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  1. JB

    Surprises for next year

    Union has kids ranked from 132-HWT. If you insert Insko at 138 and bump everyone, someone loses a spot. Most likely will affect Moore, Calloway, or Pike.
  2. JB

    Surprises for next year

    I have no doubt he will make the line up, just not sure where. There will have to be some shuffling. Someone will lose a spot.
  3. JB

    Surprises for next year

    Insko is super tough, but...where does he make the line up? He can’t make 132 anymore and Union has #3 ranked Adams 12th grade. 138 is no guarantee with #2 ranked Pogue 12th grade , 145 he has #2 ranked Carr, 152 is #1 ranked Russelburg, 160 is #1 ranked Little. Wish him all the best, but someone in this room isn’t gonna be very happy. Not sure who it will be.
  4. I would say that being an All American in any division is some pretty lofty goals. I am proud of all of our Kentucky boys, especially the ones that choose to challenge themselves in college. Sean Fausz, Nathan Boston and Austin Meyers are a few of the elite by far, but we can’t all live up to that level no matter the training. I am so proud of all of Kentucky boys that chooses to compete at the next level. If they make their respective national tournament, no matter the division, even better. We can argue about this and that all we want. The bottom line is we are improving.
  5. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Should be a great day of wrestling. Anyone want to make some predictions? I’ll start out. Walton dec Messerly Moore maj Thomas Fowler dec Andreoni Deck dec Grandstaff Lutes dec Preston Merritt maj Grandstaff Insko dec Yost Deck dec Spaulding Wheeler maj Rivera Andreoni dec Lawrence Newberry dec Brooks Boyd dec Giannone Blanton dec Chandler Pratt fall Bussell
  6. JB

    2017 Transfers

    Totally understandable. I just wondering about a weight class that's all.
  7. JB

    2017 All Star Classic ????

    What are some matches everyone would like to see?
  8. JB

    2017 Transfers

    What weight class would this "possible huge transfer" wrestle?