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  1. LCalum

    looking for a team for a double dual

    Is this Tennessee?
  2. LCalum

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Thomas Hoppes not mentioned above also competed as a sophomore
  3. LCalum

    Prediction Game

    126 deck 14 160 brown 13 220 Ervin 12 170 Ervin 11 113 Pye 10 120 Martingly 9 195 Deprest 8 132 Yost 7 HWT Shelton 6 138 Deck 5 106 Thomas 4 145 Carr 3 152 Gianonne 2 182 Blanton 1 union 193 points Dark horse: Griffin Hall #11 152
  4. LCalum

    Regional Weekend!!!

    In region 2, three different teams had the lead in team points during the last 5 matches. The region title was decided in the last match of the day.
  5. LCalum

    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    That’s awful. Thoughts and prayers to a speedy recovery.
  6. This will lead to some very good first and second round matchups at state. 2 seed from somewhere is gonna get a top 3 kid in the first round.
  7. LCalum

    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    I was thinking Miller’s strength might be too much for Herron. He definitely doesn’t want to stay on bottom for very long. Herron is already a very good wrestler likely on his way to becoming one of the greats, but Miller has been here before. I think the nod goes to Miller.
  8. LCalum

    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Has Herron and Miller wrestled? Or is this just a hunch?
  9. LCalum

    Large School State Duals

    Curious how many times in the last 25 years or so was the best dual team a small school?
  10. LCalum


    Jabin Hite #19 from LaRue defeats # 9 Phillips from Trinity and #11 McDaniel from Central at 132
  11. LCalum

    Tates Creek Invitational- Jan 5th

    Woodford was without many of their starters.
  12. LCalum

    Early Season Upsets

    #5 heavyweight (LaRue) pinned #4 heavyweight (Desales) today.
  13. LCalum

    Early Season Upsets

    Also avenging a loss to #19 Dutton. With his only other loss being to Morgan. Impressive
  14. LCalum

    Early Season Upsets

    I didn’t see the brooks win over giannone but i did see the rematch. It was impressive. Everyone at 160 should be on alert. This kid is good. Insko / Yost was a great match. Looked like Yost got dinged up a bit. Hopefully he’s ok.