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  1. marriedtothemat

    State brackets

    106 and 182 also have a chance at 1 vs. 2 finals.
  2. marriedtothemat

    Small school state duals

    Yes I am confused too!
  3. marriedtothemat

    Team Kentucky Middle School

    In the past, state champions were given first choice. Then interested placers wrestled off to fill the remaining spots.
  4. marriedtothemat


    No if every #1 won you would have all 8 #1's facing in quarters.
  5. Roth majored Bacon this weekend.
  6. marriedtothemat

    Fargo ???

    Reed is the only Junior still remaining. Moore will wrestle for 7/8 tomorrow.
  7. marriedtothemat

    Fargo ???

    I believe there are about 10 KY boys at Fargo. Most of them are competing in freestyle only.
  8. The Civic Center has been redone. There is no way you can get 4 mats in there now.
  9. marriedtothemat

    Watching State

    The problem with Indiana is not being able to wrestle back if you lose first round. Think about this years situation with Frankrobe's injury. He injury defaulted to take 4th at region. If he decides he is well enough to wrestle at state, the 2nd ranked wrestler in the state could have Frankrone first round and be out of the tournament. What about Erdman this year???? He would have been out first round in Indiana yet managed to wrestle all the way back for 3rd.
  10. marriedtothemat

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Wells is a junior.
  11. marriedtothemat


    The parking charge is two-fold. They make extra money on every vehicle that enters plus discourage people from leaving to get better less expensive food because if you leave you will have to pay parking again to re-enter. Win-win for the horse park and the KHSAA.
  12. marriedtothemat

    Constructive feedback on the Louisville location

    Are you actually saying to have Middle school finals at the same time as 3/4 & 5/6 or did I misunderstand? I think that would be a huge mistake. This should be about the kids and recognizing them for their hard work and effort. The kids like the pagentry. The large medals, singlets, face offs, music, championship matches on a single finals mat with no other matches occuring. That is what the kids deserve! It also makes every wrestler in those stands want to be there the next year.
  13. marriedtothemat

    Constructive feedback on the Louisville location

    Middle School Pros and Cons 1. Concession wait was crazy! I felt bad for the coaches as many went without food because there was no hospitality room and the lines were so long. 2. It was impossible to see mats 1 & 2 from the main section of stands. They were surrounded by coaches, parents, and wrestlers all day. Many parents ended up on the floor because so many people were standing in the middle that they were unable to see their kids wrestle. It is next to impossible to control the floor traffic in this venue. 3. I thought the finals lacked its usual spark. This is my 7th consecutive year attending the middle state tournament and this was the least fanfare for finals I have every seen. I missed the one mat in the center, the finalists running out to the mat from under the stairs at Montgomery County, the projection screen with finalist pics and records displayed. Those finalists worked hard to earn their place in the finals and they deserve all the pomp and circumstance we can give them. The last few years we have heard complaints about the disappointment in the high school finals and now middle school is moving in that direction. 4. I miss the big screen with bout numbers so I can follow upcoming exciting matches all day. I might have missed it but I didn't hear any team scores announced throughout the day either. 5. I thought the awards podium was too far away from the stands. You could barely see the kids on the podium from the stands. 6. The tournament itself ran great! 8 mats makes all the difference. It was nice to be finished at a decent time. 7. Nice to have a venue where wrestlers and fans can easily walk from the hotel to the event. Reminds me of when high school state was held in Frankfort. Very convenient! 8. Seating was way more comfortable than the stands at Montgomery County.
  14. marriedtothemat

    Entering wrestlers in youth state

    Just curious, are middle school placers allowed to wrestle at youth state?
  15. marriedtothemat

    State Seeds and brackets

    The criteria for seeding was set before discussion started. I am not saying the criteria was followed or wasn't, just that it was stated before seeding began. 1. Head to Head 2. Common opponent 3. Prior year state placement 4. Record