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  1. CradleKY

    3 All-State Brothers

    Parks brothers (Rusty 04 and Shane 06) at Woodford both state champs. Their cousins are Logsdons (Andrew 3rd in 99, Mack 5th in 09) and their nephew is Tucker Hurst (champ in 2014, 3x placer).
  2. CradleKY


    from the Paducah paper in December: Paducah Tilghman’s Caleb Mays signed to continue his wrestling career at the collegiate level with Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO, on Dec. 15 in a ceremony held at Tilghman. The Blue Tornado began his career in wrestling at the age of five years old with the Anna-Jonesboro Junior Wildcats. He continued to wrestle with USA Wrestling’s Future Olympians in the seventh grade. While at Anna-Jonesboro High School, Mays wrestled in his first three high school years in the 132 and 145-lb weight classes. “We are grateful to have a young man as motivated and driven as Caleb is to be a part of our program,” head coach Seth Livingston said. “He’s been here just a few months but has made an immediate impact. The commitment that he’s made to improving is unmatched. He was a sought-after recruit because college coaches saw in him the love of doing the work and the love of the sport. “I am confident that he will take that commitment with him into college and do well.” Report an ad He qualified for the Illinois High School Association state wrestling tournament during his sophomore and junior years at Anna-Jonesboro. Mays transferred to Paducah Tilghman as a senior and is currently wrestling with the Blue Tornado There is certainly nothing wrong with a kid changing schools to find a better opportunity to wrestle in big matches. did his dad Grover remain the coach at Anna Jonesboro? they had a good season too but probably wish they had their 145
  3. CradleKY


    why is he listed on the Anna Janesboro '22-23 roster? join PT team mid season? either way, congrats to PT.
  4. CradleKY

    Not looking forward to state.

    Reading through this I feel truly blessed that my era wrestled the 16 man, 2 day bracket at Frankfort Civic Center. It was the climax of state championship tourneys for our state. That building was electric for semis and finals. That should be the goal for event planning the tournament. How can we recreate that enviro and location?
  5. CradleKY

    Schools with Their First Qualifiers

    This year there are 104 teams represented at the state tournament. The most ever. This is so cool to me. So many new programs, girls wrestling on the verge of being sanctioned. Well done, KY Wrestling Community and coaches.
  6. CradleKY

    Union County wins Drennan (Father Ryan)

    I was looking over the tourney results. I think this is maybe the most impressive tournament win for any KY program outside of the state. They handled business and left a mark in TN.
  7. CradleKY

    State Tournament Hope

    sounds like that can maybe happen in 4 years
  8. CradleKY

    State Tournament Hope

    Feel pretty bad for this last few years of wrestlers that have to deal with this crap. 2023 needs to be a mission to get back to the best of KY wrestling. one state tournament in a nice venue with pageantry and celebration of the hard work it took to get there.
  9. CradleKY

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    News Flash: injuries happen in wrestling. its part of the sport. you don't get to say someone isn't worthy of a win bc they theoretically would've lost if a guy wasn't injured. Only one guy won. Congrats to him.
  10. CradleKY

    State first round?

    makes no sense to me.
  11. CradleKY

    Spencer Moore

    He just dominated. folks better look out before Moore finds himself in the rankings next month.
  12. his last public facebook post was him pickin up a stray dog off the road to find the owner.
  13. CradleKY

    Spencer Moore

    It was cool to be flippin channels the other night and see Spencer in a dual on Big10 network against Nebraska. He totally held his own against a 24 yr old ranked in the top 20. Looking forward to following his career.
  14. CradleKY

    Cumberlands Wrestling