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  1. WWJD… You’re doing well Ranger! Prov. 18:16
  2. Thanks for the reply. It’s been my experience that you can, with very few exceptions, take your rankings to the bank, and your work is appreciated. I’m sure there’s no replacing the podium, but a year’s end ranking could mean something. But again, this was an unusual situation. Thanks again.
  3. It was unfortunate what transpired with Hunter Pogue this past weekend, whether warranted or not is for another blog. This young man worked very hard to rise to sixth in the rankings, I can’t imagine him dropping completely out.
  4. ClamChowder

    Khsaa is horrible

    As I followed Trackwrestling yesterday, I immediately noticed he wasn’t listed on the roster. This was/is the sixth ranked wrestler at his weight, and I felt bad for the senior, thinking maybe an injury or illness kept him out…. Changing this post to not put any ideas out!
  5. Right up there with the last post, just for future reference, UC’s Cummings at 285 is a freshman. Thanks
  6. ClamChowder

    State Duals

    Obviously thought provoking arguments for 3,2, or even 1 championship have been made, but I’d suggest going to Paducah Tilghman wrestling Facebook page to see the last few seconds of the match, along with their celebration, to see what it means to be a champion.
  7. ClamChowder

    State Duals

    The posted results were just in the interest of this chain. You could be right, but when 6 top 10 teams face off, I would think they would bring it. It should be a good tournament.
  8. ClamChowder

    State Duals

    Great Crossing 42 Paducah Tilghman 24 Union County 41 Paducah Tilghman 35 Union County 55 Great Crossing 18
  9. ClamChowder

    State Duals

    Shamrock Slam the last weekend was pretty close.
  10. ClamChowder

    State Duals!!

    Late to this party, but you’re right Ranger, let’s just have fun with it. I don’t think it would matter to Union if they were seeded 12th, just wrestle.
  11. ClamChowder

    2023 Shamrock Slam followed by BU vs. Queens

    Where can all the team results be found?
  12. Is Hunter Jenkins wrestling this weekend?
  13. Thanks, Ranger. I found your rankings about 15 years ago when my high school (even though I had long since graduated) got on a roll. I really appreciate the time you take doing this, it is such a service to wrestling fans in KY.