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  1. Fuji is the real deal.... won't be denied !
  2. ThirdRound

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Definitely need to work on Finals....we have the absolute WORST finals in the country.... no other state does it as poorly as we excitement... and nobody stays....its truly pathetic.... SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE KHSAA !!!
  3. ThirdRound

    Prediction Game

    14 - Zane Brown 13 - Chase Yost 12 - Thomas Deck 11 - Gentry Deck 10 - Micah Ervin 9 - Mathias Ervin 8 - Luke Chapman 7 - Brayden Giannone 6 - Jeffery Kinley 5 - Nathaniel Lawrence 4 - Bradley Miller 3 - Daulton Meyer 2 - Tucker Shelton 1 - Brandon Mulcahy Darkhorse Scotty Vilums Union County 197 points
  4. ThirdRound

    Tourney Pick 'Em

    106 - Luke Chapman 113 - Jeffery Kinley 120 - Bradley Miller 126 - Thomas Deck 132 - Chase Yost 138 - Gentry Deck 145 - Nathaniel Lawrence 152 - Brayden Giannone 160 - Zane Brown 170 - Micah Ervin 182 - Daulton Meyer 195 - Braden Mulcahy 220 - Mathias Ervin 285 - Tucker Shelton MOW - Zane Brown Team Champions - Union County
  5. ThirdRound

    5 Star Tourney

    Hang in there trell... You are in for the ride of your life... Hope your son loves the sport and wish him the best. You will come to love the early mornings and long days... They go by way too fast... Be there for all the wins, but most of all be there for the losses, they make him better and keep him hungry and humble... There is nothing better in this world than watching them one day climb the steps of the podium at the State Championships ! Enjoy the ride !
  6. ThirdRound

    5 Star Tourney

    Well said Nike Man... Next year I am sure plenty of sharpened pencils will be ready to do it by hand if necessary... Last year Trackwrestling went down for the entire country.... Sometimes the old ways are the best ways !
  7. ThirdRound

    5 Star Tourney

    The delays were due to Trackwrestling ... Some brackets were 32 man and the others were 16... They delay bout sheets in a timely manner... Nobody's fault, just reality with 25 teams. The Lafayette Invitational has always been praised. Limited space with 5 mats is a setback, however wrestlers had adequate time to warm up and be ready with the 4 or 5 breaks waiting on bout sheets. It's harder than you think to put it all together with 25 teams, if you don't like it then go for it, start your own ! The Championship matches were held on one mat to showcase the young men who made it there ! Sad that face offs didn't happen because of time restrictions. Thanks to all who made the event happen. The Lafayette 5 Star is still and will continue to be one of the most competitive and enjoyable tournaments around. Sorry if it didn't meet your standards. Thank you Lafayette and all the others who helped again, parents, coaches and coaches from competing teams, some of us KNOW what it takes pulling off a great tournament... In my opinion you always do ! Hats off to you once again
  8. ThirdRound

    State Prediction Game 2016

    14 Young 285 13 Vasquez 138 12 Scheffer 126 11 Oxford 145 10 Duncan 132 9 Blanton 152 8 Andreoni 160 7 Cornett 170 6 Hurst 120 5 Yenter 113 4 Yost 106 3 Chandler 220 2 Allgeier 182 1 Reed 220 Dark Horse Ervin 120 Team Union Co. 188
  9. ThirdRound

    $7 for a pretzel and coke

    Horse Park sure beats Frankfort when it comes to concessions...I thought the food at Horse Park was amazing...salads etc...a lot of whining going on if you ask me...just because some dislike the move to the Horse Park...Personally...Alltech is a fantastic venue for State Championship opinion only..again !
  10. ThirdRound

    tournaments this weekend

    Just my opinion...better safe than sorry...I would think Coach Adams at St Catharine or Coach Ruff at Lindsey Wilson wouldn't put their qualifiers out there with NAIA Nationals coming up...would love to hear from them regarding this and other coaches...If it's my call...they stay in MY room...Lindsey Wilson State Champ Camp...Carr Academy or ETC... !!
  11. ThirdRound

    tournaments this weekend

    GO FOR IT Plantmanky.....You get 110% coming at you in competition....75% to 100% when training..... Just an opinion.....Lindsey Wilson, Carr Academy and ETC is where I would be ! Walking down my sidewalk right now can lead to injury.... Why risk some stud from Indiana tearing your arm off or tweaking your knee 10 days before your State Tournament !!!!!
  12. ThirdRound

    tournaments this weekend

    Why in the world would you risk going to a tournament before State....I mean really....!!!! The Lindsey Wilson Camp sounds like the best bet to me if your young man has qualified for State... I see it coming....somebody missing their chance to wrestle for a State Championship......Think about that one coaches !!!! Lindsey Wilson the place to be if you want to make the podium....!!!!!!!!
  13. ThirdRound


    Goldberg...give it a rest dude...sick of reading your crap...the best decision was made !
  14. ThirdRound


    Good move KHSAA..!!! Deal with it ..!!!
  15. ThirdRound


    Bring them in early...I am sure Lexington area schools or Carr Academy and Scott County as well will get them mat time..I would suggest calling coaches and planning NOW....