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  1. Wrestling123

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Looking beyond Covid restrictions this year, we should just be happy with what the KHSAA says we get? I think wrestlers already understand they don’t get the crowds basketball does. Sure basketball has a bigger following, but why does that equal our wrestlers get a sub par experience. Did you ever watch the State Wrestling Tournament when it was in Frankfort?The atmosphere there was electric. Even though this was supposed to be an exception year, I think it was also a pilot experiment. I can understand Region, Semi-State and State. I can understand how it saves the KHSAA money to move wrestling to a HS gym. But atmosphere CAN be made in a HS gym. It took coaches moving mats at the Horse Park. The KHSAA just hasn’t or won’t let the people who know wrestling do wrestling. KHSAA just keeps taking things away from wrestling instead of building it up. We don’t have to be in Rupp Arena to give the wrestlers a great State experience.
  2. Wrestling123

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Exactly. I’m happy the kids that play basketball get this kind of celebration and reward. I just can not comprehend why wrestlers don’t get this kind of treatment too. Is is that hard to move a mat to the center? To turn down the lights and shine a spotlight on our kids accomplishments? To put them on a podium?
  3. Wrestling123

    State Tournament Follow Up

    By eliminating the parade of champions takes away the pomp and circumstance of why we were there. It creates atmosphere and not having ceremony is, in part, why it felt like a regular meet vs STATE MEET. While I appreciated most of the quality wrestling there was with 8 man brackets , it kept way too many quality wrestlers at home and dooms the State Wrestling Tournament to a HS venue forever. More wrestlers = more $$$ But KHSAA doesn’t want to pay for a venue. *Too many potential placers were left at home while other regions had a cake walk to State. I don’t know what the issue was, but parents begging at the gate because they didn’t have a ticket should never happen. If state continues at a HS it is bound to happen again. There will always be limited seating. I don’t know the capacity limits but it was pretty full, imo. No podium allowed for the finalists, but they could have chairs 6 ft apart for the “awards ceremony”. Did anyone else notice how the finalists had to be 6 ft apart to get a medal but the referees didn’t have masks on and their chairs for finals were right next to each other? I should have taken a picture to show the KHSAA what they thought of that. KHSAA better be handing Basketball trophies out in boxes and not letting the team take pictures on the floor if a wrestling team can’t take a picture with their trophy. If Basketball gets Rupp arena, wrestling better never have to wrestle in the dirt again at the Horse Park.
  4. Wrestling123

    No podium or awards

    Here’s your medal in an envelope. Now get out.
  5. Wrestling123

    No podium or awards

    Some of these kids have set goals and dreams all for the reward of standing on a podium to receive their medal. It’s not like kids are going to get Covid in the 2 minutes it takes to get up there after wrestling all over each other. After all the season has thrown us, the KHSAA can’t even get this part right? I forgot. We just better be thankful we got a season. These wrestlers deserve better. Let’s bring our own podium.
  6. Wrestling123

    semi state brackets

    The individual regions were already seeded and wrestled. This is where seeding for Semi-state should come from. Semi-state is only dealing with two regions. Why aren’t the Region champs put at opposite ends of the bracket. They go with opposite region 4th place. Region runner ups goes on opposite side from the Champ from their region, to wrestle opposite region 3rd. Reg1 1st vs Reg2 4th Reg2 2nd vs Reg1 3rd Reg1 2nd vs Reg2 3rd Reg2 1st vs Reg1 4th
  7. Wrestling123

    5 Star Classic Results?

    Sounds like some good matches. Seems like we could see a breakdown of at least the medal rounds.
  8. Wrestling123

    5 Star Classic Results?

    Anybody got results for the Lafaytte 5 Star Classic? It wasn't run on track.
  9. Wrestling123

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    I agree....but only if at Region each team has a limit of 2 wrestlers per weight class. Some regions can't fill a bracket but others are overflowing. Just like high school has JV, MS has youth.