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  1. The showboating is completely unnecessary. My biggest problem with Cam is how he acted afterwards. He should have paid attention to his own commercial and found a Band-Aid for his feelings instead of pouting at press conferences and taking subtle jabs at a QB that had a career 10X better than he will have. If you crave attention, you don't get to be surprised that there will be plenty of negative attention to go with it. Just own it afterwards like Conor Mcgregor. I have no issue with that. Everyone is different and show emotion differently, but when it disrespects the game and the opponent you went too far. My favorite athlete of all time never once spiked the ball or danced or celebrated in any way. Barry Sanders just handed the ball back to the ref because he always wanted to act like he'd been in the endzone before, just like in this case where Redd could've acted like his hand had been raised before.
  2. B10grapple

    NCAA Bids.

    Florida would be a natural. Plenty of in-state talent, very few college programs to compete with.
  3. B10grapple

    New Wrestling Programs for 2016-2017

    2 of Michigan State's football signees just won state titles in Illinois
  4. B10grapple

    Upset Post

    I didn't see it so I hope it isn't true, but win and lose with class. One of my favorite things about wrestling is that it begins and ends with a handshake. In my experience it is a very small minority that don't seem to get that.
  5. B10grapple

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Agreed. Sounds like get roasted is stating that CC is more rural than UC. Really?!!
  6. B10grapple

    Upset Post

    Amen. He's a senior. He can still take 3rd. Can't imagine anyone of that talent level ending a career like that.
  7. B10grapple

    State Prediction Game 2016

    It absolutely should be seeded. There isn't a reason not too. At the very least seed the top half and random draw the rest. There is probably a very simple solution to this.
  8. B10grapple

    Upset Post

    Why on earth would he default his conso match?
  9. B10grapple

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Every year it feels like Angel gets overlooked. How many years in a row does have to reach the finals at 138 to be 'favored'. I'm sure he will only use it as motivation. He's a great wrestler and even better young adult.
  10. B10grapple


    Is anyone from KY going?
  11. B10grapple

    Singlet vs Shorts and Shirt/MMA Gear

    I don't really care one way or another as long as it is regulated. Look at all the world records that fell for the 'dolphin' swim suit in the Olympics. I'm sure it is possible to make a material that isn't 'extra slick' or something, but even with that some kids sweat more than others, some kids look half lubed when they step on the mat. If it brings out more wrestlers so be it, as long as it is an 'accepted' material or whatever.
  12. B10grapple

    Here we go

    I don't know about giving it and taking it away. What I can say is I didn't have a dog in the fight, it happened literally right in front of me and I think time ran out. The consensus around me was the same. It was a very tough call and I don't think you can blame the ref either way.
  13. B10grapple

    Additional pound for the state tournament?

    I definitely understand but answer honestly...if someone as dedicated as say ATM is bound to the house with no access to the gym for 3 weeks is within even 10 lbs of being over is there any way he isn't doing something at the house to keep his weight in line? I'm sure the answer would be he finds a way to make weight even if it is 1000 burpees per day or jump rope or push ups with his dad on his back or something, anything.
  14. B10grapple

    Additional pound for the state tournament?

    Again with the weight? Sure seems like this is much more of an issue than it should be. If all of the protocalls were followed...why is this a problem? I agree with luvswrestling about the weight tables. If they can't make it...then maybe they weren't following the wt. table rules...if they weren't following the wt. table rules...then I don't think it acceptable to punish the wrestlers that were by 'forcing' them to wrestle others that would normally be in another weight class
  15. B10grapple


    I think the biggest issue will be the flooding that is sure to come but the roads should be clear