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  1. LexWrestling

    KWOA SPRING CLASSIC- 03/09/2019

    Registration is back open for anyone who has not registered yet. Thanks Garrett!
  2. LexWrestling

    KWOA SPRING CLASSIC- 03/09/2019

    Just tried to register and the registration is closed.
  3. LexWrestling

    State finals location

    The very first KY State Duels was held in Memorial Coliseum in 89-90 and it was incredible. While it would be the perfect location I don't believe that it would be feasible now because of Women's Basketball, Gymnastics and even Cheer to get 2.5 days on a weekend.
  4. LexWrestling

    State finals location

    I would guess the cost of the tickets impact attendance more than the $5 parking. $20 per day or $35 for the 2 day pass, I get they gotta charge something but that just seems a little steep. Don't recall the cost in years past but this seemed pretty high. Atherton was hot, loud, crowded and pretty cool! Not saying go back to a high school though, our kids deserve more in comparison to what they do for the other sports.
  5. LexWrestling

    State finals location

    Broadbent Arena is a horrible filthy mess. If you think the dirt at the Horse Park is bad, try the seats and everything else at Broadbent. Factor in virtually no consessions, less seats than Alltech and the fact you are not allowed to leave once you park and this would be a very bad choice. Broadbent is OK for MS but Not good enough for HS.
  6. LexWrestling

    Ohio TOC- April 21st

    Lauren Walton - 5th
  7. Congratulations to Lauren Walton of Carr Wrestling Academy on bringing home her second national championship this weekend. Way to represent! https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/March/25/Seven-repeat-as-USMC-Girls-Folkstyle-Nationals-champions-in-youth-division
  8. LexWrestling

    Team Kentucky Youth

    With out of state wrestlers competing in the tournament that will likely impact placements. How is this going to be accounted for?
  9. LexWrestling

    Youth Region 4- Jan 22nd @LCA

    Thanks. Looking forward to a great tournament.
  10. LexWrestling

    Youth Region 4- Jan 22nd @LCA

    I'm hoping "16 Wrestler Brackets" is a typo. We don't have enough kids in the region for 16 man brackets for youth, its not feasible and will be difficult for you to manage.