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  1. dutch

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    I agree. Go get noticed and don’t be afraid to approach college coaches. That’s why they are there. Good luck!!
  2. dutch

    NHSCA nats- Va Beach

    Good luck to all the Kentucky boys. Kick some butt and get on that podium!!!
  3. dutch

    2019 Ranger Report

    He is slacking
  4. dutch

    National Collegiate Open

    They did. It reminded me of Kentucky.
  5. dutch

    National Collegiate Open

    Mason ended up 5th with All-American honors. Both boys wrestled well and it was great to spend some time with them. Nike Man, thank you for supporting them as they journey through this meat grinder called college wrestling.
  6. dutch

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    I’m going to use Cole as bait. Stacy says to bring that Speedo you have been know to wear.
  7. dutch

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    Don’t be sorry. Let’s just call it a recruiting visit for Walton Verona next season. I’m flying in Mason to help with that process.
  8. dutch

    Team Kentucky- Scholastic Duals

    Good point. Maybe this next generation of wrestlers and parents will get behind the annual all-star event.
  9. dutch


    it depends. If you are ate up with wrestling, then I say yes. I follow all wrestling and I think it is worth it.
  10. dutch

    2018 132# class

    I remember that bracket well.
  11. dutch

    Random draw

    One day they will figure out it's easy to seed this tournament. Until then, it will give us all something to debate. Good luck to all the wrestlers and I can't wait to watch the tournament.
  12. dutch

    Beast of the East

    Thanks for the info. Always rooting for our ky kids. Hopefully he bounces back and does what we all know he can do.
  13. dutch

    Beast of the East

    I was hoping to follow Zeke, but it looks like he didn't make the trip. Anyone know what his status is?
  14. dutch

    Raider Rumble

    Unfortunately, I have to fly back to Florida Saturday morning. I will be there in spirit. You do realize that the SWOCCA snobs will do a number on the KY kids seeding. I always love it when our KY kids blow up the bracket. Hopefully your meathead and the other KY kids tear it up. Speaking of rich & famous, how many houses do you own? I only have the one. LOL
  15. dutch

    Raider Rumble

    Funny guy! I am actually flying in tomorrow and staying until Saturday. I'm surprised Fran didn't tell you.