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  1. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2020

    Registration is rollin. State Champs and Top Placers already on board!!!
  2. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2020

    FCA 2020 camp registration is open!!!!
  3. Booster club associated with school never works. School has too much control. ( Redbook). Start a wrestling club and fundraise through that. Do not connect school with club anyway whatsoever. I ran into nightmares with No-Ox . Just takes one crazy!!!
  4. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2020

    Registration will open Mar 1. Come be a part of the very best “ Wrestling Experience “ you could ever imagine. If u have never had a Life Changing Moment, come be a part of this one. I know first hand of what can happen at FCA Camp!!! Don’t miss out, this is not a marketing ploy, camp will fill up fast. We will shut it done at 250 participants. FCA 2020- it’s our “WoodStock” of wrestling!!! Hopefully coaches can explain that!!! Lol. Be Blessed!!! FCA 2020 is Coming!!!
  5. NO-OX 1

    Takeaways from state

    Turn the Awards Podium Around!!!!
  6. NO-OX 1

    Team Trophy Awards?

    Just curious why they give a Small School Champ and Runner up award but they don’t give a Big School Champ and Runner up Award. Seem like if they do that for small school, Christian Co should have been Big School Champ, then an Overall Championship should be awarded. Kinda slights the Big School with the most points!!! Just wondering!!!
  7. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2020

    Here’s a short video of what FCA Wrestling is all about!!! Wrestling 2019-2020 Final.mp4?dl=0
  8. NO-OX 1

    Takeaways from state

    Just spoke with Rusty Senior, 72,73 and 74 was the three peat for a Woodford! It’s so cool to hang out with a man with such unbelievable knowledge and love for KY Wrestling and more than that Jesus!!!
  9. NO-OX 1

    Takeaways from state

    I was sitting with Rusty Sr all day yesterday. He told me Woodford never put more than 2 together at a time. Quite a few of those. Need a fact checker! Curious to know
  10. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2020

    FCA 2020 !!!! FCA Camp registration will open up Mar 1 . Looking for another awesome turnout . First yr we had 120 participants, last year 230 and had to turn kids away. This year we will cap at 250. Don’t miss out!!!! Signup as soon as registration opens!!!! Looking forward to changing more lives !!! Wr4 Christ!!!
  11. NO-OX 1

    Toughest weight classes at state

    Totally agree with Ranger. If it’s just 2 sophomores and 2 juniors ranked in top ten , it’s worth having for those kids. My son was 106 junior yr, 126 senior yr. Wrestled college. Make it a jv weight chances are a 106 jr will be done. One of best wrestlers in State is a106 lb Sophomore who is Nationally ranked.
  12. NO-OX 1

    Region 2 MOW

    Big Congrats to Devon Herron!!! 126 lb Champ and MOW!!! Devon beat # 5 Fuji CH In the semis and then took out #1 Thomas Hoppess in the finals in a dominating 4–1 match. Great day of wrestling for Devon!!! Congrats to everyone who competed today across the State!!!
  13. NO-OX 1

    Derrick Smallwood !!!

    Great kid having an unbelievable season.
  14. NO-OX 1

    No-Ox Preseason at Larue

    No-Ox pre/ preseason kicks off Tuesday 6:30 Larue Wrestling facility. Follow No-Ox Wrestling FB for details.
  15. Preseason at Larue coming your way!! Plans to start on Aug 20 thru Sept 26. Practice days are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8:15. Must have a current USA Card. Cost will be $120. All ms and hs wrestlers from the area are invited. We had 7 hs and 3 ms programs represented in our spring session. No-Ox is a faith based club. We do nightly prayer and devotions. Great opportunity to get the jump on your upcoming season. Hoping to get all the area coaches on board . Very important , for our regions sake , to get the best kids training together. All about building those relationships and setting common goals so that we all can strive to reach our full potential!!! Check out No-Ox Wrestling on FB.