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  1. LCalum

    Venue for next year..

    Is there anything wrong with Freedom Hall? Seems like the perfect venue, and typically available.
  2. LCalum

    No podium or awards

    A few years ago they weren’t allowed to roll up mats before finals. Coaches did it anyway. Because they worked together and didn’t take no as an answer. The kids deserve proper time to warm up and prepare for matches. It’s the bare minimum that we can give them. They aren’t going to double forfeit every kid in the tournament. Coaches need to stick together and dictate that the kids have the time needed to properly warm up. No one leaves the mat until the kids are ready. KHSAA continues to prove time and again that they don’t care about the sport, the experience, coaches, and most importantly the kids.
  3. LCalum

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    Placement points (to 6th place) go towards team scores for a team region title.
  4. When do they come out?
  5. LCalum

    College all americans

    Two time AA NAIA.
  6. LCalum

    WKY Semi State Rankings (Region 1/2) - Updated

    This is being considered a pilot season as well. With hopes to make the semi state setup a permanent change if things work well.
  7. LCalum

    State seeding and match length

    Not true. If he loses at regions to a kid who he beat earlier in the season they cancel each other out. Region placement is not part of the criteria. Head to head would be a wash. The chances of them having the same winning % are probably slim. Also wrestler A loses to wrestler B and places 3rd at regions. But wrestler A beat wrestler C during the regular season and doesn’t wrestle them at regions. Wrestler C wins that region. In this scenario wrestler A could be the 1 seed at semi state after not winning regions.
  8. LCalum

    State seeding and match length

    I believe he is saying what if 3 wrestlers all end up with 6 points based on the criteria. And end in a tie. Then what? Wrestler A wins criteria point over wrestler B. Wrestler B holds criteria point over wrestler C. Wrestler C holds criteria point over wrestler A. All 3 wrestlers hold criteria over everyone else in the tourney. So they all end up with 6 points. What does the computer do then? Or do the coaches have a conversation and decide at that point?
  9. LCalum

    State seeding and match length

    I’m not saying i prefer one way over the other. I’m simply asking what it is. If weight class matters so be it. If it doesn’t matter. Also cool. Just looking for clarification.
  10. LCalum

    State seeding and match length

    If not stated it’s open to interpretation. And will be argued. In previous experience it’s always “at that weight” when seeding tournaments. When 4 different groups are seeding a tourney for the first time ever i think it’s best to provide guidance ahead of time. some regions have their own bylaws when it comes to seeding the tourney and some say “at that weight”. I believe it’s an important distinction one way or the other. Especially in a year when getting the best kids to state tourney doesn’t matter to KHSAA. let’s say a kid placed 3rd at 106 last year but another kid took 4th at 120. This year they are at 132. Who wins that argument on placement at last years tourney?
  11. LCalum

    State seeding and match length

    Would like some clarification if it’s “placed at last years tourney......” at that weight? Or at any weight?
  12. LCalum

    Region 2 Rankings

    Thomas Boone might have something to say (on the mat) about not being in the top 4 at 220
  13. LCalum

    State news

    I don’t see anything wrong with seeding semi state by region placement. It will separate the 1&2 from a region. If your region has the better two kids at the weight they will meet in finals. If not then it will be 1 vs 1.