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  1. pin4thewin

    Week of 12/3/22 upsets?

    Schweitzer and Kubwimana was an amazing match, unfortunate to see so many blood stopages. They truly went to war and gave everyone a show.
  2. pin4thewin

    2022 Oldham Superduals

  3. No, just don't think they are wrestling this year. Their little brother is still wrestling MS.
  4. New rankings in 2 weeks-ish?
  5. pin4thewin

    Super 32
  6. pin4thewin


    Once the season officially starts next week I assume that will be fixed, and schools will begin adding in their hydration tests.
  7. Is this going to be streamed? If so can someone provide a link
  8. pin4thewin

    Super 32

    Oh I’m sorry, I misread and thought you said is ky keeping wrestlers from competing out of state not what is keeping them from competing out of state
  9. pin4thewin

    Super 32

    As far as I'm concerned, how would they prevent wrestlers from leaving?
  10. Ok, sounds great. Can't wait for the new rankings!
  11. So when will the new rankings come out because I noticed that neither of these two placed at state last year so it would make sense that you moved everyone else up in weight.
  12. pin4thewin

    Super 32

    Ok, there are a lot of kids going to IHPO and top 4 qualify there. Ofc that will be hard to do.
  13. pin4thewin

    Super 32

    dont you have to qualify
  14. That sounds awesome, is it gonna be one match at every weight?
  15. Pardon me for not knowing, but what exactly is this?