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  1. CradleKY

    Sean Fausz

    pin in the consos!!! Still alive!
  2. CradleKY

    Conference Championships

    I highly doubt it. Didn't make the finals of a 1-bid weight class.
  3. CradleKY

    Conference Championships

    yeah Barton really turned it up the last few weeks. awesome he'll be at NCAAs along with Fausz. Couple KY guys to pull for in 2 weeks!!
  4. CradleKY

    Conference Championships

    Great weekend of wrestling ahead. SoCon released their seeds and Nathan Boston got the 2 seed at 141. Only one NCAA bid for that weight in SoCon. But Ben Barton at 157 got the 1 seed!! Also only 1 bid. Good luck to two KY wrestlers hoping to make their first NCAA tourney.
  5. CradleKY

    State finals location

    major renovations are planned. They already installed a video board that's insanely big. parking would be an absolute nightmare. There just isn't any around there at all. They'd have to shuttle ppl from parking garages nearby
  6. CradleKY

    State finals location

    does EKU have an arena that would work? centrally located in state and ample lodging.
  7. CradleKY

    State finals location

    Racer Arena is in middle of campus so parking would be a huge issue. 10,000 students using campus at the same time as state tourney. CFSB Center has its own parking lot and better restrooms/concessions. Man I loved playing pick up games in Racer arena and wish I could've seen a game there once.
  8. CradleKY

    State finals location

    Murray's arena seats like 9k for a basketball game but guessing they'd open up the floor and only allow spectators in upper level. its plenty big
  9. CradleKY

    KY AA history and the future of Ky wrestling.

    I think there's a chance he would be but Campbell has a top 15 ranked guy at 133 already. He's gotten bigger and carries the weight well. Still a hammer on top.
  10. CradleKY

    2018 132# class

    1999 112 lbs 1st Isaac Knable 4x champ 2nd Jason Daviaux--2x champ 4th Anthony Smith--2x finalist 5th Neal Crawford-finalist 6th Chad Haydon-state champ, All American
  11. CradleKY

    KY AA history and the future of Ky wrestling.

    Boston is at 141.
  12. CradleKY

    KY AA history and the future of Ky wrestling.

    didn't Hall lose the season he was at KY? Myron Bradbury beat him if Im not mistaken. Its not likely but I'd say Nathan Boston still has a shot at AA this year. Ya never know, it may all click in conference tournament, get a favorable draw in NCAAs, couple upsets in the consos and he's top 8. Dude has the foundation to make the podium. I remember when he avenged his only loss in HS (to Micic) his freshman year at ISU when Micic was at Northwestern. Now look where that guy is.
  13. CradleKY

    Large School State Duals

    yeah scrap the two divisions and go back to 16 team (top two teams from each region). it was created to spread the sport, mainly at the smaller schools and give them a chance to say "we competed at state duals." it was worth it as we've seen small programs flourish. now everyone has had a shot to finish runner-up to Union, clearly the best program of the last decade. so go back to the easier and less controversial set-up. just my two cents.
  14. CradleKY

    Demetrius Thomas

    There aren't many guys I'm pulling for this year more than Thomas.
  15. CradleKY

    Missing wrestlers (from lineups)

    I hate to hear that about his injury. best of luck to CJ