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  1. pin4thewin


    What in the world is going on with all the spam messages on here? It has gotten so bad to the point where I can't even see anything that is posted for real by the community.
  2. pin4thewin

    2024 State Pick Em Game!!!!

    14- Jayden Raney 13- Jordyn Raney 12- Lane Kiser 11- Malchia Harris 10- Stephen Whitehead 9- TJ Meyer 8- Christian Delos Santos 7- Jackson Wells 6- Marcus James 5- Dalton Matney 4- Cole Sherril 3- Rider Trumble 2- Hunter Jenkins 1- Landon Evans
  3. pin4thewin


    106- Wells over Valera 113- Scott over Delos Santos 120- Evans over Blevins 126- Raney over McClowskey 132- Raney over Reeves 138- Meyer over Whorton 144- Jenkins over Johns 150- Trumble over Wojcicki 157- Harris over Sentelle 165- Matney over Speaker 175- James over Strayer 190- Kiser over Virzi 215- Sherill over James 285- Whitehead over Guillaume team: Union Co
  4. I really appreciate you doing this for everyone in the state, and I don't want to make you think I am being rude or impatient but I was just wondering when you will get new rankings posted. Thanks for everything you do.
  5. Number 10 at 144 Williams beat number 2 at 138 Morris.
  6. pin4thewin

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    Yes, that's what I mean. I worded that weirdly but I am saying that it would be more straightforward if we only seed the 8 region champs. That way we don't see the best 2 guys in the state in the 3rd round. IMO it should be done the same as middle school is done.
  7. pin4thewin

    Why isn't state going to be seeded?

    I feel that the best system to do it and also keep it simple at the same time would be to seed the 8 region champs. As nice as it would be to further seed the tournament this keeps it straightforward.
  8. pin4thewin

    Toughest weight class

    Which one weight class stands out to you guys as the one you are most looking forward too?
  9. Looks to me like 120, 126, 144, 150, and 157 are all looking SOLID.
  10. pin4thewin

    2023-2024 state tourney

    So are we still semi state next year?
  11. pin4thewin

    2023-2024 state tourney

    The vote was for a 32-man bracket, 2 days boys, then 1 day girls.
  12. pin4thewin

    TOC Results

    Good job guys!
  13. Is their a penalty for changing weights or missing weight