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  1. ctown714

    Toughest weight class???

    150 and 157 are both pretty nasty
  2. ctown714

    Not good KHSAA

    The thing that kills it is the going back and forth between two mat areas/auxiliary gyms. When you watch grandparents and elderly struggle all day walking up and down bleachers and stairs trying to get to their grandchildren. You would think the least khsaa could do is find a gym or arena big enough for more mats even if it's still 2 rounds of state.
  3. ctown714

    Region Brackets

    Region 1 had not been released yet
  4. ctown714

    State packets

    Is there not an option to pick up team packets the day before like in the past or am I just overlooking it
  5. Middle School isn't covered enough and just not enough info out there to truly rank a kid and call a certain match a huge upset. So what may be an upset for some wont be for others.
  6. ctown714

    Time to go to 10 weight classes

    Cutting out 106 would be a bad idea to me. Kind of on the same note as ranger, some of the most exciting and up and coming wrestlers hang out at 106 their first year or two of wrestling varsity.
  7. ctown714

    Region 1 tournament

    On behalf of Ohio co. I wanted to say thanks to Mr. Carr and everyone that made the tournament run smooth. The gym with the 4 screens was a nice addition, the face off, awesome hospitality room and atmosphere made for a great tournament with some exciting finals matches. Congratulations to all the state qualifiers.
  8. ctown714

    Region 1 Brackets

    Thanks!! Hope everyone keeps that in mind when we try host our first every individual tournament here at Ohio co, it' a great gym for wrestling
  9. ctown714

    Alternate question

    Thanks guys
  10. ctown714

    Alternate question

    I understand as being a middle school alternate you fill the gap if someone from your region isn't able to. But how does the selection work as far as getting in if another regions alternate has a chance but isn' there. Is this selection process in writing somewhere.
  11. ctown714

    How was one to know

    Thanks for replying, email sent
  12. ctown714

    How was one to know

    Could anyone let me know where region 1 youth tournament was posted at. I started a program last year and brought 11 kids, this year havent seen or heard anything about youth regions until I stumbled upon it myself on trackwrestling this evening. And looks like it is this Sunday which sucks for my kids since I was obviously out of the loop on the dates and cant get off work on short notice. Also does anyone know if middle school region counts toward being qualified for youth state or do they have to go to youth regionals as well
  13. ctown714

    KSWA Youth State Tournament weigh-ins

    Nice move, very appreciated
  14. ctown714

    Needing Region 1 info

    Thank you very much
  15. ctown714

    Needing Region 1 info

    Looking for info on region 1 as far as weigh ins and start time.