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  1. Mbrown

    Ranking #3 12.15.19

    we will try to put it all together and post a ranking on Sunday.
  2. Mbrown

    Ranking #3 12.15.19

    Ok, with a little help from Duke and checking all the messages we received, here goes. We are sure there are issues that will remain, just remember we will keep updating them for the weeks to come. Thanks for your patience. Rankings 12.15.19.pdf
  3. Mbrown

    Ranking #3 on Sunday

    My goal is to get as many ups as possible, I have several people from around the state giving info. Also, the Duke himself may come out of retirement and help out to get things as close to on track as possible. Thank you to all those who show appreciation and send positive comments and info to me each week. thanks
  4. Mbrown

    Rankings #2

    We will shoot for tomorrow evening for rankings update
  5. Mbrown

    Rankings #2

    If you have issues just private message me. Also, we don’t always see every tournament bracket so surprises happen. Hopefully we can gather more information and get more accurate rankings in two weeks.
  6. Mbrown

    Rankings #2

    Everyone, There is no doubt that there will be a lot of movement coming soon and there are probably plenty of mistakes on the rankings even after an update. Please remember, send us information about matches, bio info, etc. privately. Remember these are for fun. Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Rankings 11.27.19.pdf
  7. Mbrown

    New rankings

  8. Mbrown

    New rankings

    Hey guys about every two weeks rankings come out and that is about the same amount of time as last year. We will try to update them again on Wednesday. We always gather information from various parts of the state so it takes a while. Please be patient with the process. Also, please refrain from discussing issues on the thread, take your comments about kids to the private messages and move that somewhere else please.
  9. 2 from Johnson County not listed that should be top 3 at whatever weight class they are in are Zac McCourt and Dalton Matney.  Both are returning state placers at the middle school level.  There are several others that could be in the rankings somewhere.  The Barnes twins and the Castle boy are pretty decent, I can't remember their first names.  I'll get back to you with a better idea of weights and names later.

  10. Mbrown

    1st Rankings of the year

    I realized the PDF that was uploaded had a couple blunders in the formatting so I updated a few things, the next rankings will hopefully have correct grades, state placer/state champ recognition, etc. please keep sending private messages with updates. Here is the correct PDF Rankings 11.13.19.pdf
  11. Mbrown

    1st Rankings of the year

    Everyone, Thank you to all who have messaged me about ranking kids from across the state. It is difficult to get information if events or duels are not on trackwrestling so any information helps. Rankings should be considered something that is fun and for the kids, often times it can be like splitting hairs trying to decide who goes where. As you all know the rankings will change many times throughout the year and you never know what will happen. Keep sending private messages with updates and information on tournaments especially those not on track. Once again, keep it positive and thanks. Matt Brown Rankings 11.13.19.pdf
  12. Mbrown

    New rankings

    Everyone, The first rankings will come out Wednesday. If anyone has information to contribute to the rankings please send a private messages. Also, any information from out in the state, Southwest, southeast Kentucky would be appreciated. thanks
  13. Mbrown

    2019.20 Too Early Pre-Season Rankings

    Hey all, I have received a lot of positive feedback from many of you. We will try to to do a revision of the rankings when we get closer to the season. We will take out all the 9th graders and look more closely at certain kids who need to be moved up or down. Continue to send emails with information and thanks again
  14. Everyone, I wanted to take a minute to thank Chris Duke and Mike Harrod for taking the time to create middle school rankings for the state of Kentucky. After volunteering to keep them going, several of us from the Oldham County area have realized the amount of time to research and create the rankings is no small task. The rankings should serve as a fun opportunity for the kids to receive some recognition throughout the wrestling season. We completely understand that some kids will change weights, move weight classes, wrestle for high school teams, this upcoming season. Please share results, match into, etc. via email throughout the season and we as a group will update the rankings accordingly. We were able to throw together a top 5/6ish list for all classes from 70-105. Classes 113 and above become challenging considering many in the upper weight classes were 8th graders. So, for classes 113 and above there is a listing of kids in various weights that we can eventually put in order when the tournaments begin. We hope to gather information from across the state via email for tournaments and duals(duels) that are not on trackwrestling for the upcoming season. If you would like to share information please email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com or Brent Dunn at williambrentdunn@att.net. We will try to add a team ranking component as we get into the season. Please remember we are doing the best we can and want to provide recognition to the kids and want to be as unbiased as possible. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get started and here's to a great 2019.20 wrestling season. Thanks Matt Brown Preseason Rankings 2019.pdf
  15. Mbrown

    2019-2020 Rankings Coming Soon?

    Hey all, everything should be posted in the morning