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  1. possumdaddy

    2024 WCI

    Woodford County will be holding our annual WCI December 27&28. We will be returning to the original format which is a 2 day individual tournament. If you would like to reserve your spot please email me and let me know. Possumdaddy152@gmail.com Thank you and look forward to seeing your team there
  2. Woodford County Middle School is looking for an assistant wrestling coach. Anyone interested please email at Harrison.courtney60@gmail.com
  3. possumdaddy

    24-25 Tournaments

    Hello Woodford County has a new coach this year and we are trying to put a tentative schedule together for the season. If anyone has any idea of when they may be hosting a tournament, boys or girls, please email me at Possumdaddy152@gmail.com Thank you, Brent Courtney
  4. Woodford wrestlers Tony Ornealis - Lindsey Wilson Ashley Courtney - University of the Cumberlands Dylan Preston- University of the Cumberlands
  5. possumdaddy

    Brackets are out

    Why was he ejected
  6. possumdaddy

    Region 8 and Semi-State 4

    What is this mysterious thing you speak of “hospitality room “ ?
  7. possumdaddy

    Pairings? When should they release?

    The pairing are out
  8. possumdaddy

    Dec 7 girls tournaments

    If there is a flier with all the info or if you could just message me the info we will be there
  9. possumdaddy

    Dec 7 girls tournaments

    106 132 138 285
  10. possumdaddy

    Dec 7 girls tournaments

    Coaches, I'm looking for a girls tournament on December 7th. If anyone is hosting and has any openings please let me know. I have 7 girls on the roster.
  11. possumdaddy

    tough opening weekend?????

    A few other teams are bringing a few girls also. Should be fun
  12. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    Got it. Thank you
  13. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    No I haven't received any wrestling emails today.
  14. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    I will check in a few minutes. Thank you
  15. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    Coaches, I'm trying to put together a schedule for my ladies team. If you have openings please send me the info to possumdaddy152@gmail.com I currently have 6 ladies and want to get them into as many lady's tournaments as I possibly can. Thank you