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What is going on with Moore? They had quite a few guys place in middle school state and 3 ranked guys this year. Is this team going to do anything? What has happened to these middle schoolers they had?

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i was just thinking the same thing?? where did they come from?? does anyone know if they have a full team this year?? and has anyone wrestled there 125 or 130 Crayton McCain or Steve Willbanks, who are both ranked?? i am glad they are putting some people in the rankings really.  i live in moores school district and they never get much recognition, so i would be happy to see them perform well in wrestling this year.

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I'm not sure what you are getting at regarding Moore?  The middle school state placers from the last couple seasons are Tommy Warren (at Fern Creek), Willbanks (finished 3rd to Slone and Ohlman, ranked at 125), Alex Griego (not sure how he fits in the lineup), and Jonathan Becerra (maybe at 103).  Placing at MS state doesn't immediately put you in line for placing at the HS level.  Especially if you hit a growth spurt.  I'm sure Coach Thomas will continue to develop those kids and you will see Moore improving in the coming years.  It looks and sounds like the school is giving him a lot of support.  Hopefully the kids and parents will do the same.

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i was just curious if anyone knew what they were doing to get better beucause we used to wrestle them and they werent very good.  i was also asking because i am returning at 125 or 130 this year and i was wonderin if anybody has wrestled the two guys from moore that were ranked. i mean i really wasnt getting at anything i was just curious about how my home school was getting better in wrestling i guess??


PD  Tyler Voth  12

Wood Co  Coty Lewis  11

Un Co  Isaac Ervin  10

Sen  Dan Fuller  12

Way Co  Coty Vinsant  11

Con  Rashad Brown  12

HC  Matt Zarth  10

Lar Co  Darwin Perez  12

SC  Matt Slone  9

Tri  Grant Ohlman  9

Moore  Steve Willbanks  9

Laf  Nathan Speck

Per Co Cen  Charles Turner  12

Bal  Kendrick Jones  12

Scott  Ethan Miller  12


Old Co  Ben Warner  12

NH  Matt Eck  12

JC  Jordan Freeman  10

JH  Justin Pitcher  11

FC  Derek Branch  11

Lar Co  Lucas Carmen  11

Un Co  Jake Wempe  11

Cam Co  Korey Shotwell  9

Nel Co  Forest Rehrig  12

Cald Co  Sam Mitchell  10

Moore  Crayton McCain  12

Fair  Mike Seeders  12

Bull Cen  Chris Pearson  12

Laf  Ryan Traylor  12

SK  Zach McGuffey  12

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I would give a lot of credit to Coach Thomas and to the kids that are sticking with it.  I know he has lost a couple talented kids because of attitude and other things, but the kids that are gutting it out are getting better.

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Those kids at Moore should thank their lucky stars that they have coach Thomas.  He lives and breathes Moore wrestling.  His has fought an up hill battle for five years trying to build that program.  If it wasn't for him, I Doubt that Moore would even have a team.

Great job Coach Thomas

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these are all the guys that have placed is middle school state for moore in the last few years. some of them are ranked now but where are the rest?

Blake Kraft 2nd

Matt McGaren 2nd, then state champ

Ethan Dunn 4th

Steven Willbanks 5th

Tommy Warren 3rd

Steven Willbanks 3rd

Alex Griego 4th

Jon Becerra 5th

All these kids should still be in school. thats quite a few placers. I suppose the last 3 are freshmen this year? isn't Warren at FC? blake Kraft is at eastern. where are the other 2 kids? Dunn and Mcgaren.

thats 5 state placers not counting warren and Kraft. moore should be up there or getting ready to break

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