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  1. stand-up

    North Oldham Loses Three Middle School State Champs

    I regress, I did mention Coach Brown by name. Mentioning his continued success in relationship to middle school state champs on his roster. Some may see this as a jab or cheap shot, but who can argue that Coach Brown has had more middle school state champs on his roster over the past 5 - 6 years, than any other coach in the state. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.
  2. stand-up

    North Oldham Loses Three Middle School State Champs

    If my comments were taken as a personal attack on Coach Brown, I publicly apologize. Actually I never mentioned his name. What I stated was that over the years I have seen many Trinity wrestlers tapping out in order to avoid being pinned. This statement was not an accusation but rather an observation, which was confirmed by Mark Hitchins. What I was trying to convey was that in my dealings with Coach Kraezig, I have developed a great respect for him and the manner in which he runs his program. On the other hand, I have had less successful interactions when dealing with Coach Brown and have questioned some of the on the mat actions of the young men wresting for him. Therefore on a personal level, I would have liked to have seen all three of these young men choose St. X. All that being said I have great respect for many of the fine athletes who have wrestled for trinity over the last few years. Most of all being John Fahy. John, while wrestling every match under the spotlight, carried himself with as much class and dignity as any young man I've ever seen. Additionally, I never stated that the choice to leave North to persue a catholic education was in any way wrong or not in their best interest. Am I disappointed, yes! Do I believe that this hurts North Oldham and their ability to built a more successful program, yes! If you disagree, take a look at the depths which Fern Creek has dropped since the departures happened there many years ago. Was it the best decision those young men, yes. Is it the best decision for these young men, also yes. However, I do believe that it's bad for the two public schools involved, and I also believe it's bad for wrestling. Once again I wish Hutson, Keagan and AJ the best of luck and very bright futures. Chris Shofner Let the slings and arrows begin.
  3. stand-up

    North Oldham Loses Three Middle School State Champs

    I don't be grudge their decision at all, we knew from the get go that these kids were going to migrate to Catholic HS's. I just hate seeing them go to Trinity. I'm not a Trinity fan for many reasons, their enticement of middle athletes being the least of them. The only thing I did like about Trinity was Mark Hitchins and now he's gone. Its gonna be difficult for me to root for these guys, whom Im very fond of, while their wearing a Trinity singlet. Yet, I will be pulling for them in every match they wrestle, except when they are heads up against North. All that being said, I am just a fan these days without a dog in the fight, as I have stepped away from coaching for a while.
  4. Unfortunately, North Oldham will lose three middle school state champs, Hudson Heidorf and Keagan Duncan are headed to Trinity - A.J. Binder will attend St. X. I'm sure Coach Brown will continue put a very competitive team on the mat, thanks to the outstanding wrestlers that continue to fall in his lap. Personally I would have liked to seen them chose St. X, learn the life lessons taught by Coach Kraeszig. Rather than learning to tap out when put on their backs. Either way, I wish all three of them very successful wrestling careers and thank them for their hard work while wrestling for North.
  5. stand-up

    Thanks Ranger

    Honestly, I don't think a decision a been made yet. I hope they say. If so, North will be a top five team in two years.
  6. stand-up

    Thanks Ranger

    Hey Ranger, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication to Kentucky wrestling. However, for the first time in our friendship, I'm gonna have to call you out for your lack of confidence in my North Oldham Mustangs. I was completely surprised where you picked my wrestlers and my team to finish at State. After picking us to have only one top 7 placer and finish 21st as a team, we came home with a 4th place, three 5th place and one 7th place medal, also finished 10th as a team. I realize that in the past North has had some major let downs at the state tournament but those days are over and North is on the move. Unfortunately, I will no long be at the helm of the North Oldham program. This years success has provided me the chance to walk away from Coaching with a huge smile on my face, it's time for me to move on to new adventures and challenges. I can't express enough how much I have enjoyed these many seasons of Coaching along with all relationships and friendships I've made during the past ten years. Mostly I'd like to thank all the fine young men who have bled, laughed and cried, but mostly laughed, with me as i did my best to Coach them. I wish you and everyone else the best of luck. Live Long And Prosper. Your Friend, Chris Shofner Go Mustangs!!!!!
  7. NOHS 59 Desales 24 NOHS 54 J-town B 12 NOHS 47 Iroquois 30 NOHS 54 J-town 30 Championship NoHS 44 North Hardin 36
  8. stand-up

    first week results

    North Oldham win Charger duals NOHS 59 Desales 24 NOHS 54 J-town B 12 NOHS 47 Iroquois 30 NOHS 54 J-town 30 Championship NOHS 44 North Hardin 36
  9. Sorry, my bad. North Oldham!!
  10. North - 36 St. X - 34 North - 43 Whayne Co. - 33
  11. stand-up

    2011 Mustang Classic Full Results

    Thanks for posting this for us Coach.
  12. stand-up


    Did any of you guys watch the 135 semi-finals last year. Thomas beat Honeycutt by a 1 point controversial stalling call at the end of regulation. My money is on Honeycutt.
  13. stand-up


    Awesome!! Good Luck Connor!!!
  14. stand-up

    Region 5 predictions

    Cole doesnt sweat Hinkle, he's avoiding Ervin. I still say Hinkle would get stuck if they wrestled again.
  15. stand-up

    Region 5 predictions

    Hinkle got lucky, Procter will stick him next time.