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  1. Coach Burton

    WKY Semi State Rankings (Region 1/2) - Updated

    If the five match rule is changed to six then it could just be ran as a normal double elimination tournament
  2. Coach Burton

    All-Time Teams Since 32 Man Brackets

    You're leaving some of the best wrestlers in the history of Kentucky off the table limiting it to the 32 man bracket era.
  3. Coach Burton

    State news

    KHSAA should just make it mandatory for teams to enter results within a certain period of time after an event.
  4. Thomas Nelson is looking for events on 2/27 & 03/06 near the Louisville/Bardstown areas.
  5. Coach Burton

    Flowrestling vs Rofkin vs Trackwrestling ?

    Hopefully that's why they bought Track, for their tournament/bracketing platform.
  6. Coach Burton

    State team race if format changes

    Is there any chance the KHSAA could get Memorial Coliseum? It would work for a 16 man tournament of four mats. They could bump the 5 match rule to 6 matches for one tournament and have it on one day. I think they should extend the season by 2 weeks, add a district tournament and a semi-state tournament to make all the post season tournaments smaller one day events. They should also suspend the 5 match rule for the post season so there are no 2 day post season tournaments.
  7. Coach Burton

    State team race if format changes

    Suspending the 5 match rule would certainly help with the regional tournaments as well. They could all be one day tournaments. The KHSAA has dropped the ball with our post season. I know we aren't a revenue sport for them, but they could at least pretend like they are putting some effort and forethought into it. I know the regions are going to be realigned next year, but they should have realigned them this year and split them into districts. 20 teams at a regional tournament in a high school gym for two days during a pandemic is not a good idea.
  8. They need to create more regions and reduce region size and reduce the number of qualifiers from each region or they just need to go ahead and split into two divisions. It's not fair that these large uneven regions cause some tournaments to be two days. With wrestling still holding on to the five match rule, no region should be more than eight teams.
  9. Coach Burton

    State team race if format changes

    With so many teams barely fielding teams this year, the KHSAA needs to award state spots based on number of teams/participants in the regional tournaments.
  10. Coach Burton

    State team race if format changes

    That would put a real financial strain on some schools that would have to travel and lodge on two different weekend.
  11. Coach Burton

    Events for 2020-2021

    Thomas Nelson is looking to host a couple teams for a tri on February 6th. Email Coach Josh Burton at if you're interested.
  12. Coach Burton

    Coach Upchurch (Wayne co) closes in on 1000 wins

    Going to be some big shoes to fill when he eventually retires. Coach Upchurch is one of the last of that era of coaches that many of us grew up learning from and competing against.
  13. Coach Burton

    Head wrestling coaching jobs

    Casey was a tough dude. Had some battles with him back in the day. Hope he gets the program back to where it used to be either coaching himself or getting some good people in there.
  14. Coach Burton

    Scheduling clarification

    When the KHSAA says no more than three contests a week are they talking about three weigh ins or three actual matches?
  15. I made this map because my team is not going to be able to travel really far this season and it helps to be able to see where we will be able to go before making commitments.