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  1. possumdaddy

    tough opening weekend?????

    A few other teams are bringing a few girls also. Should be fun
  2. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    Got it. Thank you
  3. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    No I haven't received any wrestling emails today.
  4. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    I will check in a few minutes. Thank you
  5. possumdaddy

    Girls tournaments

    Coaches, I'm trying to put together a schedule for my ladies team. If you have openings please send me the info to possumdaddy152@gmail.com I currently have 6 ladies and want to get them into as many lady's tournaments as I possibly can. Thank you
  6. Woodford ladies would love to be there
  7. possumdaddy

    Girls numbers

    Approximately 45 girls at Harrison County today
  8. possumdaddy

    National Ranking

    Awesome job!!!!
  9. possumdaddy

    Middle School State

    Congratulations Reece Goss of Woodford on MOW
  10. possumdaddy

    girls qualifying for state

    Shannon Powers where are you located?
  11. possumdaddy


    Is the girls tournament still a go
  12. possumdaddy


    Gotta love the good ol KHASS, they always do what's right
  13. Is another venue possible? Anderson, maybe or Montgomery County possibly
  14. I was thinking the same thing as bearcat, since there will be others available
  15. That's going to affect a lot of the kids that are supposed to be wrestling in the youth regionals in Anderson county on Sunday. This is a horrible idea and should be worked on to get back on for Saturday