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  1. Wheeling Jesuit had 6 All Americans and 2 national champs. A returning national champ finished 4th this year so they had 3 national champs on their roster. School is is in dire financial crisis and is rumored to be mauling a shut down. Similar situation as to St Catherine College a few years ago. This isn’t a Title IX issue. When colleges are adding sports be very cautious. Some are doing it in a last ditch effort to raise revenues. Sad situation at Wheeling Jesuit as they have a great program, superior coaching, and in a nice location to recruit Ohio and Penssylvania.
  2. Nkawtg

    Brandon Reed, CHAMP

    Best Ky 220/Hwt ever and the best Ky college wrestler competing right now. I think he’s a legit top 10-15 in NCAA DI now. No telling how high he could get in the right program. LW staff is superb in getting him to his current level, but a top tier program could take him further.
  3. Nkawtg

    KY AA history and the future of Ky wrestling.

    Boston is probably the most heralded recruit to ever come out of Kentucky. I thought he would have had a great shot but he’s had some hiccups with coaches leaving, transferring from ISU, etc. John Fahy was also a great looking prospect. It just proves how incredibly difficult NCAA wrestling is at the Div I level.
  4. Nkawtg

    Demetrius Thomas

    Is Reedlooking at transferring to a DIv I school? I’m sure he is getting noticed.
  5. Nkawtg

    Lindenwood Open

    LW has the top ranked HWT in NAIA. I’m thinking ATM would go to a NCAA division III school if he wants to compete.
  6. Nkawtg

    Lindenwood Open

    I don’t know, but Missouri’s starter just took third in Vegas at the Cliff Keen....and he’s a true freshman.
  7. Nkawtg

    Iowa vs Kent St/ Penn State vs Kent State

    Iowa is a distant third. Buckeyes are the defending Big Ten champs and have an outside shot at the national title. It’s a two horse race for the title though.
  8. Nkawtg

    Lindsay Wilson vs Kent State

    Brandon Reed is the best Hwt from Kentucky...ever.
  9. Nkawtg

    U23 this weekend

    (Clearing throat sound) Wasn’t there supposed to be another entrant from Ky at Akron?
  10. Nkawtg


    You probably think the girls at Hooters really like you, too.
  11. Nkawtg


    It’s an insult to Gable Steveson, Kyle Dake, and Dierenger to discuss them on this thread.
  12. Nkawtg


    He is a low placer on his best day. Beating Lee in HS was a fluke and it took a bad ACL for it to happen. Guy has future wife beater written all over him. If you can’t handle a wrestling match what happens when your boss gives you extra work at 4:55 pm on a Friday or denies your requests for something? Iowa guys have a low class program but they’ve only tried to hurt opponents under the rules. Brands would never put up with him. Desanto will be at Buffalo or one of the former PA powers like Clarion or Lock Haven.
  13. Great quote from his HS coach. Love seeing hard work pay off like this. Elder wrestling coach Jason Roush said of his first state champion as a coach: "He was bawling after the semifinal win, bawling there (tonight). That's because he pours his heart and soul into the sport. It's his life. He lives it. That emotion just comes out when you put that much into something and you care that much about it. That's what's so special about this sport."
  14. Nkawtg


    Mizzou’s next NCAA qualifier at heavyweight. https://www.missouriwrestling.com/zach-elam-college-announcement/
  15. Nkawtg

    Come on Kentucky

    I was looking back at some old rankings. Boise State was ranked as high as second in NCAA dI within the last decade. Now the program is far gone. I think the MAC is a perfect case study. And I mean the real MAC, the ones that play football. If wrestling can’t exist in the heartland of wrestling at places like Toledo, Miami, Ball State, Akron, and now Eastern Michigan we are in serious trouble. It’s a sad day for wrestling.