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  1. Thanks. And I just talked to Coach Runyon to ask him and he did tell me that Ethan is on the roster. So hopefully it's been sent up. I'd hate for Ethan to lose his ranking over something like this after he's worked so hard on getting it. I think he's more proud of that #11 wrestling ranking than he is with the football championship. We all have fell in love with this sport.
  2. Glad your waiting until after January 1st to take names out of the rankings. Ethan Wolford just finished up his football season here at Belfry and was given a week off before having to report to the mat. He starts practice Monday and will compete in the Bobby Bates Tournament next weekend in the 285 class. Just wanted to let you know in case you saw no activity from him this weekend at the Johnson Central meet. And thanks for all the work Ranger does for these kids.
  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Makes sense to me now. I could see where wrestling rankings could get a whole lot more complicated and fluxiate more that a team sport like football. With a wrestlers weight going up and down if he's on the line of two different weight classes and he's a top wrestlers it could totally change the rankings of those two classes.
  4. Got a question, an honest question because I don't know and I'm still learning this wrestling thing. Why did the rankings change from the previous one when no wrestling took place in between? I'll use my son for example, he was ranked 10th the previous poll now he's 12th in the 285 class. And I'm not being one of those dads who thinks his son should be higher either. We are happy and extremely grateful that's he's even on the list. Like I said, I'm just trying to figure out/learn the process. My boy didnt start wrestling until high school and wrestling is something he and I have fell in love with. Thanks ahead for any kind of knowledge you guys give us.
  5. Thank you Sir, I appreciate that. Yeah, I'd love to start talking some wrestling. My problem is I know very little about other schools outside of Region 8, and I dont know a whole lot about that one. But I'd love to learn. I know Johnsin Central has an excellent program and I'm pretty sure Union is pretty damn good. I wish I'd started my boy wrestling when he was in diapers. One of the most unappreciated sports there is. People kept saying dont let him wrestle, it's boring. Well, it had the opposite effect on me. I love it! And when he went to state last year it was awesome seeing all that great competition.
  6. Man, I wish there was a wrestling thread that was as active as bluegrass rivals is for football. Ever since my son started wrestling for Belfry his freshman year it has been a sport I could talk about and watch everyday. Do any of you guys know if there is such a forum? I sure hope so. I'm on bluegrass rivals 9-10 times a day but it's about Belfry football stuff. I want to talk about wrestling. I know there's a thread on there for other sports but no one hardly ever talks about wrestling. I can't wait for wrestling to start back up to see if my son can make a run at being named All State, or possibly win a championship his senior year. He's ranked #10 in the 285lb preseason rankings. If he does, he'll be the first athlete ever at Belfry High School to be All State in football and wrestling. We've never had a champion. Anyway, good luck to all our young wrestlers this year and hope they all have a success, injury free season!
  7. #55PirateFan

    Football playing wrestlers

    Ethan Wolford from Belfry. He is the starting center the last 3 years and an All Stater. He is a senior and is ranked #10 in heavyweight preseason wrestling rankings.
  8. I found it. Thanks my friend for all the help. I just saw where the State brackets were just released as well. Good luck to all you guys next weekend.
  9. Do you have a link where I can go and see the records of wrestlers that your seeing?
  10. My mistake. I wasnt there. Just got my information from a bad source I guess. Thanks.
  11. I'm pretty sure they do. Beefstew is seeing it so it must correct. Maybe I'm not going to the right site. Again, this has nothing to do with rankings. It's just about getting his record correct. The football coaches recruiting him ask about his record and I dont want them to look and see something different than what I'm telling them. I dont think he'll rank at all this year, I do however think he has a pretty good shot next year at winning our district. We'll see. But he's no Byron Pierce that's for sure! Thanks for getting back at me.
  12. Just want it fixed. Dont care about the ranking. Ethan isnt going anywhere in wrestling, IMO, but having his record in wrestling correct will help his football recruiting. And he pinned Pruitt then Pruitt beat him by a score of 1-0 for the 3-4 spot. Pruitt didnt pin him. But thanks for the help. If his recorded is showing 38-9, that's close enough. I'm just seeing 12-5 for some reason.
  13. Can someone please help me out? My son is a junior and wrestles for Belfry in the Heavyweight class. He is 33-9 on the year but it's only showing him 12-5 on the year. I've talked to the coaches to fix this. They said they did but I cant see where it changed. Could someone look and tell me what they see as his record? I'd really appreciate it. He also just wrestled in regions today at Johnson Central and qualified for state. He pinned the kid from Pikeville, the #2 seed in the region, in the 3rd round. I'd appreciate any help from anyone on getting this fixed. Thanks.
  14. Yes, he lost to Noah Blankenship at the Bobby Bates tournament. He went 7-2 there.
  15. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Ethan wrestled Byron Pierce from Johnson Central and came up short in the 3rd round and he's beat the kid from Pikeville that's ranked 9th I think. So the problem is the coaches are not putting in the data for these kids and you guys have no way of knowing who they are or if their any good or not. And you guys are seeing his record for this year as 9-3 instead of 20-5, correct? Don't mean to ask so many questions just trying to get some of these kids noticed at Belfry if they deserve it. I really do appreciate all your responses though.