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  1. Mbrown


    Now that there has been another year of youth and middle school action, rankings should be quite a bit easier to produce. Someone should spearhead this effort and begin with a pre season ranking starting in late October/early November. I have all of the templates if anyone would like to volunteer. Now that Madden has completed his 8th grade year I will no longer be putting together anything. Thanks to WVhighlander for throwing out a baseline ranking early on demand. Send me a message and I'll help you get started. Thanks M Brown
  2. Mbrown

    Rankings 21-22

    working on a top 5 list
  3. Mbrown

    Rankings 21-22

    I had a volunteer who wanted to do it but I can start back up as I’ll be in attendance that weekend
  4. Mbrown

    Oldham Co Middle School Duals

    Thank you to everyone who is coming to the tournament. We now have a full schedule of teams. Campbell Co, Mater Dei, McCreary, Meade Co, Moore, Oldham Co, Perry Meridian, Sky Elite, South Oldham, Union Co. Looks to be a great tournament.
  5. Mbrown

    Oldham Co Middle School Duals

    Meade co is in and so is Perry Meridians from Indiana, need two more teams
  6. Mbrown

    Oldham Co Middle School Duals

    Add Campbell Co to the list, come on, let's fill it up
  7. Everyone, come out to Oldham Co High School for the OCMS duals on January 15, 2022. Teams so far, Union, South Oldham, McCreary, Moore, Oldham Co. like to have ten total teams Email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com thanks
  8. Is there any information about this? Is it still happening?
  9. Mbrown

    Rankings 21-22

    If there is someone who would like to take over the rankings, please do. I took over doing them from Duke and now someone can take over doing them for me. It was fun to put them together but with my kids transitioning to high school it will be less likely that I will see much middle school action next year. If anyone wants the template shoot me a message and I will get it for you. thanks
  10. Mbrown

    2021 Rankings

    I would love to pass the torch to someone else. With very little information about middle school wrestling and very few tournament brackets to reference, I doubt I will get around to doing any.
  11. Mbrown


    Everyone, I have not been able to get things done like I have in the past. I jest recently learned that our middle school season has been cancelled by our local district so I haven't been as diligent with the rankings. Any word from other districts about cancellations? Also, any talk about moving the season to the spring.
  12. Mbrown


    Probably the end of the week, thing is I haven’t received much feedback from around the state
  13. Mbrown


    it would be great if some folks can throw out some information about some youth kids who will be coming up to middle school this year. Mbrown8378@gmail.com
  14. Mbrown


    Yes, I will compile a rankings again with the help of people from around the state. If people want to start sending me information please do