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  1. Terry

    Confused how rankings work.

    It does, thank you FalconWrestling.
  2. Terry

    Confused how rankings work.

    I see how the mistake was made now. Logan Henry is ranked 14th at 120 , my son is 126 , Logan must have moved up in weight.
  3. Terry

    Confused how rankings work.

    You are right I apologize meant no disrespect to the young man. His coach told us he just beat the 14th ranked kid.
  4. Terry

    Confused how rankings work.

    Give me a second and I'll pull up his schedule. I think it was 12/7 at Fern creek. But let me make sure.
  5. Hello Ranger123, I posted a topic about rankings, if you get a chance could you read it. My son is Noah Greenwell, he is a  sophomore at Fairdale HS. He is having a great season a would hope you would consider him when your new rankings come in. Love your site and the sport. Thanks Terry Greenwell 

  6. Terry

    Confused how rankings work.

    Ok, thank you. He's only wrestled for two years but very talented young man. I know it's not about rankings but think it can be a great motivator. Thanks again.
  7. Terry

    Confused how rankings work.

    Any response would be greatly appreciated
  8. Could someone explain who does and how the rankings work. Noah Greenwell sophomore at Fairdale 9-5 finished 5th in the Bob Guy tournament finish 5th in the Jefferson county invitational and beat Nicholas Curtis who at the time was ranked 14th , then Lampe ( ranked 6th )at the same meet forfeits his match against Greenwell .When the new rankings come out on the 3rd of January Nicholas moves up 3 spots to #11 and no mention of Greenwell in the top 25. His five loses all come by guys with winning records and In the Jefferson county invitational he lost to # 19 Calloway in the final four which if he would have won he would have wrestled Cook of St. X for first place. Is it the coaches responsibility to update the person responsible for the rankings ? Confused Dad. Thanks ahead of time for any explanation. New to this but already in love. What a great sport !