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  1. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Hires Assistant

    MAMA always said when you have to call names you have no argument. You see my neighbors kid tells me stuff. Do you have someone inside telling you something different? That's how an adult discussion is had. If not I would assume you are the clown, or maybe you like to give well never mind I have an argument so I don't need to name call or deflect from the conversation
  2. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Hires Assistant

    I am just relaying from my neighbor's son. Talked to him last night. Shuck has done nothing at the D1 level. Didn't start a match for Iowa. Not even on senior night. His assistant he hired wrestled club in college. What makes you think either one of them have the ability to coach at a d1 level? If you cant even start a match in college then you dont have a skill set to teach. That's a lot of the teams mindset
  3. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Hires Assistant

    They hired an amazing Club All American. Brendan Murphy No D1 Experience No D2 experience A club level wrestler now coaching at a D1 program Meanwhile other programs are hiring assistants with D1 experience. A majority of the athletes are not happy. Poor coaching, Poor training, Poor weightlifting, Poor conditioning. I would expect they will be about as good as a hill of beans
  4. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Coaching Change

    Bedelyon is reported to have interviewed. Chertow is not surprising after his Queens issues. Shuck was the cheapest option from what I hear.
  5. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Coaching Change

    Chertow would be a good hire.
  6. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Coaching Change

    Canter was leaving before Adams.
  7. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Coaching Change

    It appears the entire Bellarmine staff is no longer in place. My neighbors kid told me there were several parents unhappy with the coaching the kids were getting. Not sure why they were unhappy. Not sure if that is accurate or not but he would have no reason to lie. I hear there will be five transfers or freshman not coming depending on the coach that is hired. Neighbors kid did tell me that pretty much everyone needed to be at least a weight class lower but Coach Adams didn't like them cutting weight. He thought it had an effect on performance Anyone who is hired I would assume this is a stepping stone job. There is good recruiting to be had in the Indiana and Ohio area but I don't think they can replicate Campbell's small school success and sustain it. General consensus among the team is they want Maynard. Hoskins Hendricks Schrader Cowan (Incoming freshman) Jude Camacho (incoming freshman) Beck coming off of a major shoulder surgery more than likely will not return unless there is a solid coach hired. He wants to pursue MMA Several other kids had grade problems and may not return. I think there was only one starter the rest were not starters. i am sure there are others that have not leaked out yet but names that have been associated with the job to date is SEAN FAUSZ 3x NCAA qualifier assistant coach Cal Poly GRAY MAYNARD Michigan State 3x AA and UFC Fighter DARYL THOMAS (Campbell Assistant) Never qualified but has a long coaching record as an assistant in college JAKE VARNER (PENN STATE) 2X NCAA Champ Olympic Gold medalist Hunter Gamble UTC assistant. 2X NCAA Qualifier
  8. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Wrestle Offs and thoughts

    Hoskins impressed me, Tobia impressed me (that 184 match was really the heavyweight match I heard) Hendricks really impressed me with his win over Beck. I thought Beck would win that for sure. It will be interesting to see all the pieces put together.
  9. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Bellarmine Wrestle Offs and thoughts

    Wrestle Offs happened Thursday here is a link for the replay BU Knights Sports Network Couple things of note from this. Hoskins looked great. Beck took a loss to Hendricks in OT. Tobia beat Caudell at Heavyweight though they had it listed as 184. Grimes looked terrible at 197 Projected Lineup according to my neighbors son. 125 Lucas 133 Yost 149 Collica (was positive so him and Hoskins will wrestle off after Christmas Break) 157 Rhine 165 Hendricks 174 Beck 184 Tobia (wrestle offs between him, Schrader and Wolff did not happen due to the later two testing positive for Covid) 197 Schroder HWT Caudell (sounds like Tobia may get a few matches here as well)
  10. Looking for a place for my friends kid to train
  11. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Uh oh. Bellarmine goes NCAA DI

    I am newer to wrestling through my son. I watched your boy he was tough. Sad to see him go
  12. Saw this today. They signed a few hammers. Anyone care to break them down with me https://athletics.bellarmine.edu/news/2020/9/1/wrestling-welcomes-11-newcomers-to-squad.aspx
  13. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Uh oh. Bellarmine goes NCAA DI

    Your kid jumped ship to soon. They had a solid freshman recruiting class with 3-4 kids who will start as true freshman this year.