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  1. NO-OX 1

    Max Emerson

    Prayers for entire Oldham wrestling community. Emerson boys and family were alway class act. Max was awesome young man “giving back” in so many ways. May God be with you all!
  2. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    FCA 2023 was without a doubt a major success. I would like to thank Campbellsville wrestling. They do such an amazing job for our campers. Big thanks to all our Clinicians. More importantly thanks to every coach that took their time to bring their kids and be apart themselves. We can’t do it with the support of these coaches. Amazing men who care more about the lives of their wrestlers and where they are going , than just trophies and medals. All u true believers , rest in the fact knowing that Heaven just got a brand new batch of wrestlers . Lastly , Our FCA staff would like to Praise and thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . Major Plans already in effect for 2 back to back camps next yr. , so no one misses out!!!
  3. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    Camp is full and registration closed. We closed out at 320 wrestlers! Big thanks to all the coaches ,wrestlers and parents who have once again support our efforts. Too excited to see what God has in store for us all. It’s definitely our blessing to have every coach and wrestler that is attending!! Ultimate praise to our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ for lining up things once again!!!
  4. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    We are so close to our 300 mark. I feel the registrations will be closing soon. Our number this morning is 297!!! We have in the past let it creep up to 320 to cover any cancelations . This weekend will be ur last opportunity, when it closes it’s Closed. Thanks in Advance to everyone that is supporting our efforts again or if it’s ur first time. U won’t be sorry. Big Thanks to my good friends from Johnson Central, they are bringing us 27 wrestlers. JESUS TRAINED!!!!
  5. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    If u have not signed up for FCA 2023 , u need to make today ur day!!! We should be closing in on our 300 number by the weekend. Jesus and Wrestling!!! Best Technique and chance to continue your Walk With Christ ( On Fire!!!) or take that First Step in that Walk. No way u can leave this camp without a refresh or major life change!!!! Please come join us. We have something Sooooo Good and we have to share!!!
  6. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    We have had an amazing 14 days of signups!!! We have hit the 220 mark, less that 100 spots left. Take heed to my warnings !!!! Sign up!!! This is one of the most amazing wrestling opportunities offered in this region !!! Don’t miss out ! It’s way more than a weekend wrestling camp, lives will be changed forever. Gives us that opportunity with u!!!
  7. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    Big Camp Changes!!! Unfortunately NathanThomasello Is back on freestyle circuit and had conflicting events so he won’t be with us, but in exchange we are bringing in David Carr, 4 time NCAA AllAmerican and 1 time champ from Iowa State . Another added bonus of having Mark Munoz from Oklahoma State with us. Mark was NCAA Champ and two time All American status as well . FCA2023 just keeps getting better!!!! Don’t miss this awesome opportunity !!! We are filling up Quickly!!
  8. NO-OX 1

    3 All-State Brothers

    Josh And Trent Johnson. Probably 10 State medals and 3 Championships!!!
  9. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    We hit our first 100 campers early this morning!!! Don’t miss out , absolutely one of the very best Spiritual/Wrestling events available.We are the currently one if the Largest FCA Wrestling camps across the Nation. Rusty steps it up every years Too blessed KY FCA Wrestling!!! Come check it out!!!
  10. I haven’t been able to attend this for a few years but did get the chance yesterday. Awesome event, Super fun atmosphere and very well ran. We were one of the very last matches and was out of the gym by 7:00. Big thanks to Nick, for his continued commitment to our awesome sport!!!
  11. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    Just a Reminder on Opening of Registrations tomorrow!!! Awesome opportunity to get your Life Changed or Reinforced!!!! Come join us. It’s gets better every year!!!
  12. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023 Here’s a link to Camp information/ registration!!!
  13. NO-OX 1

    FCA 2023

    Camp Registration Opens April 1st, be ready, it will fill up fast. More interest from out of state than we have ever had!!! Check out our awesome Video!!!
  14. NO-OX 1

    Coaches dual

    Two divisions!!! Definitely need a seniors class. Speaking for a friend!!! Lol
  15. NO-OX 1

    Coaches dual

    Top 3 in no order- Kyle Terry- Boyle Josh Johnson -John Hardin Dee Leavell- Christian Co My Boys!!!!!