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  1. Phenom2x

    Steve Kaiser

    A great coach always helpful to everyone .
  2. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    They are the model team no better compliment could be given but their reg is weak.
  3. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    Hardly I'm a huge Union fan everyone knows it and can read it in my posts but let's be real also they benefit from a reg that has weaker comp that allows them to get more wrestlers to State with better seeds they are a great team the best I have seen in KY with the exception of one team one year in the last few yrs but if they were in reg 6 or in Louisville they probably would not have as many state titles as they do .It's an old subject get mad or whatever but it's the truth they would not have the numbers or seeds they have at state if they were in a tougher reg.and numbers do not lie look at state scoring reg to reg
  4. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    Lol yes I actually know how to read a bracket thought WV would win they have done better against shared comp and beaten SK in tournaments with about ohh 7 or 8 xs as many teams like uh state but it may be hard at state going in with less numbers showing again how coming from a tough reg makes it hard to win state for teams from reg 6 and easy for well union
  5. Every kid who wins will upset some mommas in the Stands and the girlfriends of the losers they are beating as well as the guys setting in the chairs across from their coaches .
  6. Phenom2x

    Pin leader

    Andreoni is a Bad Dude he's the "Lexington Pimp" And in the "CLUB"
  7. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    Yep SK by 8.5 takes the win Ruber leading in 3rd period people yelling for pin gets pinned himself ....not smart now he is lower seed at state in a bigger tourney where in circumstances where WV has beaten SK this year difference being at state theres seeds and qualifiers will now play a bigger factor .I could still see Walton Verona placing higher than SK they should be the second best small school in the state easily but giving up a spot and a seed going for a pin is not the wise choice . Then again I would have went for it IF a pin would have won and I'm not sure and do not think WV would have won even if Ruber had pinned in finals, SK had more in consos and WV had a guy or 3 lose a match they should have won as everyone does and it's all it took. Congrats to SK and Cornett in particular he's a stud and a great rep for KY . WV Will be pretty stacked next yr with at least 3 serious title contenders and with SK losing a couple and Ryle and Campbell County in rebuilding stages as well as losing some studs next yr will look much the same except WV will have more Champs than they did this year I would guess double than what they had this year. Sad seing some studs on Campbell County's team being let down by some of their teammates who underperform most likely do to not following the example of Wells and Yenter and those that came before them makes you wonder what they were doing the last few years while everyone else was working hard all year . match of the day was not Moore vs Yenter but Wells vs Roth. I would guess Cornet is OWS.
  8. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    Holy molly Wells over Roth 3 to 2 Roth is coming on strong .
  9. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    I will predict WV by 6.5 +
  10. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    WV 197.5 SK 188 At 113
  11. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    WV with 7 in finals SK with 4 ADVANTAGE WV but SK with more on the backend consolations ADVANTAGE SK. Match of the night will beYenter vs Moore.
  12. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    WV 193.5 SK 179 SK closing the gap
  13. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    WV 193.5 SK 161
  14. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    WV 193.5 SK 142
  15. Phenom2x

    Region 6 Team Race

    WV 186.5 SK 139 Scott 120 Followed by Dixie and Campbell County .