
  9. kdsmith27

    Spring/Summer wrestling opportunities?

    March: 3rd Open 10th KWOA Spring Classic @ Central Hardin (Folkstyle National Team Qualifier) 23rd-25th Middle School National Duals @ Danville, Ill. (Team Kentucky) April: 30th-1st Folkstyle Nationals @ Cedar Falls, IA 7th-8th NWCA/USA Wrestling High School Folkstyle Duals @ Crawfordsville, IN. 7th Freestyle/Greco @ Montgomery Co. Dual Team Qualifier 14th-15th Heartland National Duals @ Council Bluffs, IA. (Team Kentucky Youth) 14th Freestyle/Greco @ Bullitt Central 21st Freestyle/Greco @ Anderson Co. 25th-29th UWW Junior Nationals Freestyle/Greco @ Las Vegas NV. 28th Freestyle/Greco @ Oldham Co. MAY: 5th Kentucky Derby. No tournament 12th Freestyle/Greco @ Daviess Co. High School 19th Freestyle/Greco State Tournament @ Campbellsville University Football Stadium Rain contingency plan is Taylor Co. High School. (Required for National Teams) 18th-20th Women’s Nationals @ Irving, TX 26th-27th Central Regional @ Ohio Northern University, Southeast Regional @ Atlanta, GA. June: 30th-2nd UWW Cadet & University Nationals @ Akron, OH. 6th-10th Schoolboy National Duals @ Indianapolis, IN. 8th-9th UWW Junior World Team Trials @ Lincoln, NE. 13th-17th Cadet National Duals @ Spokane, WA. 20th-24th Junior National Duals/Women’s Duals @ Tulsa, OK. 29th-1st Kids ( Boys/Girls ) Nationals @ Atlanta, GA. July: 13th-21st Cadet & Junior (Men & Women) Nationals @ Fargo, ND.
  10. You are correct, but only in Jefferson county because they have absorbed the cost of liability Insurance . All other counties do not think this way. That is why we do not have a wrestling team at every MS. We have to petition the school board to have a school team or club.. Even with a paid position, we still must have separate liability insurance for our team/club and school. I really wish the KHSAA Commissioner would come out with a policy statement to back up what i am saying. I am quoting him from a board meeting in the past when they were deciding on either or not to absorb all MS organizations in KY under KHSAA. MS and Youth are not covered under KHSAA catastrophic liability insurance. Mr Tackett has met with the KY AD and given them this information. That is why mostly all MS wrestling program Schools and clubs require a charter and liability insurance from USAW. KY USAW is the major reason we have an independent organization in our state and able to establish our own bylaws..
  11. Thinking that your program falls under the school liability insurance program is incorrect. KHSAA has liability insurance for HS sports only, and only when in regular season. USAW covers the lack of coverage "during and after" the season to give the most insurance possible all year long. 2017-2018 USAW Insuranceinfo.pdf
  12. kdsmith27

    Fargo - rant #3 - the ugly

    Our future in Kentucky is with our Youth. We should think of Freestyle/Greco tournament with clinic during there season.
  13. kdsmith27

    Fargo - rant #3 - the ugly

    well said Ranger123, cant say that i haven't heard this before!! lol
  14. kdsmith27

    Fargo - rant #1 - the good

    Well Said