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  1. NO-OX 1

    No-Ox Preseason at Larue

    No-Ox pre/ preseason kicks off Tuesday 6:30 Larue Wrestling facility. Follow No-Ox Wrestling FB for details.
  2. Preseason at Larue coming your way!! Plans to start on Aug 20 thru Sept 26. Practice days are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8:15. Must have a current USA Card. Cost will be $120. All ms and hs wrestlers from the area are invited. We had 7 hs and 3 ms programs represented in our spring session. No-Ox is a faith based club. We do nightly prayer and devotions. Great opportunity to get the jump on your upcoming season. Hoping to get all the area coaches on board . Very important , for our regions sake , to get the best kids training together. All about building those relationships and setting common goals so that we all can strive to reach our full potential!!! Check out No-Ox Wrestling on FB.
  3. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    I just want to thank the KY Wrestling community for the amazing support for 2019 FCA Camp. It was a huge success. Special thank also to Rusty Parks for making it happen, Steve Jude , Scotty Teater, Corey Ruff, Myron Bradbury, the Entire Carr family, Sr, Jr, Nate and David, Josh Johnson, Jim Greuwald , Mike McAthur, the Lindsey Wilson Wrestlers and especially all the coaches who took time out of their lives to change the life of their wrestlers. God was definitely at work!!! Such a blessing to watch it happen. We were already in the process of planning next year before this camp was half way over. Thanks again to all involved!! God Bless KY Wrestling!!!!
  4. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    We are currently sitting at 209!!!! Registration will continue till morning but will shut down at that point. Thanks again for the amazing support for what will prove to be An Amazing God/Wrestlng Experience!!!
  5. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    We are sitting at 202 Wrestlers signed up this morning, only eight spots left . They will be gone by Days end. Your last opportunity for the 2019 FCA camp . We are greatly appreciate all the support , all participants will definitely be blessed With an awesome three days of Worship and Wrestling. Praise be to God !!!
  6. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    Unbelievable week of signups, we just hit 190!!!!! The camp will shut down at 210 wrestlers, that max number we can accommodate!!!! Sign today or you will miss out!!! God is at work in the most unbelievable way!!!! Jesus Christ and Wrestlng, I feel like we’re already in heaven!!!
  7. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    Big Signup day yesterday!!! We are sitting at 175 wrestlers, 30+ coaches!!! We are putting together all the finishing touches to make this one of your most awesome camp experiences!!! Don’t miss out on this Life Changing Weekend!!!
  8. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    We are pushing 170 for our updated camper list. To be guaranteed proper size shirt , u need to register ASAP. Don’t miss out on one of the best wrestling opportunities in KY this summer.
  9. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    fcawrestlingky We closing in on 150 wrestlers signed up with just one month away!!! Don’t miss out, Olympia Technicians, Some of best NAIA coaches in the country, 5 Live Dual matches , great food, awesome campus and the most awesome opportunity to better your relationship with Christ!!! This camp will get your wrestler in the right mental / spiritual mindset to succeed at all he attempts. Let this camp be a life changer for your young athlete. FCA2019!!!
  10. NO-OX 1

    2020 State Date

    Kinda sad, disrupting everyone’s season for a venue nobody wants.
  11. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    We just passed the “100” mark on signups!!! We are way ahead of last years numbers.Just under two months left, don’t miss out on one of the Best Camps of the summer. We have so much to offer, Olympians , Some of the top NAIA Coaches, National Champs, plenty of mats, some of the best food available, Soft Serve ice cream, opportunity to get to the Best Wrestlng Room in Heaven!!! We cover all Wrestlng and Spiritual Needs!!!! Be a Part!!!
  12. No-Ox Wrestlng will have NAIA National Champs, Brandon Reed and Brett Bradford in the room Thurs April 18 . We are making it free to anyone with a USA card. They will both work the technique session with Brett Bradford ending our session with a most Awesome Easter message. Brett does an amazing job talking about his Love for Jesus. Very motivating individual!!! Larue Wrestlng Room 6-8 on Thur
  13. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    Signups keep rolling in. We are closing in on 100 pre-registered participants for our Upcoming camp. Way ahead of registration last year. Definitely on track for our 200 mark. Awesome opportunity to change your Life as well as turning your dedication and commitment to this sport to another level!!! God at Work!!!
  14. NO-OX 1

    FCA Camp 2019

    Just spoke with FCA Rusty, our signups are booming!!!! We have almost 3 times the wrestlers signed up for camp then we did at this time last year. We will have a limit of 220 wrestlers, although we a quite a ways away from that number, don’t be left out. 3 Amazing Olympian Clinicians, Lindsey Wilson coaches, the Carr’s and Issac Knable , do not miss this one. God is at work early on this camp!!!Truly a Life Changing Weekend!!!
  15. FCA Camp Registration is really booming. We are way ahead of our numbers from this time last year!!! Get signed up for “ The Most Awesome Camp Experience “ in KY . We can help you get to the Top of the podium and into that Wrestling Room in Heaven, all in one fun filled weekend!!! Come be a part!!!