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  1. plantmanky1

    2019-2020 Rankings Coming Soon?

    Im thinking someone has to step up and do them first.
  2. plantmanky1

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    Unfortunately this is what happens when there is minimal involvement from programs.
  3. plantmanky1

    State Finals Video

    Hey Ranger there may be a loophole here to get around the KHSAA. If the video group works a contract directly with the arena, KHSAA can do anything about it. Im trying to find anything in our old contracts about that but so far nothing either way at this point. Might be something for the Coaches Association to look into.
  4. plantmanky1

    State Finals Video

    The more and more I have to deal with them in other sports, the more I am starting to realize they dont care much about anything other than collecting their checks and retirement. Considering all the things they dont do for the non revenue sports, and all the things they let teams/schools get away with doing that are against the bylaws it is what it is. Only have our principals and AD's to blame, they are the ones that approve the people that work in those positions.
  5. plantmanky1

    State Finals Video

    EAST I was going to post that it needs to start with the Wrestling Advisory Committee and those who are on the committee being the voice. Then I noticed that KHSAA must have done away with said committee as it is no longer listed on KHSAA.
  6. plantmanky1

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    They havent followed the 5 match rule for almost a decade GOO, get out from under your rock, lol. MS is lined up with USA wrestling, and therefore does not have a match limit.
  7. plantmanky1

    Spring Meeting Minutes Clarification

    To be fair, you would have to know when those meetings are in order to attend.
  8. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    Board of Control meets May 7th and May 8th, I would think then or at least a narrowed down list of venues.
  9. plantmanky1

    2019 Ranger Report

    KHSAA must have finally got a hold of him and locked him in the dungeon.
  10. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    In theory that sounds easy to do, but in practicum its not. For the size facilities you are talking, getting all those facilities to keep those dates open just once every 3-4 years is tough. Signing a 3 year date is a lot easier. A bird told me that the Horse Park gave KHSAA till the end of April to resign a new contract.
  11. plantmanky1

    2020 MS State Tournament

    Here is what I could find. Voted to move 2019-2020 season dates at Fall 2017 Coaches Meeting with dates to be voted upon during Spring 2018 Coaches Meeting (passed 20-6). Proposed: Joe Carr Jr. Proposals: Option 1: No change to season Option 2: Change: Option 2a: Region held the week before HS Region (State 4th weekend of February; Region 1st week of Feb, HS Region, HS State, MS State) Option 2b: Post-season begins weekend after HS State (Region 4th week, then March state) Commentary from attendees: In Favor:  Allow athletes playing football to finish season  Align with IN and OH season, providing opportunity for some for additional competition  Officials availability  Less time gap between season end and national events Against:  Additional competition for gym time with other sports (baseball, softball beginning after HS State for some schools)  Athletes splitting time with other sports starting up (basketball, baseball)  Not aligning with HS season Motion to vote: Holmes / Walton Verona seconded Voting Results: Option 1: No change to season - Change 13, no change 12 Option 2: Change: Option 2a: 6 Option 2b: 19 The 2019-2020 Post Season will begin the weekend after HS State (Region 4th weekend of February, State in March). No change to first organized practice or competition dates – align with HS dates.
  12. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    The $2500.00 per day charge to access the horse park internet probably has something to do with that.
  13. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    It would, the downside would be parking, as Classes would be in session for Friday, as well as easier access to the floor by parents, just have to police that.
  14. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    That and venue sites making sure they dont sign contracts with other groups.
  15. plantmanky1

    State finals location

    You couldnt be more wrong than you are right now, specifically as it refers to the topic at hand.