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  1. Word on the football forums is that JT Adams is no longer at Christian but has transferred to PT??
  2. wrestleref

    Bellarmine Coaching Change

    I’m not sure why (Spencer) Adams left but I’m 99% sure (Gary) Canter left for health reasons.
  3. wrestleref

    hypothetical question?

    Technically I believe so. One example of this happening I can think of was Jason Detre from LaRue his senior year. Blew out his elbow first match if the year and had to default. Came back at State Duels and ran off 18 straight wins en-route to his 2nd State Title. His official record that year was 18-1.
  4. wrestleref

    JV State

    Are we holding a state tournament for JV this season?
  5. wrestleref

    Wrestling season being pushed back?

    I see it happening...my connection with college officiating got an email this morning that he shared with my family and I. The college wrestling officials have been told by a "higher up" (my source didn't say who exactly) that they are looking at possibly starting College Wrestling in January with little to no pre-season. If there is another outbreak of this virus...they also mentioned canceling wrestling season all together at the college level. While I REALLY hope it is just a rumor there is now a possibility apparently.
  6. wrestleref

    Looking for Tournaments

    North Hardin is in the process of reviving our middle school team. We are still in need of events on the following dates: 12/7 12/14 1/11 Our team will primarily be young/first year wrestlers from the looks of it, but may have a couple of experienced wrestlers. If you have openings please email me at nate.paden@hardin.kyschools.us. THANKS! ~Coach Paden
  7. wrestleref

    John Hardin Veterans Memorial MS Tournament/Spots open

    Actually that IS the truth. NFHS (High School) rules are 45 minutes...Kentucky voted to to middle school at 30 minutes since periods are shorter. Tennessee it's 45 minutes.