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  1. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Funny. I would bet that they combine weights and divisions in order actually get the kids who show up at least a match.
  2. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Would girls be allowed to wrestle up division ?
  3. Braves coach

    Summer clinics or camps

    WOODSHED 7 days per week. 9-11 & 5-7 Cost: blood,sweat
  4. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Could i please have a contact number for the person responsible for organizing these events.
  5. Braves coach

    Make Your State Predictions

    Thanks Bulldoglife
  6. Braves coach

    Make Your State Predictions

    The Messerly twins will compete in the Girls State tournament. This was a very tough decisions. Ultimately, the chance to be a part of history and the chance to be the first girls to win a HS Title. Best of luck to Lauren Walton. Go be the first girl to win a ms state title. Thanks to all who had the girls winning a ms state title. Good luck to all in the post season.
  7. Don't blame the "woodshed" for his enormous appetite. Duke is a beast at any weight.
  8. Braves coach

    Girls listed on rosters: updated 1/28/19

    Ok great! Lets get them ranked.
  9. Braves coach

    2018-19 KYWCA Girls State Championship

    KYWCA . Ok that's awesome. I'm sure you are correct they are smart enough. My concerns are why hold this event the same day as MS state? Why make the best girls in the state choose which event to participate in. Why not open this event to all states to really grow the numbers and competition level. This could be a great opportunity for girls wrestling.
  10. Braves coach

    Union County vs Father Ryan (TN)

    Bad info.
  11. Braves coach

    2018-19 KYWCA Girls State Championship

    I hope the people behind this were smart enough to make girls state an OPEN tournament. Even OHIO has made their girls state open. Great opportunity for ky girls who can step up to the challenge.
  12. Braves coach

    Woodland Duals

    Hey. I get it. I love that 19 teams wanted to compete. Just sucks we dont have the facilities or referees to run these tournaments safely and in a manageable time frame. State duals are going to be very competitive and fun to win.
  13. Braves coach

    Woodland Duals

    Well said Alf!!!! I agree with everything said. I will pile it on the refs. Not understanding the rules, illegal holds caused injury which should have been avoided. Paying refs by the hour does not promote them to keep a dual tourney moving.
  14. Braves coach

    Woodland Duals

    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly....