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  1. CradleKY

    David Carr

    David keeps winning. Iowa St does not.
  2. CradleKY

    2020 D-1 Season

    Thread to keep up with any and all discussion of this current D-1 season. Some recent results of KY kids: Tuesday, January 7 Kent State 25, SIUE 15 141: Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) dec Cory Simpson (Kent State), 5-3) Clarion 30, SIUE 13 141: Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) maj dec Alex Blake (Clarion), 15-6 Buffalo 26, SIUE 12 141: Marcus Robinson (Buffalo) over Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) (Dec 11-5) Penn State 22, Illinois 16 165: Dan Braunagel (Illinois) over Konner Kraeszig (Penn State) (MD 12-3)
  3. CradleKY

    David Carr

    If you can find video of Carr's Tech Fall against Chattanooga I suggest you watch it. Put on a clinic.
  4. CradleKY

    David Carr

  5. CradleKY

    David Carr

    Carr took a loss in Cliff Keen to Northwestern Deaken 8-3 then knocked off Coleman from Purdue who's ranked top 10 to take 3rd place. Went 5-1 for the weekend Deaken was ranked #2 by Intermat and beat #1 Hidlay from NC St in the finals 6-2. Ridiculously competitive weight class.
  6. CradleKY

    David Carr

    I'll say nothing else because its all in the past now and ppl have moved on but it wasn't difficult to pick up on what was goin on that season. By January it was obvs to most of the wrestling community.
  7. CradleKY

    David Carr

    One of the classiest and most humble kids I've ever been around. A lot of people don't know what he went through as an 8th grader that season in KY but through it all he showed a level of maturity I have simply never seen in another teenage student athlete. His success at this level was inevitable, not because of his bloodline, not because of his strength or speed, it's because of his character, which is beyond exemplary.
  8. CradleKY

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    Oh there is for sure some separation at the top I was just saying some of the NAIA top dogs placing above starters in D-1 programs is cool to see.
  9. CradleKY

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    What a huge showing by Reed. Some of these NAIA and D-II heavies are indistinguishable from the D-1 guys. That's great to see. The thread is about Reed vs Elam. Don't spend the whole time talking about another HWY that didn't place and may not be in the lineup anyway. There is another thread for that already. Also, I don't get ripping a guy for losing a spot or not dominating when you know good and well he is coming off an injury. Ever been injured in your life? It sucks. Maybe have a bit of compassion for a student athlete trying to rehab and recover. Ignore his dad.
  10. CradleKY

    David Carr

    Well we found out a lot, bud. Young can't touch David Carr. However, ISU has a long way to go as a team to be top 10.
  11. CradleKY

    Missouri Austin Myers

    pissing matches are pointless but one guy is touting middle school tournament wins from more than a decade ago and the other is posting pictures of Silver medal at the World Championships from last year. call the match!! this is a knockout.
  12. CradleKY

    David Carr

    I expect HUGE things from this guy over the next several years. Sky is the limit.
  13. CradleKY

    Missouri Austin Myers

    hope to see lots of Austin on the mat this season.
  14. CradleKY

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Konner Kraeszig - Penn State this is news to me. wow. scholarship? either way that's awesome.