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  1. Yes, we were discussing. Did you vote in Jason’s poll? You should.
  2. I think the greater point was that the top program in the state doesn’t participate. The fact this event is in the middle of football season was a close second though. What is really interesting is Jason being so think skinned about a critique.
  3. Nkawtg

    You decide the fate of the world

    Oh, poor fella. Can’t take a critique?
  4. I won’t defend points I never made. Ignorant because I have a different opinion than yours? Fathom the possibility that you’re not as right about everything as you think you are. Go rank some 11 year olds.
  5. Nkawtg

    Barnesville Ohio Tournament (Dec. 16-17)

    This is a great tournament and always has been. It doesn’t have the big school Ohio powers but has many D II and D III state placers. My alma mater used to win this every year! Go Claymont Mustangs!!
  6. I think you, and people like you, who push and push to make Kentucky wrestling a year round endeavor are hurting the sport in general. Your sons seem to have excelled and done well in the sport. Good for you and them. Maybe they didn’t play other sports? Maybe they didn’t like football? I don’t know. But doing this All Star event in Oct just takes away from the wrestlers who do other fall sports. Your attitude towards anyone questioning anything you do just reveals your “little man syndrome.” I love the sport. My kids are in college and med school so I have no skin in the game. Play the victim all you want.
  7. So now I’m a “pain in the backside”!? All for asking why you conduct an “All Star” match in the middle of football season in a relatively small state? An “All Star” match without including (for whatever reason) the top program in the state with many of the top kids!? It’s criticism. Not sure why you think you should be immune from it.
  8. Nah. It’s still a free country. I’m just asking simple questions. What’s the beef Jason has with Union County and why have this match in the middle of football season?
  9. Flo is national. That’s a bit different. Kentucky is a smaller state with probably a few dozen full teams. To do this event knowing the best program in the state won’t participate is odd. As you know numbers statewide are still kind of low. I’m just asking why don’t you put this on a month later when football winds down? And why so thin skinned about it? I have to put on an event to ask questions and/or criticize your timeline? What’s the beef you have with Union County? Why do you think they don’t participate?
  10. Kind of silly to say you’re trying to put #1 versus #2 when Union Co isn’t involved isn’t it? Why have this literally in the middle of football season?
  11. Nkawtg

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    That’s simply nonsense. The population center is more than “a bit further north” than Taylor county. I get it. Things happen. People just want to do what they love. Too many “state” tournaments are held far from Louisville though, which is the population center of the state.
  12. Nkawtg

    KY/USA Freestyle and Greco States

    Uh, maybe because Taylor County HS is a 320 mile round trip from Northern Kentucky? Why have a tournament on an early Saturday morning so far away from the state’s population centers?
  13. Nkawtg

    Bellarmine Coaching Change

    https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/24750 DI coaching experience. Never heard of the guy, but he has a very strong background.
  14. Nkawtg

    New faces

    For anyone wondering. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_County,_Kentucky?wprov=sfti1 https://maps.apple.com/?ll=37.800000,-82.520000&q=Martin%20County,%20Kentucky&_ext=EiQpZuY9ZmbmQkAxSKH/rUehVMA5ZuY9ZmbmQkBBSKH/rUehVMA%3D
  15. Nkawtg

    Wrestling season being pushed back?

    A lot can and will change. I do not foresee a traditional high school wrestling season though. The risks are too high. Best case is an after Christmas start, which is a good thing for the health of the sport in Ky anyway.