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  1. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    Im not against the shift of seasons so much as the fact that no venue contract was in place or at least pending when making the shift an option.
  2. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    Wait they moved the tournament dates before securing a contract with the venue?
  3. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    I would just caution those in charge in dealing with Murray State, that they know what they are getting into. Twice we used Murray State for football and twice it was absolute hell to deal with them.
  4. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    Going to Broadbent/Freedom hall may be a challenge unless they change the HS Schedule, as of now its booked that some weekend every year. Plus you have 2 other big events in Louisville that weekend. Im all for Freedom hall btw. I had heard BB&T arena in NKY put in a bid as well.
  5. plantmanky1


    my point is still valid though, there are more teams wrestling than officials at current. Or its very close.
  6. plantmanky1


    Thats not 2, not a controlled takedown.
  7. plantmanky1


    Going to have to be more specific on which one of the 3 matches we are supposed to be looking at.
  8. plantmanky1


    A coaches scratch list wont work in KY currently, there are not enough officials to start with. You allow coaches to scratch, you want have any for the state tournament. Having asst refs at Quarterfinals is a good start but why start there, halfway through the tournament, if you going to do that, do it from match 1 of the state tournament. However I guess the downside of that is if coaches are not happy with the refs at the tournament now, adding more that they wont be happy with doesnt do much. Video replay is never a good idea at the High School or below level.
  9. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    This was the last year of the current contract.
  10. plantmanky1

    2019 state tournament firsts

    You couldnt have moved back if it was still there anyways. After they had to become ADA compliant you could only get two mats on the floor.
  11. plantmanky1

    State brackets

    If you have seeding, then you will have the records entered. As it is now, no penalty is enforced if you dont enter them. That is on the KHSAA and the Coaches Association.
  12. plantmanky1

    Random draw

    Cant believe it is still random draw, silly.
  13. plantmanky1

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    It is that simple with 16 wrestler brackets, but you now have 20 wrestler brackets so that logic is now out of sync.
  14. plantmanky1

    Missed school extra pound?

    Good chance NKY Schools dont have school Friday either, that would be 3 days off before state.
  15. plantmanky1

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    I get the rat tails, but region opponents still should not meet in the rat tail regardless. It should only happen if it is an alternate fill in from your same region for a spot from a different region.