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  1. firemans34

    Sean Fausz

    Brock was actually really strong til he blew out his knee again. Sad to see, but that's been a number of knee surgeries. If he's healthy he'd be making a run at AA over the next couple years as well. Hard to keep coming back tho
  2. firemans34

    Sean Fausz

    I saw him wrestle live a couple times this year and thought he could AA at 133! If the cut doesn't kill him I'd be surprised if he isn't on 125 podium. He looked bigger than every 133 kid he wrestled when I saw him. Great kid, hope he pulls it off!
  3. firemans34

    Congrats Keegan Duncan

    The National Wrestling Hall of Fame on Thursday announced the state and regional winners for the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award (DSHSEA) and the state winners for the Tricia Saunders High School Excellence Award (TSHSEA). Keegan is the recipient of this year's Dave Schultz award! Congrats Keegan!
  4. firemans34

    KWCA State Tournament

    I will donate time, treasure, and talent to the effort.
  5. firemans34

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    What's really sad and somewhat lost in all of this is the finals matches were the best they have been in many years. A lot of close, very entertaining matches. Had they been back to back it would have been an incredibly entertaining finals.
  6. firemans34

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    During the tourney I spoke with a coach regarding the change. He said he asked a pretty influential KHSAA representative why they decided to change the format. He was told Julian Tackett did it only to show that he could. Sounds like having an advisory committe is only a facade to show they are collaborative. This may be the push to finally start a NHSCA or a KWCA state tournament. KHSAA will not change, but if they do it will be like turning a cruise ship anyway leaving us to vent for years to come. Rip the band aid off and let them deal with the new four year contract at the horse park that they will have to eat.
  7. firemans34

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Hmmm. Clairvoyant? Dallas did deserve it. Had to run the gauntlet to get there and then a great match vs Saul. Well done!
  8. firemans34

    State Prediction Game 2016

    14- Cornett 170 13-keegan 132 12-Scheffer 126 11-Saul 120 10-Oxford 145 9-Barton 152 8-Heidorf 160 7-Erdman 138 6-CHANGING TO YENTER 5-Young HVY 4-Allgeier 182 3- Kimble 195 2-Klein 106 1-reed 220
  9. firemans34

    State Prediction Game 2016

    120 is a crazy deep weight class too. If someone possibly knocks off Saul I think they would have to be considered too.
  10. firemans34

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Love Angel, super great kid. He's funky and has great hips, but I feel Logan can handle the funkiness because he wrestles from his butt a lot. But I feel Logan is bigger and a little stronger. It's was close in my head and Angel has a much easier draw, so it may actually work in his favor. Wouldn't be surprised if he is on to of the podium Saturday night, but I gave the edge to Logan. I also made this prediction based on Logan not being sick like he was at regionals.
  11. firemans34

    State Prediction Game 2016

    14- Cornett 170 13-keegan 132 12-Scheffer 126 11-Saul 120 10-Oxford 145 9-Barton 152 8-Heidorf 160 7-Erdman 138 6-Tucker 113 5-Young HVY 4-Allgeier 182 3- Kimble 195 2-Klein 106 1-reed 220
  12. firemans34


    So I have some questions for the advisory committee members. 1. What are the meetings with these "people" like every year? Contentious, or tell you what you want to hear and then go out do whatever they want? 2.Why is it every year before state we get on this forum and find out crap that they've pulled? 3. What are the long term goals for wrestling from their perspective? Venue discussions, tourney logistics, increasing the number of programs? 4. What, if any, leverage/input does the KHSCA or advisory committee have? 5. When is contract up with horse park? 6. Have their been any preliminary discussions WITH THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE regarding future venues? I'm just tired of nothing positive ever happening with regard to the state tourney every year, for the last 6 years. Frankfort finals party was discouraged/minimized the last year in Frankfort. Horse park finals party first year was at least an attempt at recreating the Frankfort atmosphere. Next year it was squashed and beach balls slashed by knives in a "douchie" manner. Last year it was the finals mat decision that was saved at the 11th hour. Now this year it's the schedule, lack of a true finals, cost, parking, and again the crap venue. Can we as a wrestling community do anything about any of the above and not leave it all on the shoulders of a few coaches left to bang their heads against the walls? After attending OH and IN state tourneys I'm left very exasperated. Sorry for the rant, just tired of being sick and tired.
  13. firemans34

    Predictions for State

    106-Klein 113-Tucker 120-Saul 126-Scheffer 132-keegan 138-Erdman 145-Oxford 152-Barton 160-Heidorf 170-Cornett 182-algier 195-Frankrone 220-reed Hvy-Young
  14. firemans34


    The cynic in me feels this is just another KHSAA money grab while also attempting to get a step closer to taking away the finals mat. Throw in no re entry parking and they've established an event that dissuades any non family fans to attend.
  15. firemans34


    On the website it says Medal Round and Championship Awards Session and there are 56 matches scheduled starting at 6 pm. Is it as stated above, or running all medal matches together at each weight? Short finals mat by itself?