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  1. Melissao6969

    Best Clubs for Wrestling Youth?

    Carr Wrestling Acadamy is top of the line when it comes to youth through high school. Located in Lexington KY. I would have to say Coach Carr Sr is the best technician in all of wrestling!!! They have a website look them up if your serious about your wrestler being a CHAMPION!!
  2. Thank you for all the hard work time and effort you put into these for us! But I must say I’m not very impressed with this rankings today!!! Just from a glance I see a lot that does not add up, just my opinion
  3. Melissao6969

    Fargo - rant #2 - the bad

    I'm sorry, I meant to say his career in freestyle for the future. After and during college. This kid is not gonna quit wrestling freestyle he says it's much more exciting and more of a challenge for him. All I was trying to say is I wish more KY coaches would get involved with the kids who want to prosper in this style of wrestling. The coaches we have in KY that are involved are great like The Mustang Coach and Coach Carr but they are not close to out part of the state or he would definitely be working with one of them on a regular basis. In our town wrestling stops after the regular season we have to travel 5 days a week for training which I don't mind but that still does not give him someone by his side on the mat. I have seen how dedicated the few Freestyle coaches we have are, I just wish there were more!!!
  4. Melissao6969

    Fargo - rant #1 - the good

  5. Melissao6969

    Fargo - rant #2 - the bad

    Exactly!!! It's very hard to find Freestyle coaches here in KY in the off season. My son wants to wrestle all year long, we traveled the counrty this off season wrestling all over, my son always wrestled at these tournaments with out a coach, he went out and did what he loved. He has a private coach who is great, but when he wrestled in our Ky Freestyle State tournament and the USA Wrestling Regionals in Kalamazoo Michigan he was coachless. I just could not believe that KY does not have Coaches interested in coaching these kids in Freestyle!!! If our kids are going to be wrestling Freestyle in College, I would think that they would be learning it in HS. I was very proud of my son to get out on the mat at all these tournaments and wrestle without a coach in his corner, but at the same time it angered me that KY shows no support to these kids who want to better their wrestling skills for a future in college wrestling.
  6. I wanted to know what schools or teams have wrestlers attending this tournament this weekend?
  7. Melissao6969

    Nhsca nationals in Virginia Beach

    Can't forget to mention our Woodford Middle School Wrestlers, Tony Ornelas made All American and 8th in his division of 154