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  1. Nkawtg

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    4th year of college wrestling and he can’t place at the Lindenwood Open!? Ygtbsm!!
  2. Nkawtg

    Olympic team

    The most intriguing scenario to me is that of what J’Den Cox faces. He’s an absolute stud and world champ...at a non-Olympic weight. Does he drop and face Taylor? I think the cons outweigh the pros if he drops. Taylor is big and strong and talented. I think Cox should go up and maximize his strengths against Snyder. I bet he goes up and Cox vs Snyder for the Olympic spot will be epic.
  3. Nkawtg

    Missouri Austin Myers

    Ah just shut up already. He isn’t even the best kid from his high school team. He isn’t even the best Hwt from Kentucky in college right now. He hasn’t done anything of note in college and didn't even wrestle the Illinois dual. He may yet raise his game and accomplish something but it has been a huge disappointment thus far in college.
  4. Nkawtg

    Missouri Austin Myers

    It doesn't look like he's even in the lineup. Missouri does not like to lose duals. Looks like he is third string, which makes him the backup since Elam is evidently redshirting.
  5. Nkawtg

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    Reschedule it for a place that isn’t so far removed from 95% of the participants who won’t go to Pikeville. Cincy is a better option. Indianapolis is a better option. This is a very bad thing for the sport in Kentucky and everyone knows it.
  6. Nkawtg

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    Pikeville is closer to Charleston, SC than it is a third of the state of Ky.
  7. Nkawtg

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    That’s absurd. Of course if you don’t book an arena before hand it probably won’t be available. To say the only option is in a far away town in the edge of the most remote part of the state is just making excuses. People screw up. No big deal. Just own it.
  8. Nkawtg

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    Holy moly. I just googled Pikeville and then mapped it. Talk about remote! Unbelievable. Why not have the tourney, you know, where 90% of the participants actually live? That’s Louisville, NKY, and Lexington. Tons of facilities available inside of that triangle. What a sad thing for the sport.
  9. Nkawtg

    Uh oh. Bellarmine goes NCAA DI

    I received the same confirmation today. Would love to see them wrestle The Citadel in the Southern Conference!
  10. Nkawtg

    Uh oh. Bellarmine goes NCAA DI

  11. In a conference without wrestling. What does this mean for its wrestling team?
  12. Nkawtg


    If ATM is so excellent and truly the best ever from Ky, then why the below average performances in college?
  13. Wheeling Jesuit had 6 All Americans and 2 national champs. A returning national champ finished 4th this year so they had 3 national champs on their roster. School is is in dire financial crisis and is rumored to be mauling a shut down. Similar situation as to St Catherine College a few years ago. This isn’t a Title IX issue. When colleges are adding sports be very cautious. Some are doing it in a last ditch effort to raise revenues. Sad situation at Wheeling Jesuit as they have a great program, superior coaching, and in a nice location to recruit Ohio and Penssylvania.
  14. Nkawtg

    Brandon Reed, CHAMP

    Best Ky 220/Hwt ever and the best Ky college wrestler competing right now. I think he’s a legit top 10-15 in NCAA DI now. No telling how high he could get in the right program. LW staff is superb in getting him to his current level, but a top tier program could take him further.
  15. Nkawtg

    KY AA history and the future of Ky wrestling.

    Boston is probably the most heralded recruit to ever come out of Kentucky. I thought he would have had a great shot but he’s had some hiccups with coaches leaving, transferring from ISU, etc. John Fahy was also a great looking prospect. It just proves how incredibly difficult NCAA wrestling is at the Div I level.