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  1. Braves coach

    U15 Team USA

    Please help me wish these girls good luck. They are heading to Budapest Hungary tomorrow to represent USA. Olivia Messerly is our KY girl on the team. Go shock the world girl.
  2. Braves coach

    USA Nationals and UWW World Team Trials

    Ranger, I can help. Olivia, Addison and Lauren won the 14u freestyle nationals on saturday. GREAT ACHIEVEMENT in itself. On Sunday the 15uww world team trials took place. Olivia won the 50kg and earned the spot to compete in Budapest. Lauren took 3rd. She will get to challenge the 2nd place finisher for a spot on the pan am team. This was the largest womens freestyle event in the world. AMAZING job to these 3 young ladies. All are 13 and wrestled up in age groups. Well Done.
  3. Braves coach

    Interesting article on

    They are letting girls wrestle ?
  4. Braves coach

    Girls listed on rosters: updated 1/28/19

    The Sem Ladies Open was not a disappointment! 11 States 4 Countries. The Messerly twins took 3rd and 4th.
  5. Braves coach

    State finals location

    Maybe you should. LoL
  6. I emailed you about travel team for Olivia and Addison. Either you don't want them or you dont check email.

  7. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Wrestledad, I can appreciate your view on supporting in state events however, this can be an expensive sport. Expense is relative to each family so I only consider value. If we travel to a very small in state event and cannot get at least a couple of competitive matches then this is not a good value. Some people are only chasing awards. I would rather my kids get really good competetion . The fact that the tournament director will not allow wrestling up divisions to get better competetion means there is almost no value in attending these events.
  8. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Funny. I would bet that they combine weights and divisions in order actually get the kids who show up at least a match.
  9. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Would girls be allowed to wrestle up division ?
  10. Braves coach

    Summer clinics or camps

    WOODSHED 7 days per week. 9-11 & 5-7 Cost: blood,sweat
  11. Braves coach

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Could i please have a contact number for the person responsible for organizing these events.
  12. Braves coach

    Make Your State Predictions

    Thanks Bulldoglife
  13. Braves coach

    Make Your State Predictions

    The Messerly twins will compete in the Girls State tournament. This was a very tough decisions. Ultimately, the chance to be a part of history and the chance to be the first girls to win a HS Title. Best of luck to Lauren Walton. Go be the first girl to win a ms state title. Thanks to all who had the girls winning a ms state title. Good luck to all in the post season.