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  1. UniPeck

    Bryce Sheffer

    I was thinking that was lite.
  2. UniPeck

    Feel Good Small Guy Thread

    Tom Cibull 93'-119 & 94'-125 Beast! We used to scrimmage Tates Creek in the middle of the season back in the day. Tom and Tim Lawson would go at it, I mean watch out! Tom was givin up 10 lbs and it was a dog fight. I remember Coach Green and Headly putting a stop to it. They were hitting doubles from the hardwood floor. I think Tom hurt his neck in college. Tom and Tim went to Eastern Michigan (D1) to wrestle together. Drew Carmen was a 2x finalist 1x Champ. Brother Dan 1x, I believe Dan placed 3rd in 96. That was also a good corner of the mat in practice...throw in Coach Headly into the mix. IMHO Garrett Headly is they best light weight coach in Kentucky history. He has the most Champs without a team championship of any coach.
  3. Do you have a list of teams?
  4. UniPeck

    Frankfort Duals 12/10/16 - Teams Needed

    Still need teams?
  5. UniPeck

    Middle School tourney list

    Anyone who knows or is hosting a tournament for Middle school wrestlers please post. Especially if you have openings for teams.
  6. UniPeck

    Camps this summer?

    I would like go get a list going of High school and College camps in the state or surrounding states together. If anyone has feedback on these camps please input you opinion on them. Thanks
  7. UniPeck

    Watching State

    Don't forget the three hour break...to get an extra ten bucks for the "medal round". NO FACE OFF, BOOOOOOOO! It seems like the movie Major League, with the owner that is generating a terrible cast of characters on her team, only to lose so much, she can move the team to somewhere else. I'm not sure how someone could try this hard to be obtuse. Where did this medal round and finals round thing/idea come from?
  8. UniPeck

    Region 2 Predictions

  9. UniPeck

    Region 2 Predictions

    I wonder what happened there?
  10. UniPeck

    Middle School State Flyer

    How much per wrestler and who do we make checks out to?
  11. UniPeck

    New Wrestling Programs for 2016-2017

    Bardstown was added this year
  12. UniPeck

    Girls wrestling

    Bardstown has one @ 126
  13. UniPeck

    Snow Solution

    Would that be a two day tournament? Either way I love the idea.
  14. UniPeck

    Region 1

    So let me get this right, The former President of youth wrestling association just said a kid can compete without a coach in their corner? If their parents are allowed in the corner than that opens another can of worms. If it's ok for a parent to just step in and coach their kid without a USA wrestling coaches card, first aide training, khsaa modules completed, that apparently we needed to even enter the kid into districts, is an alarming sidestep of the bylaws. I'm thinking if we don't need a coaches card, then that $55x3 could be better served on our kids next year. Our school system is listening to our appeals but they keep coming back to the same spot...the safety of the kids. If the storm has less of an impact than they have forecast we maybe able to attend. But if they say no go, than its just that. Sorry to get testy but it seems to be going around. Jus in case anyone has the notion I'm hiding behind a screen name, Jon Askelson Head coach Bardstown Middle school