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  1. southern145

    20' X 20' X 1 3/8" Roll-Up Wrestling Mat $229

    Know someone who ordered from these people and never got their mats and took weeks to get money back. DON'T DO IT
  2. June 24th there will be a women's only grappling seminar with UFC title contender Cat Zingano and Olympic bronze medalist Randi Miller! It will be hosted at Gracie jiu jitsu of Kentucky at 1:30pm until 4:30. There is going to be a ton of doorbusters and if you pre register then you'll get entered for a chance to win 180 toward any wartribe gi and tons of other doorbusters! PM me for anymore information. Pre register using the link below f
  3. Looking to buy some mats for an mma gym. If anyone has any that are looking to sell please pm me size and price you're wanting. Thank you
  4. southern145

    NCAA Bids.

    Hey how did Austin finish out the year? I haven't gotten to see much of him this year since he's redshirting, also would you happen to know what happened to zeke
  5. southern145

    Alex Marinelli vs Mark Hall

    Well they were asking why he repeated 7th grade? Soooo....
  6. southern145

    Alex Marinelli vs Mark Hall

    Heard Kentucky's academic standards weren't up to Minnesota's
  7. southern145

    Alex Marinelli vs Mark Hall

    Hall by no less then a major. Probably a tech
  8. southern145

    Tyler's Status

    Sorry to hear that, he's a phenomenal wrestler and will bounce back, what are his plans for college?
  9. southern145


    Just seems as if they're trying to kill wrestling here. They should be ashamed of themselves for the terrible event they're putting together.. this is HORRIBLE for our state wrestling.. maybe before next year we petition for certain changes? Who knows
  10. I believe devaughn Richardson from fern creek is at 52 now
  11. Due to a late hiring north bullitt could not get a full schedule. Not really even close, I was wondering if there is any openings in tournaments for the rest of the season. Lack of funding for the program is an issue too since we had no fund raising and no support from school, so if you do have an opening would it be possible to work on the entry fee as well Please email coach laswell Thanks everyone
  12. Hey I'm a coach at north bullitt, I was just trying to get a master list of all the open mats in louisville and bullitt county so I can get my kids in there, thanks for any info
  13. southern145

    Dream matches? any weight

    Myers would destroy johnson
  14. southern145

    tough match ups

    Former or current? I'd like to see austin myers and mark jones
  15. southern145

    2015 Kentucky State Folkstyle Tournament

    It doesn't have any wrestlers listed on track Or I just don't know how to find them