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  1. Mbrown

    2019.20 Too Early Pre-Season Rankings

    Hey all, I have received a lot of positive feedback from many of you. We will try to to do a revision of the rankings when we get closer to the season. We will take out all the 9th graders and look more closely at certain kids who need to be moved up or down. Continue to send emails with information and thanks again
  2. Everyone, I wanted to take a minute to thank Chris Duke and Mike Harrod for taking the time to create middle school rankings for the state of Kentucky. After volunteering to keep them going, several of us from the Oldham County area have realized the amount of time to research and create the rankings is no small task. The rankings should serve as a fun opportunity for the kids to receive some recognition throughout the wrestling season. We completely understand that some kids will change weights, move weight classes, wrestle for high school teams, this upcoming season. Please share results, match into, etc. via email throughout the season and we as a group will update the rankings accordingly. We were able to throw together a top 5/6ish list for all classes from 70-105. Classes 113 and above become challenging considering many in the upper weight classes were 8th graders. So, for classes 113 and above there is a listing of kids in various weights that we can eventually put in order when the tournaments begin. We hope to gather information from across the state via email for tournaments and duals(duels) that are not on trackwrestling for the upcoming season. If you would like to share information please email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com or Brent Dunn at williambrentdunn@att.net. We will try to add a team ranking component as we get into the season. Please remember we are doing the best we can and want to provide recognition to the kids and want to be as unbiased as possible. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get started and here's to a great 2019.20 wrestling season. Thanks Matt Brown Preseason Rankings 2019.pdf
  3. Mbrown

    2019-2020 Rankings Coming Soon?

    Hey all, everything should be posted in the morning
  4. Mbrown

    2019-2020 Rankings Coming Soon?

    A couple of us from Oldham County have volunteered to compile the rankings, we will need information on upper weight above 105. Please send me any insight into the weights. Please email privately, at mbrown8378@gmail.com. thanks
  5. Mbrown

    2020 MS State Tournament

    I’m not a coach, I’m a parent who has two kids who play football and I’m not sure the conflict between football and wrestling. Not trying to cast blame earlier, just asking a question.
  6. Mbrown

    2020 MS State Tournament

    What is the logic behind moving to March? Indiana has their middle school tournament the last week in January.
  7. Mbrown

    MS Tournaments 2018-2019

    Oldham County Middle School is hosting a dual meet on November 17, 2018. Please email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com Thanks Matt Brown 2018 duals flyer OCMS.doc
  8. Mbrown

    OCMS Duals

    Everyone, please email to reserve your spot in the Oldham County Middle School Duals on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Entry Fee: $175 per Team Eligibility: Any wrestler up to and including 8th Grade (age rule applies) Registration: Entry fee: Due no later than morning of event Send all fees to: Josh Riordan (We will accept money morning of tourney) Oldham County Middle School 4305 Brown Blvd, LaGrange, Ky, 40031 Email to: riordan2484@gmail.com (Make checks Payable to Oldham Co. Wrestling) Weigh-Ins: Doors open at 7:00am Weigh-ins at 7:30am to 9:00am (All wrestlers must weigh-in on Saturday) Weigh-in sheets will be copied and distributed to all coaches Wrestlers may only wrestle up one weight class Awards: Team Trophy: Champion and Runner-up Admission: Adults: $6 School Age Children $3 Cooler Fee $5 Weights: KSWA weight classes No wrestler under 55 lbs will be allowed to wrestle…SORRY! Format: Duals Contact: Matt Brown: Tournament Manager Email: mbrown8378@gmail.com Josh Riordan: OCMS Head Coach Email: ocmswrestling@yahoo.com
  9. Everyone, The Colonel Wrestling Academy will host its annual youth wrestling tournament on December 3. This has been a very efficient tournament in recent years and looks to be again this year. A flyer will be posted in the coming days. Please email me if you plan to attend @ mbrown8378@gmail.com. Thanks Matt Brown
  10. Mbrown

    Team Kentucky Middle School

    Is there a way to tie this to middle school state? Just offer it up at state, number 1 gets first choice, number 2 second choice etc. Or ask kids to be on the team, that may spark more interest.
  11. Mbrown

    Mr and Mrs Tyler Baines

    There is so much that goes into planning the event dating back to last season. Broadbent is a good venue for the wrestling tournaments. Whenever there is a venue change there will always be small issues or glitches that can be tweaked for the next year. I am sure everyone will sound off about those things and tweak for next year. THANKS for all the hard work, you probably don't receive much positive feedback, but thanks again.
  12. Mbrown

    How many wrestle YEAR around?

    My son plays football from July till Thanksgiving. He usually practices two or three times before his first tournament each year. He has dabbled in some club wrestling here and there but nothing consistent. If I forced him to wrestle all year long he wouldn't go for it. He placed third in 70 yesterday as a 4th grader. He plays basketball after wrestling season and runs cross country during football season.
  13. Mbrown

    Team Kentucky Youth Trials Tournament

    I know several kids who will not be attending Team Ky tryouts as they will travel to Kingsport for the AAU event.
  14. The youth tournament was very good this year and there is no doubt that 16 man brackets has made for more competition and many great championship matches. Thanks to everyone who put it together especially considering the weather conditions.