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  1. Aiden70

    Middle School State MOW in your opinion????

    Jayden Raney beating all kids including the #2 kid by more than 10 points
  2. Aiden70

    Best Clubs for Wrestling Youth?

    Union has a catholic school prek-8th and there middle school wrestlers can be in that school but I dont think that the high school team allows people from other schools other than there own
  3. Aiden70

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    brackets have been posted again
  4. Aiden70

    State Duals 2020

    Johnson has two holes in their lineup which is 12 points.I see Thomas getting a pin against Scott.Raney at 86 with a pin.Thats 24.Jenkins with a tech fall.Upper classes should be pretty close.Bacon could go either way.Sharp has been solid.I dont know lets see