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  1. Coach Burton

    Semi state

    96 was the first year in Frankfort, and that venue was awesome. But we are in a bit of a tight spot right now. We outgrew the Frankfort Civic Center but aren't really big enough for most centralized venues in Kentucky. Let's be honest, the Horse Park was an awful venue. I disliked it as a coach and a spectator. We are stuck in a high school right now due to the size of our sport and the fact that the KHSAA is broke. I don't think that it has to be a long-term situation, even though the KHSAA makes it seem that way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the KHSAA, but I understand the position that they are in. Cancelling the Sweet-Sixteen last year really did a number on their finances. Maybe, during this time, we can grow enough to justify using some of the arenas we are too small to fill right now.
  2. Coach Burton

    Semi state

    Were Paducah and Pikeville not available?
  3. Coach Burton

    Need teams for dual tournament on 01/29

    Thomas Nelson Ft Knox Ft Campbell Desales Bethlehem
  4. That just 5 matches a meet over 4 weekends, not that many.
  5. Thomas Nelson is hosting an 8-team dual tournament on 01/29 and we are looking for teams. Trophies to the top 3 teams plus OW. Entry fee is $150. if interested, contact Coach Burton at
  6. Coach Burton

    Most surprising so far?

    Sherrill beat #2 Hill twice in two days, convincingly .
  7. Coach Burton

    Starting a middle school team

    How would someone set up a middle school wrestling team. I know they are technically club teams, but how do you register them to compete in regions and state.
  8. Coach Burton

    Looking for teams 01/29

    Thomas Nelson is hosting an 8 team dual tournament on 01/29. We are looking for some young/newer teams looking to get some experience. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and OW. $150 entry fee. If you are interested contact me at
  9. Coach Burton

    Section alignment

    Bethlehem, will have a team. They may only have a handful of guys, but they will be competing. Their coach's name is Kelly Harrison.
  10. Tyler Votaw at 220 has transferred to Thomas Nelson.
  11. Thomas Nelson can come 12/4 if you still have the spot
  12. Thomas Nelson High School, in Bardstown, is looking for an assistant coach. A stipend is available. If interested, contact Coach Burton at
  13. Coach Burton

    New Weight Classes

    We used to have 1 v 1 duals at Woodford back in the 90s. I miss single dual nights, especially when it was a good match up.
  14. Coach Burton

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    I am not a fan of the KHSAA and the attention they give to wrestling, but I do understand the change. The format for the post season is basically the old format of district, region, state. The problem is the desire of the KHSAA to wait another year to realign the regions, when it was supposed to have been done before last year. With their finances low, I understand not being able to get facilities. There aren't a lot that suit the size of our sport right now. It's a problem we have to live with, but the KHSAA makes things more complicated than they should be because we are not a priority. Semi-state does not take care of all of the problems. The regions need to be split back into districts, and the post season needs to be 4 weeks long: districts, regions, semi-state, state. 16 districts, top 4 advance to regions, 8 regions (8 man bracket) top 4 advance to semi-state, 2 semi states (16 man bracket) top 8 advance to state to make a 16 man bracket. As far as girls wrestling goes, it is absolutely the future of our sport. The sanctioning of girls wrestling by the KHSAA will grow boys wrestling. Schools are more likely to add wrestling because it is sanctioned for both boys and girls. Teams that have never had wrestling before will start teams and our numbers will multiply. Also, a combined boys and girls state tournament would be large enough to move into better, bigger venues.
  15. Coach Burton

    WKY Semi State Rankings (Region 1/2) - Updated

    If the five match rule is changed to six then it could just be ran as a normal double elimination tournament